Monday, November 19, 2007

All's the same when you're in the game...

Well it's been a little while since I've posted so I figured I would ramble a little bit for anyone who cares to know what's going on with us. The short answer is: not much, haha....same old I suppose.

Work is going well, I'm still only extended until Dec 1st at this point, but I'm about 99% sure I'll be there longer, at least until the New Year, so that's good, by the sounds of it my position has been approved for 08-09, meaning that they will keep me around as a Casual until the new fiscal year in April, and then I can officially apply for the position as a permanent employee(they can't create new positions this late in the year I guess, they don't have the money for it or something, I don't quite understand, but I don't really care.) So all in all, it sounds good, I might even be getting a slight promotion, since the job is not going to be a Secretary II, but a Program Office Administrator (or something), which is a higher classification than a Sec II, and that means a raise. So all in all, it sounds good and I can't complain.

Dan is doing well in school. He has done toilets and is now working on sinks (I think), so things are moving along well, he only has another 4 weeks and then his first semester is over a way it's gone by quickly but in another it's been very very very long. He keeps telling me that he still likes it, which is good and important, I just hope he likes it when he gets out and starts working. He's still trying to find some part time work for the school year, which will be helpful, but it's hard since he has limited hours (and is also picky about where he works), so in the meantime, I'm still his sugar mama, haha. I don't mind though, he'll be working plenty when I'm at home with the babies, hahaha...he's pretty sure htat he'll be able to find a co-op employer here in May, so that's good, and then he begins his apprentiship and starts making some real money...I can't wait.

Well the last 2 weekends have been quite busy. Two weeks ago I got a mini vacation, because I had 4 days off plus a day out of the office, so really, it was 5 days away from work, which is awesome. We went to my parents' camp on Friday, hung out there and in Sussex with my family on Saturday, then headed to Freddy for the night on Sunday to hang out with Dylan and Claire, then SJ on Monday, and back to Sussex Tuesday...we made the rounds basically, haha. I was especially glad to go wedding dress shopping with my sister and to see my little neveu Sean on Monday. That boy is come cute, and I love how he's not afraid of anyone (he was a bit weary of us at first, but it didn't take long for him to come sit on my lap and play with me and give me kisses) If any child were to give me baby fever, it would be him....cute cute. Then this weekend that just passed we had some visitors come to see us, which was a nice change....Bonnie and Andrew came up to do some Christmas shopping, so we got to hang out with them for a few days...on Friday we went out to supper then just out and played cards, then on Saturday the boys and their mom went shopping while I was away doing other things (my preggo friend Sara came up for the day, so we had lunch, and then I had to work for a bit), but later that night we headed out to watch the Christmas Parade in town, which was fun and got me in the Christmas mood....then we went out for Thai, which was AWESOME, I loved it soooooo much, haha. Anyway, all in all it was a good weekend too.

Speaking of weekends, ours are going to be quite busy for the next little while...we have 2 free weekends (including this one coming up) for the rest of the year! We have a wedding to go to on the 1st, then Dan has Dylan's bachelor party the 15th, then Christmas weekend on the 22nd, then Dylan's wedding on the lots and lots of travelling for the next little while. I'm a little worried that we won't be able to see everyone and do everything we want to do over Christmas, there's just too much going on. We are supposed to be having a meeting with our supervisor this week to figure what's going on over Christmas, I'm hoping to get the 24th, 27th and 28th off, but I'm not sure if I can pull all that off...if so then we should have no trouble, it'll be Peters from the 21st-25th, then Flynns from the 26th-30th or so. We'll have to see I suppose.

Well not too much else to ramble about, I'm still going stir crazy and mind crazy, wondering what the heck we should do next main concern is whether we should continue living here in's so far away from our families, and plus, we will never be able to afford a house here within a reasonable amount of time, so I don't know if it's worth staying, especially since Dan is able to work wherever he wants, and with my govi experience, I shouldn't have too much trouble either. So we'll have to see what happens come spring, we may be on the move once again, who knows.

Who knows, who knows.

"Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!!"

Monday, October 29, 2007


Well, I got some good news over the wekeend:

My wedding dress has finally been sold! It's about time, I've had it since April 06 (one month after getting engaged) and have been trying to sell it since October 06 (one month after getting married.) My mom called me on Friday to tell me that when she called the consignement store in Moncton (the same one where I bought it), to make an appointment to go pick it up (I wanted to try and sell it myself on Kijiji since it wasn't selling), they said that they had already sold that's good I guess. I'm only going to get 150$ for it, which is a third of what I paid for it, but that's ok, I'm just happy that it's finally sold.

Makes me a little bit sad, knowing that it's gone forever, but really, I was never really that attached to it in the first place, it was the 3rd dress I tried on on the first and only visit, and I bought it mostly because it fit, it looked good, I knew Dan would like it, it was cheap, and my mom/sister liked it. If it had been up to me to do whatever I wanted, I would have gotten something completely different (not white, for starters, no back, dramatic jewlery, etc...) It never bothered me sending it back to be sold, though, we needed the money (still do), and there was no point keeping it around to collect dust so that my daughter (if I have any) could make fun of it 20 years later. We have plenty of picture to remind us.

If I hadn't of sold it, the only other thing I would have liked to do would have been to Trash It. But I mean, I could still do that with another cheap white dress on an anniversary or something, it's no big deal. (Trash the Dress, in case anyone doesn't know, is when you go out after your wedding and take pictures of you in your dress in 'messy' places, like in the ocean, in the woods, on the streets, ect, and you 'trash' your dress by laying in the dirt, getting wet, etc...the pics are AWESOME and so much fun!)

Anyway, that's it, the cheque should be getting here sometime this week, which is sooo lucky since we were going to go in the red this week!! It's funny how life throws you a bone every once in awhile... that's all for now, more rambling later this week I suppose...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nothing new to report...

I realize that it's been forever since I last posted (although I'm not quite as bad as some family members who shall remain nameless, haha), so I just thought I would write a quick little hello...I'm actually at work now so I can't say much, just wanted to let you all know that things are going well, everything is just flowing along I suppose...Dan still enjoys school, but is not working yet, I still have my job (until Dec 1st at least), I work too much, we are still poor, we still like Halifax, we are still happy :)


Well, besides the occasional bout of stir-craziness and moodiness, but that's just me.

Anyway, more to come later after work! (maybe) In the meantime, here's a picture of Félix in a vampire costume, haha

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Our One Year Anniversary Teepee Adventure

Well, we just got back from our Anniversary weekend, so I thought I'd update you all on how it went...I took pics, but sadly our digi camera doesn't work so I had to take them old school, but I'll develop them tomorrow and post them on Facebook most anyway, here's the lowdown:

We both took the day off Friday, so Dan came home Thursday night, which made a big difference, that extra day was really good to have...anyway, we left the city at around one and got to the retreat at around 3...we drove along the South Shore to Liverpool, then cut inland to head to Maitland Bridge, which is where the retreat was (it's about 3 mins away from Keji Park, for those who know NS) Anyway, so we got there, and the place was really nice; small, only 7 cabins, 5 teepees, a restaurant, office, kitchen cabin, and a lodge with 4 rooms. Anyway, it was in the woods along the banks of a river that ran into a small lake. Our teepee was pretty cool, it was set apart from the other 4 teepees, which are the 'village'; ours was set kind of in a corner of a small field, on the edge of the woods and right on the lake. It was a pretty big teepee, probably 15-20 feet tall, and there was room enough in there for 3 beds, a double and 2 singles, and 2 small shleves, all on the outside edges of the inside. They are set up on platforms so you aren't on the ground, which is cool, and they were pretty waterproof, despite the pouring rain (more on that later.)

But the best part of the teepee for sure was the hottub. Basically it was a home made was on our platform right on the edge of the lake. It was big enough for probably 4 people, and was made of wood. The way you heated it was by a wood stove that was set underwater in the tub (it was walled off by wooden slats so you couldn't touch it) Anyway, most of the stove was underwater, so as you burned wood, the water got hotter. The water was water from the Lake, and there was a valve to release the water and a pump to add more, and a pool skimmer to clean out any grass or bugs. Pretty rustic, but it worked out perfectly. So anyway, we get there, unpack, walk around, and decide to get this hottub going. We light it up, but it takes forever to heat up because it's quite a lot of water and of course, it was freezing cold when we got there. So we played some tennis, had supper in the kitchen cabin (all people staying in the teepees shared a communal kitchen cabin, which had a stove, fridge, pots, pans, everything you would need, it was great.) Then we kinda just lounged around, made a fire in the village (there was only one spot to make a fire, in the middle of the village, but luckily for us no one else was staying in the teepees that night so we had the place to ourselves.) So we go back to the teepee at around 10-10:30 (it was hard to keep track of time that weekend, since neither one of us had a watch and we had no clocks or cells and no access to our car, so we didn't know what time it was most of the time, which was actually nice), and the tub was STILL warming up. We didn't actually get in until about 11:30 I don't think, but it was sooo worth the wait. It was so nice to sit outside, in the hottub, with candles all around, right out on the Lake, and the weather was really nice too that night. We were in there for 2 hours or more I think. So yeah, that was Friday night.

I didn't sleep all that well (I don't sleep well in the woods) but we still woke up at around 9:00 or so to discover that it was misting and raining a little bit. We decided that we would head into a town for the day since it was supposed to pour all day and we didn't want to be outside or in the teepee when that happened, but luckily in the morning it wasn't bad at all. We started up the hottub again, had breaskfast, then came back for another dip, this time in the daylight and in the mist and rain, and it was actually really fun. We left once the rain started a bit harder ar around noon and headed into Bridgewater for the afternoon. We had lunch then went bowling, which was really fun too, considering we hadn't bowled in years. We headed back at around 4:30 or so, and by the time we got back to the retreat, the rain had stopped. Some of our stuff was wet, but luckily the bed wasn't and our clothes were all safe in our bags, so besides being a bit cold and damp, it was ok. We got the hottoub going again and then headed to the restaurant for dinner. It was nice, really small, just a few tables and home cooked by a few ladies who worked there, really home made kinda thing. So we had that, then came back to the teepee and hung out some more, then got back in the hottub (again, haha) But this time we kinda ruined a good thing...the water was wayyyy too hot, since we had kept the fire going for pretty much 2 days straight, the water was near boiling basically, and there was no way to cool it down. Also, it was really windy so it was harder to get out and cool down, so we didn't end up staying in it long, but we did manage to get another dip in.

We woke up this morning, had breaskfast again, contemplated getting in the hottub again, but it had actually cooled down quite a bit and was a bit cold, and it was hard to get the fire going again with all the wood being wet, so we just said forget it and left at around 11. All in all it was really nice, I'm glad we went.

Now, as for being married a whole year, I don't really have a whole lot to say about it. To me, and to Dan I think, it feels like we've been married much longer, so this was just a little reminder that we have a long, long way to go yet, haha. They say that the first year of marriage is supposed to be hard, and I guess for us it was hard, but not so much in our relationship, but more in our circumstances. It was hard for us with Dan working overnights for 8 months, then leaving to plant trees. It was hard scrambling to figure out everything for school, and deciding to live apart again, and me not knowing about my job (still not knowing.) All of that was hard, but being together wasn't. We fought, yeah, mostly about money, but I think that was just us getting used to actually sharing money and bank accounts and everything else, but we've got it pretty well sorted out now. I don't ever doubt that we got married too soon or that we're headed for trouble, I know we're doing well and will keep doing well as long we keep remembering to be kind to each other, respect each other, and support each other. I'm excited to see what this year will bring, but I'm not very worried about it...I know it'll be good :)

Well that was a huge ramble, but I wanted to keep a little record of our weekend so that when we are celebrating our 25th, we can look back and remember how we started out in a teepee.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Isn't it funny...

Isn't it funny, that when you are married (and a woman), and you throw up, or are queasy/nauseous for any reason at all, people automatically assume you could be or are pregnant?? I don't know if I'm the only one, but anytime I feel sick people always make the joke 'maybe you're pregnant'...last night my mom called to see how I was, and then she asked if I was pregnant! After I said no, she continued on about how this is how I would feel, and this is how she felt, lala, and asked me if I was sure...No Mama, I'm not, I would know...I think, haha.

Although I must admit, I think all women do it to each other once you reach a certain age, married or not, my friend Heather was nauseous a few times over the summer and I made jokes about her being pregnant, and she wasn't even seeing anyone seriously! She did get paranoid though, haha....everyone does.

Anyway, just a little remark I've made, now that I'm married...nearly a year married!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

It begins again...

Well, Dan is gone. He left for Springhill a few hours ago, and I'm pretty bummed about it, because this is officially the beginning of a long, LONG year. I know that he'll be home on the weekends and holidays, but it's not the same, we shouldn't be doing this anymore, after having done it so much already (I've calculated, and about half of our relationship, or over 2 years, has been spent long distance like this...that's too much!) I know we'll be fine and that it's the right decision for me to stay here, not just for me personally but for both of us; it takes off a lot of financial strain this way, but still, I wish it could have been different. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes, I know Dan is going to do awesome in school, I just really hope he likes it. As for me, I still don't know what's going to happen after October 19th, but I'll worry about that when it comes I guess. At the very worst, I'll move to Springhill with Dan after Christmas, but hopefully it won't come to that. It's the government, they have to find me something :)

Anyway, just my little bummed out rant, I've been sick for the last 2 days so it might not make a whole lot of sense, I'm pretty achy and I think a fever is coming on, hopefully I'll be better by tomorrow, I have too much work to do to call in sick, stuff that can't wait until Wednesday (I never though I'd have one of those jobs, but I do!) I felt like such a yuppie the other day, I had to bring some proofing work with me to lunch because I had a deadline! Craziness. Anyway, enough blabbing, I'm going to go lie down before I throw up again.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Tom!!

Sorry this is so late, but Happy Birthday to the oldest Flynn boy, Tom, who turned a big 3-0 yesterday! You old man you ;)

(I tried to convince Dan to write "30 Reasons Why Tom is Great", but he said he couldn't come up with 30 reasons...some brother eh? haha)

Happy Birthday, hope you had a good one!

Dan & Geneviève

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Can you hear me Major Tom?...And I'm floating in a tin can...

Well I've been meaning to write a little something for days now, since there have been some developments since the last time I wrote, but I always seem to get distracted by something else, my generation's attention span is quite short, and the older I get the shorter I find it, I really need to work on my concentration and focus...anyway, enough about that, moving on to something else :)

So let's see, I guess I will start with work, since that is what my life seems to be about now, I guess I'm offically a grown up. Anyway, the news at work is that I've been extended until at least October 19th, which is awesome news, I'm glad that I can stay here (and make my awesome salary) a little while longer. I still enjoy it and hope to stay as long as possible, and maybe even get some sort of Permanent position eventually.

The other big development is that one of the other Admins here, the one who was hired on in March to do my position 'officially', has been sick and is now out until September 4th at the earliest, so that means that I have been put in charge of all her work...and there is ALOT! Basically, I'm now in charge of making sure that all of our Health Education resources get printed, proofed, designed, translated, sent out to the Districts, and whatever else needs to be done. This is quite a task, since there are probably 40-45 projects on the go at the moment, all in different stages of development, and I have to keep track of all of's tough, but I've been able to handle it so far...I was kind of annoyed at first since the Admin who had this job decided to not include me in most of the processes, so I came into this only knowing bits and pieces, and I haven't received any offical training in the computer program (again, they left me out of it), so I've had to learn quite a bit pretty quickly, but I think I'm doing quite well, maybe even better than her! (She was quite disorganized, at least compared to how I work.) Anyway, so that's that, my own projects (Filing, Website, Archives) have been put on hold for now, but I think that because of this, they shouldn't have a hard time extending me past October, to make up for the time that I've been missing (it's going to be 6-8 weeks at least before I can complately concentrate on my own stuff.) So that's my government life, not super exciting, but I'm happy :) Ooooh, I also got paid today for the first time with my new pay, and it's soooo awesome! I hate getting paid every 2 weeks, but that's ok, I guess it's better for taxes and money, for a little while at least, it'll be gone before I know it :S

So, because of all this stuff with work, it means that I am now no longer going with Dan to Springhill, which sucks big time as far and us goes, but in the long run it's much better for us financially, and it'll take a lot of stress off, since we will be living on one salary basically all year, so it's good that it's a big salary at least...Dan has been off work for about 3 weeks now, maybe 4, and he's been getting quite a bit of stuff done for school. He has been applying for EI and for the Skills and Training Program, he had an appointment today, I hope it all works out, it would help us out big time if the government could pay for part of the school wouldn't have to be much, we've already paid the 1st half of his tuition, and we are getting another 1000$ from Irving, but still, if they could help pay for his rent, we could maybe even start saving a bit this year while he is in school, which would be awesome, since, you know, we haven't saved anything in our lives yet :S

Dan is also going to Sprinhill today to look for an apartment, he is just going to rent out a room for the year, hopefully furnished, something that is cheap, which is good, I guess we will save some money that way now. He will have the car during the year, since I can get anywhere I want by bus, and plus my roomate has her own car, so I don't need it as much as he will, and he will come back on weekends to visit, so it'll be like it was this summer, which isn't idea, but at least we'll be on the same schedule this time, he wont' be so exhausted all the time since he'll be on an 8:30-4:30 schedule too...and we talked about it, this is the first time that Dan has had a 9-5 schedule since he worked at the Access Centre in McAdam I like 7 years! That's nuts, poor guy, he's been working shifts and crap hours forever, I hope he likes being normal, haha. So we have about 3 weeks left before he moves, I better enjoy it now, it's nice to have him around, he's a very good house husband, he does the dishes everyday, makes the bed, has supper ready when I get home...I'm getting used to this!

Hmm well I guess that's best friend Sara told me about 3 weeks ago that she is pregnant, which is awesome, she had had a miscarriage earlier this year so I'm happy that she is doing so well this tiem (she's nearly 12 weeks now, so she should be ok.) It's so scary to think that she is going to have a baby, she's the first of my good friends to have one, and she was the one I was supposed to have one with at the same time, but it really doesn't look like that's going to happen now, haha, considering I don't like babies or children, so I guess I'll just have to practise with hers :) She deserves it though, she loves babies, always yeah, another baby on the way, seems like everyone is having kids! I have 2 weddings to go to this year (I've already gone to 3) and there are 2 babies that I know of that are due next year...sheesh, and then there's Dan and I, standing still, haha.

Ok, that's it for real, I'll babble more later probably, hope everyone is well!!
Me at Crystal Crescent Beach, in the Atlantic...lovin' it!

Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm a bad bad blogger...

Ok, so I just read from a certain new mama that she enjoys reading our blogs and would like to actually have something to read, so here that Facebook exists though I must admit that my blogging has gone way way down and I don't know when the next entry will be, but alas, it's better than nothing...

So what's been new with Dan and Geneviève Flynn over the last 2 and a half months? A lot and a little I guess...first with work I suppose...Dan is still planting trees in the woods, his summer has not been super great, but then again, when is planting ever great? Let's just say we are both very happy that this is his last summer doing this...he's doing ok financially though, so it's not too bad, plus we found out that he will be able to carry over his 1,000$ scholarship from last year that he didn't use over to this year, plus the 1,000$ he's getting for this year, so in total we will be getting an extra 2k from Irving for his schooling (half his tuition basically), which is awesome, it's the only thing that makes planting worth it, otherwise his wage wouldn't be that much higher than if he had stayed here, but anyway, it's all good. We have been seeing each other most weekends, with a few exceptions here and there, but of course Dan is quite tired when he gets home, understandably, so we don't do all that much, although July was quite busy as far as travelling goes (more on that later I guess)...last week was his last week planting at the camp in Truro, but he is now gone to Fredericton to plant at the camp in NB for a few weeks since they still a ton of trees to plant and they need more people to get it done before the end of the we're hoping it won't be longer than 2 weeks, but it may end up being 3 or 4, we aren't sure....after that he is going to be taking 3 or 4 much deserved weeks off to relax and prepare for the fall and for school. So that's Dan's work, much simpler and more clear cut than mine at the moment.

My job is going well, but it's kind of in limbo right now. I am still working at the same job that I have been since December, with the Dept of Health Promotion and Protection. I still really enjoy it and have been adding new responsabilities here and there, especially regarding French resources. I've been extended I don't know how many times now, but it looks like my end date will be August 24th...possibly. I got some good news last week: after working as a Temp for 7 months (getting paid through Kelly Services and not by the government), they finally got it approved for me to be a 'Casual' (which means exactly the same thing as a Temp except that I get paid-a lot more-by the government and not by Kellys, I'm an offical government employee, which is nice to put on the resume...) Problem is that this position is only for another 6 weeks, so I'm only a Casual for 6 weeks, but if all goes well, I may be here longer...everyone here from the beginning said how much it was a shame that I was leaving, and jokes started about how I would come back next summer to do more work, blah blah...well ever since I got that raise, Dan and I have been talking about the possibility of me staying here in Halifax for the year in order to keep my job, since it's too good to pass up really, and he would go live in Springhill by himself for the year and then move back once school is I mentioned it to everyone here at work and thay are up for it, but now the question is whether they can find me a position to fill, since my position that I'm in now has already been advertised for, and they are planning on hiring someone to start at the beginning of September, since they assumed I was leaving (as did I) at the end of it's too late for me to apply to keep working where I am now, but there is a possibility that I could work in another department close to where I am now. Nathalie, the French coordinator that I've been working with a bit, is trying to help me find something, possibly in French with Acadian Affairs or with her department, which would be awesome, I could start an actual carreer, and in French too! So, as I said, nothing is for sure now, which makes things kinda stressful, I don't know where I'm going to be living in a month, I don't know where I'll be working, I don't know if I'll be apart from Dan...we just don't know. I hope to find out in the next few weeks though. Phewf, so that's my work story!

Ok, other than work, we have been travelling quite a bit, well, if you call going to NB June and July it seems that every week end we have had something to go to, I think that we were both home for 1 or 2 weekends out of 6 or 7...weddings, trips to see friends who were moving away, family reunions, marathons...always something! But it's ok, I enjoy it, it's just kinda hard on the wallet and the car always driving 6-8 hours a weekend. My friend Lucas got married in SJ one weekend, my friend John moved away to Japan to teach English 2 weeks ago, so I went to Fredericton to see him, my mom came to Halifax on Canada Day weekend, we had this Flynn family reunion this weekend...busy! I hope that in August things will calm down a bit so that we can stay home and get things ready for the fall, start packing up and whatever, but we will see, we already have one trip planned to go camping on the long week end, and my family is going to the camp on the last week end in August, so we said we would go too, but other than that it should be calm, we'll have 2 or 3 weeks in there to relax.

Hmm, what else? Our one year anniversary is coming up in less than 2 months, which is kind of exciting, it's gone by so quickly, yet it feels like foever ago. Everyone says that the first year of marriage is hard, and I suppose they are right, it was hard, but not in regards to our actual relationship, it was just the circumstances were hard (him working overnights and then heading out to plant trees, always seeming to be out of money) As far and Dan and I go though, things are the same, if not better, between us since we've gotten married, so I can't for expanding our family, I've put that idea on the shelf, and I have no idea how long it will be before it comes off it. I have absolutely no desire to have children yet, and I can't see myself wanting any anytime sounds quite different than how I felt at the beginning of the year, but I think things changed once I saw how I could possibly and actually have a real carreer, I don't want to give that up to have a child, because once I do, the chance might be lost I just don't have the patience for children right now, I can deal with them in small doses but I am quite glad to hand them off to their parents after a few this weekend, I loved hanging out with Sean, he's adorable (I love how he's not afraid to be with other people other than his parents, I hate kids that are clingy, I'm afriad Noah won't be so easygoing once we see him...) and I felt comfortable enough with him, but after seeing how much it affects your entire life and the life of your marriage, I don't think I'd want to start that just yet, Dan and I have plenty of time for that later. We are happy just the two of us, and frankly we're probably too selfish to give a child what it needs just yet. I love my hubby and want him all to myself :)

Ok well I guess that was quite the ramble, I'll try and remember to ramble more once the plans for this year are more definite, since it will have a big impact on us for the next 10's a cute pic of me and Sean from this weekend...ciao todos.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Il n'est pas nécéssaire de parler quand on a un regard qui en dit long."

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted, I just keep forgetting I guess, not much to say...things are pretty good around here, a few changes since Easter. Dan is in his 2nd week of planting trees, so during the week he is now staying in the camps in Truro and he comes home on the week ends, so that's not too fun, being apart, but we're pretty used to it now (this is our 5th summer together, and we've been apart for 3 and a half of them.)

Also it's not so bad for me because my friend Heather moved into our spare room in mid-April, so I'm not alone, it's really nice having her around. We don't do all that much really, just regular stuff, but it's nice to have someone to talk to, plus we meet for lunch everyday during the week (she works in a law firm, downtown), we started a garden, and we watch LOST every week and go to the library and shopping and stuff, so that's good. We had alot of fun last summer (I lived with her here in her apartment), so it's going to be like that. At the end of the summer when we move out she's probably gonna take over this apartment too, so that's good, no worrying about any of that. now if only I could find a place to live in Springhill...

Other than that, not too much new. I'm going home for the long week end this week end, that will be fun, haven't been home since Easter so it'll be nice to see everyone. Work is good, same old, I'm sad that I have to go in August 'cause I'm pretty sure they would like to try and hire me on full time if I were to stay, but it's not the way it worked out, so I'll just have to not worry about it. I mention to them often that I would like to come back, so maybe if I'm lucky something will be waiting for me if we do....IF being the key word, since we don't know where we'll end up after Dan's course...we talk about coming back here to Hali since we both like it, or possibly moving closer to home in NB, or doing the exact opposite ansd moving out West for a few years (so cliched I know), so we'll have to wait and see, basically we will go where Dan can get good work, but I think that he will be able to get good work wherever he on the other hand, I don't know.

I get all these ideas in my head of what I would like to do, but I'm just not sure...I think about going back to school to get another diploma in something, but then I wonder if it'll end up being another waste of time like my first degree was...since working in Dept of Health I've become interested in that field, but I'm not sure what I could do to get more invilved in it....I'm still interested in my languages but it just doesn't seem to translate into a good job...frig, I was thinking how it would be cool to be a midwife, so you can see how far reaching my brain is going! Part of me also has it in the back of my mind that I should start thinking about kids and family, since I always said I didn't want to be too old (25 was my ideal age to have my first child, but that's next year!) So we'll have to see I suppose, I'm happy to know that at least Dan will have a steady job from now on (starting in a few years I guess, but at least he'll be done the school thing), and I hope that I will be able to find something steady as's hard not knowing though.

Well I suppose that's enough rambling, off to do another scrapbook page...I try and do about one a week or so...oh, one more thing, my running is going pretty well, only 6 weeks before the marathon, but I became alot more confident this week when I actually ran the 10km that I needed, it was the first time I had ever run that far! It was easy too, I was really surprised and happy with myself, I did 10.9km in 1:04mins, so right on track for a 6min/km. Now I just need to keep it up and try and improve a little, since I know that running in July will be much harder than running now in the cool weather.

Ok, that's all for now...oh yes, Dan has a new woman in his life....her name is Taylor, she's a few weeks old and cost quite a bit of money, but she's beautiful (Hint: She's a guitar) I, on the other hand, did not get to spend any of my tax money on a trip like I wanted, it all went to credit cards...darn I hate being the responsible one!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Easter Plans

Just thought I'd update you all on what we are doing this Easter week end...unfortunately we don't have as much time off as we'd like since Dan has to work Sunday night (I have Monday off), but I suppose it's better than tomorrow (Thursday) we are hoping to leave Halifax sometime in the afternoon, depending on 2 things...a) if our car passes inspection and doesn't take too long to fix whatever the hell will undoubtedly be wrong with it, and b) if the weather is ok (it's supposed to storm, of course!) If all things go well we should be in Fredericton either early or late evening...we will then head over to dad's on Friday for the day and hopefully have some cute nephew-time and sort of meal (yum yum) in the evening...we'll then be heading out late to go Sussex to meet my parents at either the house or the camp...Saturday will be at the camp with my parents and Daf and Steve, and another yummy meal, then Sunday afternoon we are off for home...I'm excited, hopefully everything goes ok and ther weather/car doesn't mess up our plans! And I hope the Easter bunny finds us too, I could go for some chocolate :)

Other than that, nothing too new around here...I'm starting to 'train' for my 10km Marathon on July 1st, I'm only up to 4km and that is a struggle so I really have to get going!! It's so hard to be motivated when you are alone though, I need someone to kick my ass and get me going...oh well, hopefully it'll improve as the weather gets warmer (not a fan of running in the cold). Oh, next week end my friend Heather is moving up for the summer, I'm very excited about that, it'll be nice to have someone around to do things with (Dan doesn't quite cut it, haha), and it'll also be nice to have someone around to help out with food and rent and such...she got a job at a law firm downtown so we can commute together, have lunch, it'll be great! Dan is leaving for trees in about 4 weeks, I think that he is excited, he's pretty tired of the overnight shift I think, and I can't blame him, 8 months is enough...

Well I suppose that's it for major news, so until the next time, hope all is well!

There you go John, I blogged ;)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Just a quick update...

Well it's been awhile since I've posted, haven't had all that much to say really...but I thought I would post a few of my scrapbook pages so y'all can see what I do with my spare time while Dan naps (as he is doing now and has been doing all night...ugh, can't wait for him to start trees again.) Anyway, these are just a few I've done in the past few months:

Did this one back in January, nice picture of Dan back in 2003, when we first became a cute and young...

Cover page of the wedding album I'm working on...don't love the page all that much but the picture is nice....

This is one of my favorites, the colours are really nice and the pic is cute...again, back from 2003, when we liked each other, hahaha....kidding, kidding :)

Did this one just tonight, I've gotten into photo editing, I love the dark black and white contrast in this pic...

Anyway, as far as news goes, nothing too new that you all don't already job with the government got extended all the way until August 3rd, which is awesome, takes me basically until when we move, so I won't have to scrounge for a job for 2 months this summer...I enjoy the work still and the people are great, so I'm really happy about that. Dan's doing well, I think he's looking forward to trees as well, and to school next year. We are hoping to get our tax money soon and we both have very strong ideas of how it should be spent, so we'll see who wins in the end...guitar vs. trip vs. tuition/credit cards, haha.

Anyway, gotta run, LOST is on! Oh yeah, we're coming to Fredericton this week end it looks like, so hopefully everyone is around and available for some visit! See you all soon!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

continued...... This is where it should be

To anyone interested....

I'm playing the 72 hour jam tomorrow night(Friday) at 9PM as part of the ECMA festivities going on over the weekend and I was led to believe that the performance was going to be broadcast via internet radio. I was told it was through but I can't seem to find a link for it, perhaps it might be found on the 104 FM station or I believe UPEI is broadcasting portions of it as well. Those more tech savvy then I might be able to locate the site. I'll post back exactly where, when I know(if I find it). If you're interested check it out. The band name is Vinyl is Killing You and as a bonus if you check in early we'll be playing directly after Brockway's own Brockway Biggs AKA. Pimp Tea.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Here I go again...

I'm not sure if this rambling is going to make sense, I had it all thought out this morning on the bus but I've been working all day and it's been mostly lost, so here goes:

I'm discovering as I get older that there are certain points in your life where you just have to kind of stop and think "Wow, my life will never be the same after this moment, it will forever be changed..." I suppose you could argue that this happens everyday, that your life changes forever after every moment you live it, but I find that there are times where it really hits you harder than most. Major events, deaths, births, these are all things that typically change you permanently and alter who you are...whether these changes are good or bad remain to be seen. But it can just floor you sometimes without you even realizing it. One moment you are living your life the way you always did, maybe for years at a time, and then all of a sudden, with a few words, one action, that can all be gone and it will never return. It makes you think that you have to seize every moment that you have and enjoy it because it could all of a sudden be gone, and you will have to re-adjust to another way of living, to how you think about yourself, your relationships, your life...Over the years I've had to let things go and adopt new ways, compromise and sacrfice, and luckily, it's always been worth it...but now as my life changes in even greater ways every coming year (or so it seems), I wonder how I will adjust, if I'll be able to accept how thing will have to be, to let go of some of the things and people I've held so dear for so long...habits are hard to change, and sometimes, so are relationships...but that's the point of life, isn't it? To change, to adapt, to live not always knowing how things will turn out, this is the challenge and the joy of being.

(Woah, that was a bit more philosophical than I would of liked, but oh well, I'm allowed, haha)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

{Insert Witty Title Here}

Well I haven't posted in a little while so I figured I should say a little somethin' somethin'...although there isn't too much to say. Life goes on. All things are good (or decent at least) here in Hali, still working away, being bored, the usual.

Actually I got some fairly good news at work today. They said that they are going to keep me on as an Admin through Kellys for awhile longer, they said that they are trying to get it approved until March 31st, and then they want to go even longer after that...but the really good news is that they are at the same time trying to get approval to hire me on as a "Casual"...basically it means that I woud work full time for a specific amount of time (they are aiming for 6 months), and I would be employed by the government, not Kellys...this means a raise for me! That would be awesome too, 'cause then I would officially be 'in' with the govi and it would maybe make it easier to get in somewhere else for something more permanent. I'm not sure if I would be in the Government Union if I was just a Casual, but oh well, at least I could put "Government of NS" on my resume later hopefully that all works out, I'm still liking it there and I would really like it if I could stay until we had to move in the sounds of it they wanted me to stay on a lot longer, because everyone was really surprised that I didn't officially apply for the position back at the beginning of the Kathy (someone at work) said that all of the big shots in my department were in a meeting and someone mentioned that I didn't apply for the job and they were all really dissapointed! They like me! It made my day, because sometimes I'm not sure if people like me, or if I'm doing a good job, but by that reaction I would say that they do like anyway, hopefully I'll find out in the next few weeks if I will be hired on, if not, I can at least depend on this job until the end of March, so another 2 months! :)

So that's me and me at home, that's another story...Over the last few weeks I've been getting really agitated at Dan, and I know that alot of it is not his's his job. The overnight shift is really starting to get to him physically I think and it's affecting us here. He's tired ALL THE TIME, and he's been getting alot of colds and stomach aches and things...he'll get up at 5:30pm when I get home (I always have to wake him up and I don't know why, but I resent the fact that he is still asleep when I get home, so that's a bad start), and then he'll shower and eat, and then by 7:30pm, he's back on the couch napping and snoozing and lying around until he has to go to work...part of it is boredom I think, because we really don't do much, but I mean, it's not normal for him to be sleeping so much...last night he didn't go to work because he was sick, so he slept from about 8am until 5pm, woke up, and was back in bed with me last night by about 12pm and slept until 9:30am this morning...that's a crazy amount of anyway, because of all this, I'm always agitated and pissy with him, because he's always asleep and I guess I resent the fact that he'd rather sleep than spend time with me, or something like that, I just don't like him sleeping at all these weird hours, I wish we were on the same schedule...this isn't a new thing for us, he's always slept more than me (I usually sleep 6-7 hours, 8 tops, but he averages about 8-10) and I've always disliked it, I guess I think it's a waste of time, but this job is just emphasizing it...anyway, we have to live with it for a few more months, there's not point in him quitting now and working somewhere for 3 months or less then go plant I'm stuck with the zombie for awhile longer. I just hope I can learn to be more patient with him, because it's getting in the way, it really is.

(And yes, we did talk about him having this high iron thing-hypochromatosis, I think-that all the boys have, but he doesn't really want to go, or doesn't have the time to go, get tested by the doctor....he needs a blood test I think, he was supposed to get checked a little while ago for this but hasn't yet, and he was the one with the highest iron amonst the boys, and fatigue is the most common symptom, so I'm hoping he'll go in and get it done sometime, maybe when I go in to get my blood work.

Well that was quite the babble, I suppose that's all...oh, our new computer is beautiful, we just need a few cables to hook it up to the printer and the stereo and things....and also the a cable for the digital camera (which I LOVE having)...all courtesy of our awesome brother/brother in law Trevor :) We went to visit last week end and it was very nice, Sean is as cute as can be (and he liked me!) Definately got the baby fever after that...

Ok, that's all for real I think...ciao

{"Life is not enough" said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."}

Saturday, January 13, 2007

For those who can understand...for those who can't: I am going STIR CRAZY!

Emmenez-moi au bout de la terre
Emmenez-moi au pays des merveilles
Il me semble que la misère
Serait moins pénible au soleil
Je fuirai, laissant là mon passé,
Sans aucun remords
Sans bagage et le coeur libéré,
En chantant très fort
Emmenez-moi au bout de la terre
Emmenez-moi au pays des merveilles
Il me semble que la misère
Serait moins pénible au soleil

Friday, January 12, 2007

"Lovers can Live on Kisses and Cool Water"...

I was on the bus this morning, people-watching like I usually do, and a thought struck my head: I can't remember the last time I saw two people kissing in public. I honestly can't. And I thought to myself: that's kinda sad. Not that I want people to grope each other in front of me, but still, but we live in a society where people are generally cold, we're all so disconnected from one another. A little affection wouldn't hurt the world I don't think. A little kiss could do us all alot of good.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I'm a bass widow...

Well I'd figured I'd post a little something, not necessarily because I have alot of important things to say, but more just to pass the time, since Dan is gone jamming. He goes about twice a week, so that's good for him I suppose, he doesn't get to play nearly enough. Leaves me alone though!

So nothing is too new with us, just working away I suppose. Dan got hired on officially at his job so that's good, we'll get some benefits soon, which is awesome, we both need to go to the dentist so bad! My job is going ok too, I'm not sure if I want to stay there much longer than my assigned time, I mean it's good to have a steady job, but I'm not sure if the people like me, so if I have to go, it'll be ok...I like the job, it's pretty busy and sometimes challenging, mostly inventory and filing, which is fine, but like I said, I'm not sure if the people like me, or if they think I'm doing a good job, or if they are just putting up with me until my time is done...who knows, I'm paranoid. I don't know if I'll ever find a job I really love...I enjoy working with people ok, but I can't say I'm very comfortable with them, I'm the kind of person who just likes to go to work, do her job, and then go home, and not get too involved. I think that that comes off as mean to some people, or that I'm a loner, but it's just the way I am, I'm not super sociable...anyway, I'm rambling on, it's just work, there are more important things...

So last week end I went to visit my friend Sara in the Valley. We had a pretty good time, we went running, it was the first time I ran in 3 months, and man it was rough! We ran about 40 mins, and I had to stop for about a minute to walk because I just couldn't handle it...40 mins is about 5km though, so it's encouraging to know that I can at least struggle through half of my goal of 10km...if I seriously train I should be able to get up to that 10km by the summer...there's a 10km marathon in the Valley on Canada Day, so I should aim for that...the only problem right now is that it gets dark by the time I get home from work so I can't go running at night (not in Halifax alone anyway), so I'll find to find a place to run indoors, or wait until it stays light the looks of it though it won't take long, I notice already that it's lighter out later, usually when I get home it's dark but now it's just getting dusk when I get home...can't wait for the spring! Not that I should complain though, it friggin' feels like spring right now!

So my friend is thinking about having a baby this year...she's been married 2 years and she loves kids and they are in a decent position to have one, so I think that she is going to get pregnant this year if all goes well...I'm very excited for her, but it just seems like everyone is either getting married or having babies these days! I guess I'm just at the age where that is happening...last year alone three of our friends (or family) had babies, and this year I'm going to 2 (possibly 3) weddings, and there's one baby so far that I know of on the way, it's just nuts! It's fun though, I enjoy it, I enjoy seeing all the babies and weddings...I've done the wedding and it was great, but I'm not quite sure if we're ready for the baby part yet, we'll have to see, I pretty much change my mind daily...Sara and I have always had this goofy plan since high school that we would do all these things at the same time, get married, have babies, live next door to each far we're both married and this fall coming we're going to be living in the same town, only the babies left, haha. Bah, probably not...maybe...maybe not, haha

Ok that's enough rambling, I'm barely making sense as it is, this is what boredom and watching too much TV brings you...until next to scrapbook.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Resolutions for 2007...well maybe

Ok, just wanted to quickly jot down some things that I would like to do this year, not necessarily resolutions but things that I would like to aim for...for my own reference so I don't forget.

-Eat Healthier: this may be hard with Dan, I'm just going to have to start cooking on my own and making better choices for myself instead of just letting Dan decide what we eat.

-Exercise/Run a 10km Marathon: I almost pulled this off last summer, I was up to 7.5kms and then for some stupid reason I just stopped, so I want to get back into it again this spring/summer, maybe even earlier if the weather friend ran a 10km last summer so maybe I could aim to do one with her this year...

-Be more Environmentally Conscious/Friendly: I'm already doing some things that I didn't do before, but I'd like to do more if possible...maybe start composting, recycling more than I am now, buying environmentally friendly products, things like that...(and I know I'm spelling environmentally wrong, haha)

-Improve my Language Skills: Make a point to practise my languages more, especially French and Spanish...maybe start a journal in these languages, take a class, anything to improve. Also progress in my Italian to the point of being able to write an email to my friend Jelena...also if I have time, maybe get back into my German (that may be pushing it though, haha)

-Go to Church more...this may be hard while living in Halifax, but once we move out to the Valley it should be easier since I will have people there to encourage me to go and already have a great church that they go to...also try and read the Bible more (or at least start again, haha)

-Read more...instead of watching TV all the time, use my library card and read more, non-fiction, fiction, textbooks, anything!

-Watch less TV and use the computer less...this may be the hardest one!

-Take a trip: Anywhere! Whether taking more day trips with Dan on the weekends, or taking a large trip (California, out West, New York, anywhere!) sometime this year....this one MUST happen!

-Visit my Grand Maman in Bathurst

-Scrapbook more and take more pictures (once we get a digital camera I should be able to do this more)

-Be a Better Friend and Family Member

-Worry less!

-Decide on what I'd like to do with my life...ha! yeah right!! (Well maybe decide on some things for sure, like kids and a career...if possible)

Well those are some for now, there may be more later, but it's quite the list, I'm not sure if I'll be able to do everything, we'll see I suppose...ok, off to bed, gotta get back to work tomorrow!

Bonne nuit tout le monde.