Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Easter Plans

Just thought I'd update you all on what we are doing this Easter week end...unfortunately we don't have as much time off as we'd like since Dan has to work Sunday night (I have Monday off), but I suppose it's better than tomorrow (Thursday) we are hoping to leave Halifax sometime in the afternoon, depending on 2 things...a) if our car passes inspection and doesn't take too long to fix whatever the hell will undoubtedly be wrong with it, and b) if the weather is ok (it's supposed to storm, of course!) If all things go well we should be in Fredericton either early or late evening...we will then head over to dad's on Friday for the day and hopefully have some cute nephew-time and sort of meal (yum yum) in the evening...we'll then be heading out late to go Sussex to meet my parents at either the house or the camp...Saturday will be at the camp with my parents and Daf and Steve, and another yummy meal, then Sunday afternoon we are off for home...I'm excited, hopefully everything goes ok and ther weather/car doesn't mess up our plans! And I hope the Easter bunny finds us too, I could go for some chocolate :)

Other than that, nothing too new around here...I'm starting to 'train' for my 10km Marathon on July 1st, I'm only up to 4km and that is a struggle so I really have to get going!! It's so hard to be motivated when you are alone though, I need someone to kick my ass and get me going...oh well, hopefully it'll improve as the weather gets warmer (not a fan of running in the cold). Oh, next week end my friend Heather is moving up for the summer, I'm very excited about that, it'll be nice to have someone around to do things with (Dan doesn't quite cut it, haha), and it'll also be nice to have someone around to help out with food and rent and such...she got a job at a law firm downtown so we can commute together, have lunch, it'll be great! Dan is leaving for trees in about 4 weeks, I think that he is excited, he's pretty tired of the overnight shift I think, and I can't blame him, 8 months is enough...

Well I suppose that's it for major news, so until the next time, hope all is well!

There you go John, I blogged ;)