Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maternity Series |20 Weeks|

I know I should be posting my 19 Week shots instead, but I actually missed that week...things just didn't fall into place I guess...I lacked motivation...it rained...it was cold...it rained...so yeah, one week missed. Still, 8/9 isn't so bad! Luckily on Thursday this past week it was darn right summery out, so I had a chance to prance around in the dandelions for a bit, and even got some shots of me and Victor, who was along for the ride (and played happily in the car while I took these shots.)

As for the ultrasound and the great reveal, it wasn't much of a reveal at all, since the baby had a very obstructive cord tucked between his/her legs, we couldn't tell for sure what it was...the technician was leaning towards girl, but I'm not 100% convinced and am secretly hoping to use my previous 'high risk' status to get in for another ultrasound before September, so once I know for sure, I'll be sure to reflect that in my photos (I had some ideas planned out but didn't feel right doing them without knowing for certain what we were having.) It's annoying/frustrating for sure! But the baby's healthy, everything's normal, so that's the important part (I'm also a week behind in my pregnancy than what I thought originally, so that gave me a chance to catch up with this project, yay!)


I realize that I haven't posted anything about Victor lately, which is a shame because he has changed so much in the last couple of months, I need to get some photos edited and some thoughts written out, he needs an update I think...we all do :)

Be back soon with that I hope!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maternity Series |18 Weeks|

I haven't really talked much about this pregnancy and how I've been feeling (physically and emotionally), but I suppose that's normal when it's not your first one, you just kind of get used to it and go through the motions (not to mention you're too busy with your other little one(s) to notice what's going on!), but I wanted to say that I've been feeling really great lately and feeling better and better about this new little bébé coming into our lives (heaven knows I freaked out about 12 weeks ago when we found out, haha!)  I've been feeling kicks for a good 2 weeks now and I still love it, it's one of my favourite things about being pregnant for sure. I find that my hands are always reaching for the bump to feel for the little movements (they seem slighter this time around, maybe more pudge to get through? lol), but they are still wonderful.  I feel fine, no more sickness, energy back, and I haven't even been gaining weight as quickly as I feared I would, so all in all I can't complain! As long as I'm not put on bedrest then this pregnancy will be even better than the first :)

Also, we went for our ultrasound last week, but I'll report on that when I post my 19 weeks shots....which I still need to take, oops!  It's the weather, darnit....

(PS-It was Star Wars Day the day I took these, hence the Leia-inspired hair) ;)

Hmm, perhaps I'll post something non-pregnancy related next? We shall see...

Until then,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

House #8 (aka a definite maybe...)

It seems hard to believe that this is the 8th house we've seen in just 2 months (and I could be wrong, we could have seen more, I just can't remember!)  Anyway, this one we actually noticed on the way out to house #7 last time, it's in Norton, just outside of the village (which is about 15 mins outside of Sussex), and the more we think about it, the more we like it.  It's on a nice sized lot (1.5 acres or something like that), with only one neighbour and fields all around the other sides. It's a nice piece of property and has plenty of room for a garden/chicken coop, etc.  It's 1600sq feet, so plenty big, 4 bedrooms plus an office space downstairs, large kitchen, deck, lots of natural light, brand new bathroom, family room separate from the living room/dining room area of the house, lots of character, all new click flooring throughout (except for one room upstairs). Plenty of good traits in my opinion.

Now, of course, a house like this in our price range couldn't be without its major flaws, and this one has a couple, mainly in the form of the basement and the septic/water system (yeah, not a big deal, right? haha). The basement is sketchy at best and had a lot of water in it even when we were there (it's really damp with a dirt floor, cracked walls, etc). There was a sub-pump down there and the foundation itself looked to be in decent condition, but it could use some MAJOR work to keep water from getting in.  Also, the main pump for the water (from the well) is out in a shed in the backyard as opposed to in the basement, underground (like they are supposed to be I guess?), which means it most likely freezes in the wintertime, which is not good obviously. So those things would need to be addressed pretty much right away, so major bucks/work there. Sigh.

The good part is that there isn't much that the house itself needs immediately, so we could sink our money into fixing those issues and wait on the rest and still live comfortably (the roof may need a new coat of paint, but that could wait, along with a bunch of other 'cosmetic' things inside).  They recently lowered the price, which is good, and we're actually going back to see it on Wednesday night to make an exact list of everything that will need fixed and how much it will cost to see if it would be worth it.  Like I said, we both really like it, but we don't want to get into something that we can't afford to get into and that will cause more stress/work than it's worth.

So at the moment it's kind of a tie between house #2 (the house in Church Ave) and this one. We may go see Church Ave again too to compare since we haven't been there in awhile, but that one was the asbestos one, so we're pretty wary of it. 

Anyway, we haven't gone to see anything else since this one, we've pretty much scraped the bottom of our price range barrel, but we're hoping that with the warmer weather more houses will come up for sale this month...with a potential move in date of 6-8 weeks though, I hope something that comes up soon or that we're able to make a decision we'll feel good about!

Thanks for following along on this house hunting adventure of ours.

Back soon with our 2nd impressions on this yellow and green beaute ;)

PS-We live in a small town of about 5,000 people in a poorer area of the country, in case you are noticing the prices seeming super low, haha.  What are they like where you live? That kind of thing fascinates me...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Maternity Series |17 Weeks|

Oops, there goes 2 weeks without a blog post...time does that I guess! Not much is new around here, been working, watching Victor learn to walk (I have some videos I should upload), growin' this belly, watching Weeds (on Season 3 now), and trying to get out to take pictures on the rare sunny days we have (this project is being seriously dampened by the crummy weather we've been having lately!) Anyway, here we are, 17 weeks, bump full out and running out of pants.

Be back soon with more bumps and houses (seems to be the only thing on this blog lately, sorry about that! Hoepfully they'll both soon be over...)
Until then,