Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh boy...

Here I go.  Wish me luck! 

I'm packing and cleaning all day today, and soaking up my hubs as much as I can before we're separated once again...have a great week everyone!

(Ps-I'll try to post some pics once I get there, to show that I'm still alive and in the mountains!)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Yes, I still scrapbook. Sometimes. Very slowly.


Here's a quick layout for you on this Friday sat on my desk forever (I say that for every layout, don't I?), but I finally finished it a few days ago. I'm glad that I could finally use that BG radish paper, it seemed to go so well with this barn backdrop! Also glad I could use red and pink on the same layout, it's the kind of 'clash' that I seem to be going for these days. It's based on Sketch 173 from Pencil Line. Sketches are my new scrap crutch, I can't seem to function without one!

I think that my next scrappy endeavour (a mini/hand bound book of some sort) is going to involve some ripped up pages from the new Toast catalogue (on its way to my doorstep), ink and paint, my printer, and lots of words. The subject? Not sure yet, but I can see something forming in my head, so that's a sign it'll be worthwhile.

On another subject, my friend Heather is getting married in a week from today! Also, I'm leaving for BC in 4 days, eek! Hopefully I'll be back a couple of times before then, if not, see you all in September!

Until then,
Ps-This could be the reason I get no scrapping done...

Monday, August 16, 2010

4 Simple Goals

So I'm jumping on the bandwagon created by Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess to list 4 simple goals to do before 2011.  Since I've been really slack on doing my monthly goals this summer, I figured it would be a good time to check back in and see what little things I can start doing now to make the rest of the year extra special.

So here we go, my goals:

[1]  [2]  [3]  [4]

1. Journal: I've struggled with keeping a decent journal for years, and honestly I don't think that I'll ever get to the point where I will write in a journal everyday.  I am just too darn lazy.  BUT I have realized that in order for me to keep some memories and special events alive, particularly in regards to Victor and all the things that he is doing (many for the first time ever), I will need to start keeping track somewhere other than this blog. I just can't remember it all for my monthly posts/updates, I need to record things as they happen.  When I did my A Week in the Life project back in June (2 months ago already!), I found the journaling to be hard at first but after a few days I was automatically reaching for it and jotting things down, and I would lay in bed at night and think of things to write in it the next day, so I think that I could easily get into that habit, as long as I didn't require myself to do a 'dear diary' post everyday.  I just need a spot to write down my lists, random thoughts, funny stories and most of all, Victor's life.  It's my job to capture it and I want to do a good job; this is my first step.  (Unfortunately I won't be able to use a cute little art journal or moleskin like some people do, I need something with spirals and a hardcover-practical, ruled paper, decent size, easily accessible. That's just how I roll.)

2. Finish decorating the apartment: We still aren't sure how long we're going to be living here, so there's still a part of me that wonders if I should bother pretty-fying (and spending the money) on decorating, but at the same time, I say that about every place I've ever been in, so I just need to go for it!  So whether it's working on a few little projects for every room or re-doing an entire room (like our bedroom), I just need to do what I can, because I do enjoy the process and also the results (I'm very much someone who is affected by their living space-I need light, colour, texture, space, comfort, etc to be happy.)

3. Finish my photography portfolio: Of course, it can never really be 'finished' because I will be continually expanding on it, but I'd like to have enough shots and sessions under my belt by the end of this year that I can comfortably begin thinking about creating a website in 2011.  There are still some gaps I hope to fill in during the next few months, and tweaks I need to make, and TONS of practice and learning left to do, but it's something I already think about daily so writing it out as a goal doesn't seem like such a huge leap.

4. Cook/Bake/Sew/Homemake: I've been saying this forever, I know, but I want to get into this whole 'stay at home mom' thing more than I have in the last 6 months.  I still don't cook, bake, craft and do as much as I'd like to (I do clean enough, though, thank you!)  I'm so inspired by people I see online but when it comes right down to it, I have a hard time pulling my butt off the couch and into the kitchen or craft room.  I know that the Fall will bring more of the 'housewife' out in me, it always does, but I want to keep this in the back of my mind for the rest of the year: live simply. be a mama. enjoy.

Are you making any goals for the upcoming seasons? I'd love to hear!

Until next time,

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let's see if I can come up with another 25 (without repeating myself!)...

52. Whenever I need to exaggerate a number, I use "18 million" every single time (like, I'll say "Dan, you don't need 18 million guitar picks lying around!")
53. Sometimes I feel like I must be half-assing my entire life because things have seemed too easy for me.
54. I've had basically the same hair style since I was 13 years old.
55. I've never been a huge fan of drinking and have probably only been drunk 10 or so times in my life.
56. Related to #55, when I lived in Spain I drank either a glass of wine or a "caña" of beer almost every day.
57. I only learned to knit in January of this year and it was hard.
58. I get restless and stir-crazy often and easily.
59. I am a beginner at many things and a master of nothing.
60. I censor what I write on this blog, though sometimes I really just want to really rant.
61. Besides when I was in school, this is the longest I have not worked in 5 years.
62. I don't think I can honestly say what my passion is, and it doesn't bother me.
63. I have 4 brothers-in-law, 2 sisters-in-law and 5 nephews (soon to be 6!)
64. I want Victor to have a sibling close in age, like my sister and I were.
65. I can honestly say that I didn't have any issues or troubles during my childhood, it was pretty ideal and uneventful.
66. I've been swearing on and off for about 10 years and worry I won't be able to stop when Victor starts to understand and repeat me.
67. I love Martha Stewart, but only from September to December.
68. I have a really hard time watching shows like "The Office" because the awkwardness makes me squirm way too much (same for the auditions of American Idol).
69. I would say that I laugh less than the average person.  Cry less as well.
70. Sometimes I think that I could be a vegetarian, but most of the times I don't think I could.
71. I have gone on a cross country trip of some sort for the past 3 Augusts ('08 to California, '09 to Italy and '10 to British Columbia).
72. I don't tan all that well.
73. I'm very on top of our finances and do most of the budgeting in our house. 
74. I would love to learn to crochet and to cook from scratch.
75. I am the furthest thing from a germa-phobe as you can get.
76. I love graveyards.

Happy Sunday,

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Saturdays are quickly fading away...

It's hard to believe that August is almost over.  I have one more Saturday (after this one) at home, then one spent in BC, and then it's September! Honestly I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also going to take advantage of these last summer days while I can.  We're heading out to the town pool (outdoor) for a quick dip, be back later with some blogging, but until then, here are some cute shots of Victor I took the other night while out for a walk.

(And yes, we're in a graveyard, it's a beautiful spot to take walks and the lighting was perfect under the big oak tree so we stopped.  I love graveyards, it's a thing I guess...)

How are you enjoying these last summer days?


Monday, August 9, 2010

An obsession is starting...

I mentioned on Twitter today that I've recently begun an obsession with the colour gray (it all started with a cute little sweater/shirt I thrifted on Saturday...I'm thinking half of my wardrobe will be gray this Fall!)  Anyway, I've also been in the mood to get back into decorating this apartment, Victor's room is really the only one I would consider 'done', so I'm thinking that either our bedroom, the bathroom or the living room will be my next project.  For our bedroom I'm envisioning a gray + yellow colour scheme (the walls being gray with yellow accents).  I'm still unsure of how dark of a gray I'd want to go, I'd worry it would be too dark in the many, many, many winter months we face (ha!), so I'm thinking a lighter/heather gray is probably a better option.  I'd also like to be bold enough to paint some of our furniture yellow, but that's a pretty big commitment, so I'm thinking of adding yellow through the bedding/wall art, etc.

Here are a few pics I've found online as inspo (sorry, no credits, I just googled!)

I like the idea of painting a big canvas like this, or covering it with fabric, a nice cheap solution to filling up big walls (which we have)

Love the dark gray and soft yellow, but like I said, not sure how lovely it would be in February...(it's always all about the weather with me! haha)

LOVE yellow furniture...perhaps I will try to thrift an old dresser to paint?

We have a blue bedspread currently, I like the look if I decided to add a third colour...I'd like to also make my own curtains, something like these would be perfect.

And just to show how much I love gray, this image caught my eye while searching, I may need to try this soon:

What colours are you into right now?


Sunday, August 8, 2010

The difference a year can make...

A year ago today I flew off to Italy and Croatia to reunite with my friend Jelena and return to Europe after 4 years away, to see St. Peter's and Vatican city (and nearly cry from the beauty of it), to swim in the Adriatic Sea (and the bluest, clearest, warmest water I've ever swam in), to eat delicious pasta and drink delicious cappucinos, to visit ruins and landscapes that were centuries old (beyond my North American comprehension), to nearly suffer heat stroke from the +35C weather nearly every day, to take a train through the Italian countryside, to drive through Slovenia, to see the canals of Venice, to go to what must have been a Roman paradise in Brijuni, to see 3 of the 7 coloseums in the world...I left a year ago for a trip of a lifetime.  

And today I'm doing this.

But you know, I wouldn't trade it for anything


(well, maybe one more swim in those waters, lol)

Happy Sunday to you!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bag for me, bag for baby...

A couple of things I'm pining over online...

1. A nice camera bag. The one I have right now is too small for my new camera, plus it's U-GLY. This super cute teal one is from Jo Totes, and from what I can tell it's just the right size for my Canon, plus my purse stuff, cell, and maybe a diaper or 2 (I mostly want it for lugging my camera around on an everyday basis, since right now I put it in my non-padded purse and it freaks me out so much!) Plus it appears to be affordable compared to a lot of other 'lady camera bags' I'm seeing out there, so I plan on using some of my session money to buy it. Lovesit.
2. Cute bibs. We fed Victor cereal for the first time today (yay, solids!), and it made me realize that we're going to need a lot more bibs around here (we already use at least 2 a day from drool alone!) This cute one is from the BabyMomo shop on Etsy, but I'll probably end up buying a set somewhere cheaper, I can't justify spending over 10$ for one bib...unless I learn how to make them myself?
3. Photography-nerd shirts. Kara posted a photo of her wearing this shirt from 40/60 Photography the other day on her blog and I looooved it immediately. It's kind of silly, but I think I might splurge with some of my session money and buy it :)

4. Smelly diaper storage. One thing I can justify buying for Victor (and for myself!) is a Wet/Ick bag.  Right now when we're on the road I just use a plastic bag to store his wet cloth diapers, but it's loud and annoying and smelly, so I think a cute wetbag like this is just what I need.  This one is from Monkeyfootdesigns on Etsy, and I think it would be just the right size, and I love the fabric (plus it would match my new camera bag/purse/diaper bag, ha!)

I haven't window-shopped online (especially on Etsy) in forever, it feels nice!  What are you oogling over on the Internets lately?

Until next time,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Week in the Life [Completed Album]

[Oh my friggin' word, it took me foreeeever to get these pics in order! I had to delete my post twice and start over because the pictures kept getting all mixed up...anyway, I digress...]

So here it is, after nearly 2 months, my completed A Week in the Life album!  Let me tell you, when Ali said that this project was A LOT of work, she wasn't kidding!  Not only was the documenting a huge feat, putting it together was just as big (if not bigger) of a feat as well!  Even though there was very little 'scrapping' to do, it still took a long time, there was a lot of trimming, and gluing, and repetition...but it's done now and I'm pretty happy with how it all came out! 

A few things:

-The cover was inspired by Christina Clouse's cover in a way, I basically took scraps of all the patterned paper used in the album and had my mom patchwork-stitch them together, I love the way it turned out.
-I kept the cover pages and collage pages pretty simple and the same throughout, with just a slight variation in paper width and photo placement, but it's all pretty much the same.
-Looking back now, I wish I had chosen a better cardstock colour for the journaling cards, the green looks pretty dull to me now, I think a yellow or something would have been better, but the green was neutral enough to go with all the picture colours and patterned papers.
-I LOVE the long journaling cards in the 11X6 page protectors, I will definitely do this again in another project.  I love that I wrote so much, it's very rare for me, but I know I'll appreciate it when I look back on this project.
-I HATE my handwriting and will probably do all my journaling cards on the computer next time.  I'll also try to mix up the topics next time and not do the same everyday (like what we watched, it's the same thing all week! haha)
-I didn't use any embellishments at all in the album, and it's a little 'plain' compared to how I usually do minis, but with the amount of work that it was I'm glad I kept it simple, the focus really is on the words and the photos.
-There were some empty spaces in the divided page protectors (I didn't have enough pics for some of the days), so I simply inserted some patterned paper to fill the gaps.  I thought about writing some quotes on them, but I think I'll leave it as is.
-Nothing is straight in the album.  Nothing.

Ok, onto the pics (these are the 2-page spreads, to see each individual page check the A Week in the Life 2010 set in my Flickr account).

As I said before, overall I really enjoyed this project and will definitely do it again; my plan is to do a week in each season, but I think that the earliest I would do another would be next April (for Spring), I don't have it in me to do one this Fall and I need to focus on finishing my December Daily mini this Winter, so...I'm not sure if I would use this same format, there are some elements I would want to keep (long journaling cards, divided page protectors), but I'll have to see, if I keep all the weeks in this AC album then I'll probably use the same format to keep it consistent and just change up the patterned paper.  We'll see though.

If you have any questions about the album or my process, just let me know, it's pretty close to Ali's as far as the format and ideas go, but I think I added my own little spin to it :)

Cross this off the list of projects to finish, yay!!

Now, the question is: what should I complete next?

Until next time,

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vive l'Acadie!

Last week I went up to Bathurst (about 3 hours north where my family is from) to visit my French grandmother, aunts and cousins. Victor and I spent 5 days with family and it was a really nice change of pace for us (the pace being much faster that is!) My aunt from Toronto and her girls were there and it was actually the first time in a long time where all the grandchildren were together in the same place. My mom and sister also came up for a few days with the dogs, so it was a busy place! Victor, of course, was the main focus (my aunts love babies and hadn't seen him before), so he was plenty spoiled while there :)

Anyway, on the second day there my sister, grandmother, Victor and I went to the Village historique acadien, about 45 mins down the shore on the Acadian coast. It's a really interesting place where they re-create acadian homes and farms from the 1700s, 1800s and 1900s. There were people in each house, in character, ready to talk to you about life as it was back then, using the tools and actually working as if they were back in the old days. The characters speak in old acadian french (which is the french I speak mostly), there was a tavern, school, church, several different kinds of houses, farm animals everywhere, it was just a really cool place. My grandmother is acadian (she actually grew up about 10 mins away from where the village was located), so it's also part of my culture and heritage, so I was really happy to go.

Here are a few pictures from the trip (I just love old stuff like this, so much of it I would have in my house today!)  [You can see the rest of the pics on my Flickr.]


On the way out I was telling my sister Daphné how that, despite the hardships these people must have gone through, in a way their lives were better than ours, because they had to work for their own survival; they made their own food, clothing, housing, everything, and because of that, they didn't have time to be bored or depressed or restless or any of the other issues people face today. They have a program at the village where kids can go and spend a day in traditional dress, working and pretending to be living in those times, I wish I had gone when I was a kid! (My cousins have gone 3 or 4 times and they love it.)  Visiting there inspired me to try and live more simply (but it's hard!)

It was also really nice because I used to spend a lot of time 'downshore' at my nanny's cottage, playing on the beach, so it made me all nostalgic to drive along the shore again, it's so beautiful there!

I'm still working on my friggin' A Week in the Life post (Blogger has been pissing me off to no end lately), so I'll try to get it up later this week, I'm about 4-5 posts behind, hopefully this week I'll be able to get them all up!

Until then,

PS-If you want to know more about the Acadians and their Deportation from the Maritimes (I assume most Americans don't know much about them; they are the original  'Cajuns' from Louisiana), you can find more information here.