Thursday, March 12, 2009

Point Form Blogger...

...because I've been really bad at blogging lately, so maybe if I keep it short I'll keep it going. Good theory eh? So here we go:

*First and foremost, I have been feeling SUPAH lazy all week. Like, I get home from work, eat and then all I want to do is watch Sopranos and veg out on the couch. All night. No scrapping. No 365s. No cleaning (which is starting to show). No talking to anyone. No going out. Nothin'. So I've been letting myself get away with it for awhile, but I think that starting this weekend it's got to stop, I must at least attempt to not waste my life (sometimes it's ok, but far and few between I think.)

*Last weekend Dan and I went home (for 36 hours, but hey it's something), and I took some pictures of my sister with her friend Crystal. They turned out kind cute, they were funny together, wearing T-shirts in pretty cold temps and wearing pink lipstick. (More shots on my Flickr)

*While I was home I also got started on creating my blanket with my mom. We only had time to cut the squares, but when I go home next at Easter we'll be ready to start sewing! (Once I get the patterned figured out.) It's exciting, and a fun way to pass the time that's not scrapping (which I think I'm subconciously looking for lately...)

*Then on Monday, on my day off, I went to the Valley to see Sara and Judah, and wouldn't you know it, I took some pictures of him too :) I was shooting everyone this weekend! Except myself...anyway, I think I got some cute ones of him, of course it's harder now because he's 12 months and moving around, butI also think he's getting used to me and my camera, he kind of stops and poses when he sees me pointing it at him, so that helps, haha.

I said to Sara that he's definitely growing into his eyeballs, but they are still as blue as can be, precious little boy. He also got a haircut which makes him look like a little boy and not a baby...where is the time going?! so yes, I got my regular baby fix, and it was nice.

*And the biggest news of all: I'M GOING TO ITALY!!!!!! After some figuring out with Jelena and some help from her bf Massimo, I managed to book some pretty decent tickets for Aug8th-22nd, for around the same prices as the ones I found earlier. So I booked them, it's confirmed, I will be flying into Milan and spending 2 weeks with this wonderful chick, whom I still miss to this day and can not wait until I see her!

There's still lots of planning to do, I have to update my passport, buy some gifts, figure out a way to make some extra spending money for when I'm over there, catch up on the little Italian I know, maybe take a class, figure out exactly what I want to see and figure out whether it's possible (ie: trip to Rome), that kind of thing, but I have enough time to plan it all out. I still can hardly believe it though, it doesn't seem real, I probably won't believe it until I'm on the plane, but for now, I'm smiling in the inside so wide and bright, I just burst sometimes!!!! Ando en Italia!! 149 days!!

*I am reading the 4th Twilight book and watching the 4th Season of the Sopranos.

*Work is stressful but it's hard to get worried about it, I don' t know if that's a good sign or not.

*Scrapped a few pages recently, nothing special, I still need to go to the store to get some supplies and I need to print some more pics, so until I do methinks they will be few and far between.

*I'm thinking that for St Pat's Day next Tuesday I am going to attempt to make some "Irish" food. Sodabread and some sort of main dish, maybe even something as simple as a boiled dinner. But if anyone has any good recipes I would appreciate the help! Considering I only cook on holidays, my skills are not quite as high as they should be.

*Still no baby.

*We are taking Shimi to the vet tomorrow night to get her boosters and hopefully have her fixed within the next few weeks. Poor thing is in heat again and it's driving her nuts, worse than the last few times. She's also shedding her winter coat, so getting her outside soon is a priority. Also, Dan went to the dentist this morning, he thinks he has a wisdom tooth coming in, so that's not good, hopefully it won't be too bad.

I guess that's it for the Flynns. Just waiting out the winter at this point. Hopefully I will have some more pretties to show next time, or at least a progress report that shows I am not becoming a huge blob on my new loveseat.

Ciao bellas.


danilouwho said...

Umm, yeah, I've been super lazy pretty much this WHOLE YEAR. ha.
I think I'm finally coming out of my haze (hence the blog comment, when I've been reading your blog for months!)...

gorgeous pics.
Making an irish meal is such a good idea. My husband is a bit irish, I may have to attempt this!

Lisa said...

oh my gosh i love the fabrics you chose for your quilt!!! i just ordered some of her line. yummy!

btw i stole your edward picture =P that IS a great pic of him!!