Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday evening...

...and not a lot going on. It's been nice out this weekend so we've been outside, cleaning out under the deck (me), and barbeque-ing and drinking beer (Dan.) Earlier this week we had a problem with our heat (the landlords turned it off for some unknown reason, we had no heat for 2 days and they wouldn't get back to us!), so we were suffering in the cold (like it was coat wearing cold, down to 10C), freezing our butts off, so we took advantage of the heat as much as possible. We also got Shimi outside and she loved it, it's going to be hard to keep her inside now!

He's so darn handsome sometimes :)

Let's see, what else? Here are my latest 52Qs, I'm having a really fun time with these, I'm about half way caught up now, I have about 6 more to make (I'm discovering though that my binding method isn't going to work with 52 cards, too thick, so I'm going to have to buy some mini book rings for it. These are questions 12 (What am I grateful for right now?) and Question 4 (When I look into my eyes...) I can't wait to make some more of these!

I got a new locket from this shop on Etsy and I absolutely adore it, I need to print off some teeny pics of me and Dan to put inside (I joked with him and said I would put a pic of me and a pic of the cast of LOST, or maybe Edward Cullen, lol)

This is one of my 365s, on Tuesday it will be my last day, I can't believe it, I made it! Well, I didn't make it since I don't have 365 shots, but I'm going to see how many I have, I'm hoping I hit the 50% mark, in which case that's still pretty good considering it's 180 something shots! I'm not sure if I'll continue into year 2, I don't think so, I'll probably just do something similar when I get pregnant, every week or something

(side note: I got a magazine from the grocery store, you know, one of those free ones at the cash that's mostly advertisements and short little articles, and a lot of it was about fertility and babies so I said what the heck, and in the back they had horoscopes and mine said that now was the time I was going to get pregnant...and Dan's said the "pregnancy is possible now". Ours were the only horoscopes out of all of them that mentioned pregnancy...I know it's foolish but it must be a sign, right?! If the free magazine horoscope said it then it must be true, lol.)

Tomorrow is my earned day off and I'm going to clean my kitchen like it's nobody's business. I'm going all Martha Stewart on its ass! Spring cleaning for sure, I want to prep it for when I repaint (hopefully next month or something...) I got some paint samples and I think I'm pretty sure of what I'm going for (a sandy beige colour...I would prefer white but the cabinets are all white and so is the trim, it would be overkill, so something still kinda neutral that goes with the living room is is my plan, and then I'm going to add some bright prints/curtains, accents instead.) I think I'm going to focus on one room at a time, so tomorrow I'll get the biggest one out of the way, do some touch ups, clean out all the cupboards, the fridge, wash the floors, the windows...sounds terrible but I'm looking forward to it! :)

Dan and I are also considering getting a flat screen TV soon so I am on the lookout for a sideboard/6 drawer dresser/record player cabinet that I could use to put the TV on. Been checking Kijiji every day but so far nothing. Patience is the key when it comes to furniture thrifting I think (and snagging something when you see it before it's gone, I learned that the hard way!) If I find something I'll be sure to show it off!

I suppose that's all, here's a random cute picture of a bunny, I found it here, of course, for all your cuteness needs.

How was your weekend? Was it nice and did you get outside? Any Spring cleaning plans?


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Thoughts on Turning 26...

On Sunday I turned 26 years old. I had an ice cream cake from DQ and did groceries. I didn't do anything special or get anything special because that's the way I like it. I've never been into birthdays at all, I really don't understand people who feel like their birthday is cause for something big or special, or who get annoyed that they have to work "on their birthday!" like it's a big deal, it's just the day you were born, you really had nothing to do with it and everyone has one, so it's just a marker in your life, that's all. We never really made a big deal of birthdays in my family, so maybe that's why, but I'm perfectly fine with it, I don't need anything special on March 22nd, I'm good, thanks.

I'm also not a big opponent to aging. I'm enjoying my 20s quite a bit and I would not go back to being 20, 21, or even 24 again (and no friggin' way would I go back to being a teenager! I just look back at that time and laugh at my foolishness for the most part.) Every year is getting better and better and while I'm freaking out mildly about the signs of aging (gaining weight, age spots, etc), overall I'm very pleased that I'm getting older, because my life keeps getting better and better. Do I sometimes wish for situations or events from my younger days? Of course, but I wouldn't trade it for what I have now. Now, ask me again when I'm 28 how I feel and I might change my mind (28 is my scary number), but for now I look forward to getting older.

So, because I'm 26, let's see if I can come up with 26 random thoughts on my life at this age:

1. In some aspects, I'm not where I thought I would be at 26. Ever since I was young I knew I wanted to have kids early. The plan had always been to have them shortly after University (and shortly after getting married), so probably by age 24 or so. So I'm now 2 years behind my plan and it annoys me to no end.

2. In other aspects, I am exactly where I thought I would be at 26. I'm married and have been for 2.5 years, which follows closely to my original plan of marrying right after University (so around 22...I was 23.) I also got out of University at the right time, but whether it was worth it or not is still heavily up for debate...

3. As far as my career goes, I'm nowhere near where I thought I would be. When I got out of University I didn't really know where I wanted to work except "in government." My translation plans had been shot out of the window and I stumbled around for about 1-2 years working in call centers and whatever, and the only reason I am where I am is because I fell into it completely at random. Do I like my job? Some part of it yes. Does it drive me crazy sometimes? Of course, more and more. Do I want to stay here? No, no I do not. Though I'm thankful for the opportunities and skills/experience this job has given me I hope to leave within the next few years, it's time to move on. To what though, I have no idea...

4. At this stage in the game all I really want to do is be a mama.

5. One thing that happened as I aged was that I realized where I wanted to be. When I was younger I wanted to get as far away from home as I could, not because of my family or friends or anything, but because I wanted to explore and see what was out there; I needed a change. While I did do a tiny little bit of that, I realized as time went along that I really missed home (Sussex) and felt like that's where I wanted to settle down, where I could be happy. It caught me completely by surprise but I've never been more sure of a decision like this ever, so we're working hard to get back there as soon as possible. Of course once I get there I will go stir crazy, but I'm hoping that that's one aspect of my youth that will slowly go away.

6. I feel like sometimes I act too old for my age. I'm too "serious", and am constantly thinking I have to be "grown up" now. Sometimes I wish I could let that go and be like most 26 year olds.

7. I'm very proud to say that I am married to a wonderful man and do not regret for one second my decision to get married "young" (if you think 23 is young to be married, I don't.) i love being married and wouldn't want it any other way. (I'm also marvelously surprised at the type of person I ended up with, it's not what I would have imagined at all but exactly what I needed.)

8. The older I get the more afraid I am of certain things, taking chances and being alone mostly.

9. The older I get the less shy I am becoming. I'm not afraid to talk to people, ask for things, call people out on their shit and generally am more assertive. My job has helped me alot with that and I'm glad that it has because with more responsibility comes the need to be more assertive with your life. Sometimes I fear that I am becoming too assertive though, aggressive or bitchy almost...I'm also becoming more self-depraceting as time goes on, I'm not sure why...

10. I'm definitely getting set in my ways, like an old lady, haha. Fold the towels this way, not that way, that kind of thing.

11. I have very few really close friends, but that has been the case most of my life. I work hard to keep these friendships going, but sometimes I let them slide and feel bad about it.

12. I'm surprised at how much money we have. It was never really something I strove for when I went into the working world, but I must admit that I am glad that we are now finally comfortable financially. If we never had any more I would be happy.

13. I'm slowly growing artistically, and this is really the only area in my life where I feel like I can be "young" about my life and my dreams, I'm not sure why. It's very liberating though.

14. I have no travelled nearly as much as I had hoped/wanted/expected at this point in my life.

15. I want to be more domestic. I'm sad to say that at 26 I can barely cook and don't know how to make bread or a pie. Or sew or knit. Or how to make apple sauce and pickles. I want to learn these thing soon.

16. Wildest dream: To quit my job and work from home as a part-time photographer/crafter and full-time mom.

And 10 goals for my 26th year of life:

17. Get pregnant
18. Sew a blanket
19. Save up for a house
20. Use paint more in my scrapping
21. Start a real journal
22. Go on a trip with Dan
23. Learn to cook/bake more
24. Plant lots of flowers and maybe grow an herb garden
25. Learn to take better pictures; have a few more semi-real photoshoots
26. Laugh more and have more fun

Sorry this is so text heavy, I hope to have some pretties to show later (a few of my 52Qs and perhaps another layout.)

Have a good week!
(137 days 'til Italy!!)

Monday, March 23, 2009

This is what I'm being tempted with...

(from Jelena's Facebook, a picture of somewhere in Croatia)

Oh my freakin' goodness.
And it's snowing here today....
August cannot come fast enough.


Ps-Thoughts on being 26 coming up later today...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

10 words or less...

*It's been sunny lately. And I adore it.
*My recent productivity has been at a ridiculously low level.
*I miss Heather.
*Most recent 52Q. This is my pipe dream.

*Finished Season 4 of the Sopranos. Go Carmela!
*Been having a hard time creating lately.
*Work's boring me to death, though I should be busy.
*Pencil Lines Sketch #124, another Heather layout.

*I envy creative people. And creative couples (Elsie & Jeremy)
*Didn't celebrate St. Pat's Day one bit. Drat.
*Visiting with friends this weekend. And making trifle!
*This has been Dan's life for the last 5 days:

*I'm thinking I need a hair cut and colour.
*Must burn wedding pics tonight...or I suck.
*I miss Anna.
*Wanting to go home for a long walk with Mama.
*My legs are falling asleep and I don't know why.
*Instant Breakfasts are gross.

*I want to speak less.
*Can't wait for my locket to get here!
*Debating when to start spring cleaning. This weekend?
*I want a comfy, easy to wear spring dress.
*Thinking I should download Synechdoche New York. Yea or Nay?
*My new fav pic of myself. Totally accidental:

*No LOST for me tonight. Boo-urns.
*I turn 26 in 4 days. Hmmm.
*I need to call the Internet company. Geez.
*Must attempt TAIF this week. Watercolours = scary.
*Feeling peacefully bored, if that's a thing.

Happy Wednesday to you everyone!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I know I'm married and everything...

...but damn that is one good looking man.
You're welcome.
[Totally Team Edward]

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Point Form Blogger...

...because I've been really bad at blogging lately, so maybe if I keep it short I'll keep it going. Good theory eh? So here we go:

*First and foremost, I have been feeling SUPAH lazy all week. Like, I get home from work, eat and then all I want to do is watch Sopranos and veg out on the couch. All night. No scrapping. No 365s. No cleaning (which is starting to show). No talking to anyone. No going out. Nothin'. So I've been letting myself get away with it for awhile, but I think that starting this weekend it's got to stop, I must at least attempt to not waste my life (sometimes it's ok, but far and few between I think.)

*Last weekend Dan and I went home (for 36 hours, but hey it's something), and I took some pictures of my sister with her friend Crystal. They turned out kind cute, they were funny together, wearing T-shirts in pretty cold temps and wearing pink lipstick. (More shots on my Flickr)

*While I was home I also got started on creating my blanket with my mom. We only had time to cut the squares, but when I go home next at Easter we'll be ready to start sewing! (Once I get the patterned figured out.) It's exciting, and a fun way to pass the time that's not scrapping (which I think I'm subconciously looking for lately...)

*Then on Monday, on my day off, I went to the Valley to see Sara and Judah, and wouldn't you know it, I took some pictures of him too :) I was shooting everyone this weekend! Except myself...anyway, I think I got some cute ones of him, of course it's harder now because he's 12 months and moving around, butI also think he's getting used to me and my camera, he kind of stops and poses when he sees me pointing it at him, so that helps, haha.

I said to Sara that he's definitely growing into his eyeballs, but they are still as blue as can be, precious little boy. He also got a haircut which makes him look like a little boy and not a baby...where is the time going?! so yes, I got my regular baby fix, and it was nice.

*And the biggest news of all: I'M GOING TO ITALY!!!!!! After some figuring out with Jelena and some help from her bf Massimo, I managed to book some pretty decent tickets for Aug8th-22nd, for around the same prices as the ones I found earlier. So I booked them, it's confirmed, I will be flying into Milan and spending 2 weeks with this wonderful chick, whom I still miss to this day and can not wait until I see her!

There's still lots of planning to do, I have to update my passport, buy some gifts, figure out a way to make some extra spending money for when I'm over there, catch up on the little Italian I know, maybe take a class, figure out exactly what I want to see and figure out whether it's possible (ie: trip to Rome), that kind of thing, but I have enough time to plan it all out. I still can hardly believe it though, it doesn't seem real, I probably won't believe it until I'm on the plane, but for now, I'm smiling in the inside so wide and bright, I just burst sometimes!!!! Ando en Italia!! 149 days!!

*I am reading the 4th Twilight book and watching the 4th Season of the Sopranos.

*Work is stressful but it's hard to get worried about it, I don' t know if that's a good sign or not.

*Scrapped a few pages recently, nothing special, I still need to go to the store to get some supplies and I need to print some more pics, so until I do methinks they will be few and far between.

*I'm thinking that for St Pat's Day next Tuesday I am going to attempt to make some "Irish" food. Sodabread and some sort of main dish, maybe even something as simple as a boiled dinner. But if anyone has any good recipes I would appreciate the help! Considering I only cook on holidays, my skills are not quite as high as they should be.

*Still no baby.

*We are taking Shimi to the vet tomorrow night to get her boosters and hopefully have her fixed within the next few weeks. Poor thing is in heat again and it's driving her nuts, worse than the last few times. She's also shedding her winter coat, so getting her outside soon is a priority. Also, Dan went to the dentist this morning, he thinks he has a wisdom tooth coming in, so that's not good, hopefully it won't be too bad.

I guess that's it for the Flynns. Just waiting out the winter at this point. Hopefully I will have some more pretties to show next time, or at least a progress report that shows I am not becoming a huge blob on my new loveseat.

Ciao bellas.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Passing the time...

Click here for credits

Sigh, I love Flickr so much. There's probably not a day that goes by that I don't check it and sit here in awe at all the beautiful photography out there. I'm constantly adding to my Favourites and I thought that, while I'm waiting for work to come to me (grr co-workers, frustration!), I would make a few mosaics, but instead of just making random ones I would categorize them a here you go, puppies, ladies and home/decor mosaics for your eye candy enjoyment!

Click here for credits

I could have literally created about 4 different 36-pic mosaics for "ladies", because they dominate my Favourites by far. There' s something about female self portraits that I'm sooo drawn to, I don't know why, but I love the female form and female photography (often self-portraits, which are my favs of the favs...)

Click here for credits

Gotta love abandoned houses. I do! Oh, and prettiness. Yes, lots of prettiness as well. These shots make me want to decorate and simultaneously move into an abandoned house, so figure that out.

This weekend I'm taking pics with Daphné, I'm excited to see what we come up with, I get so inspired when I see shots like this that I just want to take pictures all day! If only that were possible...

That's all, happy Wednesday, I will be at home crying tonight about not being able to watch LOST...or watching Sopranos with a hot husband, you know ;)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Patience comes in scraps...

She's eagerly awaiting Spring, and so am I. Oh how I hate the snow, the cold, the wet, but most of all, how I hate the DARK. I am sooo happy that the time change is this weekend, it'll mean coming home and having an extra hour of light, which will make such a huge difference. It can be dark all it wants to be in the morning, but at night I really need that extra sunshine to keep me awake and functioning. Bring on spring! My patience is wearing thin.

I am also attempting to be patient with my friend Jelena, although it's so, so hard because I am eagerly awaiting her email letting me know if my vacation dates to go see her (July 30-August 13) are ok with her vacation schedule, because if so I am buying my tickets and GOING TO ITALY!! Just 1 little word, I just need to hear her say "yes", or "ok", or "si", whatever it takes for me to get over there! It's so close, I can taste it, feel it, I'm already pulling out my Italian book in preparation, I just hope she's ok with it!

(The reason I need her go-ahead is because I will be staying with her in Padua for 2 weeks, but she said that she can't take any holidays until August, but she didn't tell me when in August, so I'm waiting back to hear if the first 2 weeks will be ok with her, since my seat sale only works for the first 2 weeks of August, and also I wouldn't want to be over there while she is working, she wants to be off so that she can take me around the town near Venice where she lives and take me to her hometown in Croatia...oh my word this has to happen!)

So yeah, I'm checking my hotmail like every hour to see if she has replied, the anticipation is killing me...patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue...

Anyway, that's about all that's going on with me, waiting for things to happen. I've managed to scrap a few things in the meantime though that I'd thought I'd share.

Here's my little mini book for Emily Falconbridge's 52Q: A Year of mini Art journaling. This is turning out to be really fun, I still need to catch up on the questions but I'm enjoying doing them, the small size (5X7) is less intimidating to me, and I'm making it a rule to use up old supplies and to get them done in no less than 30 minutes to keep the stress to a minimum. Just concentrate on the questions and the words.

Here's the cover, I used a little metal duo-tang thingy from school to hold it all together, but the pages are better presented when they are out of the holder. The back cover is made of cardboard, so it's almost like a little clipboard for the 5X7 sheets.

(back inside cover and back cover)

And here are my first 2 questions, Hopes for 2009, and Are you Afraid of Change?

I already have about 20 5X7 sheets of patterned paper and cardstock cut out, so each week I just pick one out and go to town on it. Simple and fun :)

I also scrapped a few layouts, one for Effer Dare #129, "Guilty of..." I said that I was guilty of too many vain self-portraits, which I think many of us scrappers/photographers/365-ers can attest to...

As I mentioned above, I'm really trying to use my old stuff up, things that I've had forever but don't really want to give/throw away. This next layout is basically a "use-up-some-old-stuff-even-if-you-don't-love-it" page, but you know sometimes that's ok. I find though that when I use old stuff I scrap "old style", like I used to, which I'm trying to branch away from, but if it works I say use it. This layout was for the latest Mojo Challenge, which was to use the phrase "For the love of ____". My kitten is ridiculously cute sometimes, so I had to document that.

See, old-school. That flower sticker is like 5 years old, and those letter stickers came from a baby page kit, and the papers come from a-gasp-slab! And Primas, are you kidding me? And brads? And K&Co Chinese box tags?! Yeah, that's right, I used 'em.

In non-scrappy news, I have my living room nearly finished, Dan hung the shelf above the new loveseat and I re-did my photo cluster (it different from this picture still, I added some more pics and swapped some out), so now all that's left it to get some new curtains, pillow covers and fabric to re-upholster the two chairs Heather gave me (I'm thinking they are going to be brighter, bolder patterns since everything else is pretty neutral, I need a pop of colour!) I may also whitewash the coffee table and of course we will eventually get rid of the hideous huge TV and entertainment center for a more style friendly flat screen and sideboard, but that'll probably come after a certain trip is taken :)

Looking at it from where the dining room table should be.

Well that's all for now, Dan bought Rockband with his part of the tax money and is enjoying the drums immensely. We are on the 3rd Season of the Sopranos and loving it. Work is frustrating almost everyday but there are small reliefs here and there that make it bearable. We are heading to Sussex this weekend, I'm looking forward to a night out at Germingle's (German restaurant in the country) with the fam, taking pics with my sis and starting my blanket with my mom! And on Monday I have the day off so I will going to visit my favourite little baby and his mama, Judah and Sara. So all in all life isn't so bad, now is it?

Off to scrap a bit, have a good Tuesday night!