Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maternity Series |20 Weeks|

I know I should be posting my 19 Week shots instead, but I actually missed that week...things just didn't fall into place I guess...I lacked motivation...it rained...it was cold...it rained...so yeah, one week missed. Still, 8/9 isn't so bad! Luckily on Thursday this past week it was darn right summery out, so I had a chance to prance around in the dandelions for a bit, and even got some shots of me and Victor, who was along for the ride (and played happily in the car while I took these shots.)

As for the ultrasound and the great reveal, it wasn't much of a reveal at all, since the baby had a very obstructive cord tucked between his/her legs, we couldn't tell for sure what it was...the technician was leaning towards girl, but I'm not 100% convinced and am secretly hoping to use my previous 'high risk' status to get in for another ultrasound before September, so once I know for sure, I'll be sure to reflect that in my photos (I had some ideas planned out but didn't feel right doing them without knowing for certain what we were having.) It's annoying/frustrating for sure! But the baby's healthy, everything's normal, so that's the important part (I'm also a week behind in my pregnancy than what I thought originally, so that gave me a chance to catch up with this project, yay!)


I realize that I haven't posted anything about Victor lately, which is a shame because he has changed so much in the last couple of months, I need to get some photos edited and some thoughts written out, he needs an update I think...we all do :)

Be back soon with that I hope!


Stephie C said...

OMG that last shot of you and little man is SO priceless! LOVE it!!!! Love them all but yes that is my fave for sure!

Lea said...

I love these! And the flowers make the pictures so much better!! Victor does look so grown up!!