Monday, November 19, 2007

All's the same when you're in the game...

Well it's been a little while since I've posted so I figured I would ramble a little bit for anyone who cares to know what's going on with us. The short answer is: not much, haha....same old I suppose.

Work is going well, I'm still only extended until Dec 1st at this point, but I'm about 99% sure I'll be there longer, at least until the New Year, so that's good, by the sounds of it my position has been approved for 08-09, meaning that they will keep me around as a Casual until the new fiscal year in April, and then I can officially apply for the position as a permanent employee(they can't create new positions this late in the year I guess, they don't have the money for it or something, I don't quite understand, but I don't really care.) So all in all, it sounds good, I might even be getting a slight promotion, since the job is not going to be a Secretary II, but a Program Office Administrator (or something), which is a higher classification than a Sec II, and that means a raise. So all in all, it sounds good and I can't complain.

Dan is doing well in school. He has done toilets and is now working on sinks (I think), so things are moving along well, he only has another 4 weeks and then his first semester is over a way it's gone by quickly but in another it's been very very very long. He keeps telling me that he still likes it, which is good and important, I just hope he likes it when he gets out and starts working. He's still trying to find some part time work for the school year, which will be helpful, but it's hard since he has limited hours (and is also picky about where he works), so in the meantime, I'm still his sugar mama, haha. I don't mind though, he'll be working plenty when I'm at home with the babies, hahaha...he's pretty sure htat he'll be able to find a co-op employer here in May, so that's good, and then he begins his apprentiship and starts making some real money...I can't wait.

Well the last 2 weekends have been quite busy. Two weeks ago I got a mini vacation, because I had 4 days off plus a day out of the office, so really, it was 5 days away from work, which is awesome. We went to my parents' camp on Friday, hung out there and in Sussex with my family on Saturday, then headed to Freddy for the night on Sunday to hang out with Dylan and Claire, then SJ on Monday, and back to Sussex Tuesday...we made the rounds basically, haha. I was especially glad to go wedding dress shopping with my sister and to see my little neveu Sean on Monday. That boy is come cute, and I love how he's not afraid of anyone (he was a bit weary of us at first, but it didn't take long for him to come sit on my lap and play with me and give me kisses) If any child were to give me baby fever, it would be him....cute cute. Then this weekend that just passed we had some visitors come to see us, which was a nice change....Bonnie and Andrew came up to do some Christmas shopping, so we got to hang out with them for a few days...on Friday we went out to supper then just out and played cards, then on Saturday the boys and their mom went shopping while I was away doing other things (my preggo friend Sara came up for the day, so we had lunch, and then I had to work for a bit), but later that night we headed out to watch the Christmas Parade in town, which was fun and got me in the Christmas mood....then we went out for Thai, which was AWESOME, I loved it soooooo much, haha. Anyway, all in all it was a good weekend too.

Speaking of weekends, ours are going to be quite busy for the next little while...we have 2 free weekends (including this one coming up) for the rest of the year! We have a wedding to go to on the 1st, then Dan has Dylan's bachelor party the 15th, then Christmas weekend on the 22nd, then Dylan's wedding on the lots and lots of travelling for the next little while. I'm a little worried that we won't be able to see everyone and do everything we want to do over Christmas, there's just too much going on. We are supposed to be having a meeting with our supervisor this week to figure what's going on over Christmas, I'm hoping to get the 24th, 27th and 28th off, but I'm not sure if I can pull all that off...if so then we should have no trouble, it'll be Peters from the 21st-25th, then Flynns from the 26th-30th or so. We'll have to see I suppose.

Well not too much else to ramble about, I'm still going stir crazy and mind crazy, wondering what the heck we should do next main concern is whether we should continue living here in's so far away from our families, and plus, we will never be able to afford a house here within a reasonable amount of time, so I don't know if it's worth staying, especially since Dan is able to work wherever he wants, and with my govi experience, I shouldn't have too much trouble either. So we'll have to see what happens come spring, we may be on the move once again, who knows.

Who knows, who knows.

"Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!!"

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