Wednesday, March 18, 2009

10 words or less...

*It's been sunny lately. And I adore it.
*My recent productivity has been at a ridiculously low level.
*I miss Heather.
*Most recent 52Q. This is my pipe dream.

*Finished Season 4 of the Sopranos. Go Carmela!
*Been having a hard time creating lately.
*Work's boring me to death, though I should be busy.
*Pencil Lines Sketch #124, another Heather layout.

*I envy creative people. And creative couples (Elsie & Jeremy)
*Didn't celebrate St. Pat's Day one bit. Drat.
*Visiting with friends this weekend. And making trifle!
*This has been Dan's life for the last 5 days:

*I'm thinking I need a hair cut and colour.
*Must burn wedding pics tonight...or I suck.
*I miss Anna.
*Wanting to go home for a long walk with Mama.
*My legs are falling asleep and I don't know why.
*Instant Breakfasts are gross.

*I want to speak less.
*Can't wait for my locket to get here!
*Debating when to start spring cleaning. This weekend?
*I want a comfy, easy to wear spring dress.
*Thinking I should download Synechdoche New York. Yea or Nay?
*My new fav pic of myself. Totally accidental:

*No LOST for me tonight. Boo-urns.
*I turn 26 in 4 days. Hmmm.
*I need to call the Internet company. Geez.
*Must attempt TAIF this week. Watercolours = scary.
*Feeling peacefully bored, if that's a thing.

Happy Wednesday to you everyone!


Kara said...


watercolors = awesomeness.

attempt, attempt!

eeek, your photography is getting better and better. sigh. :)

Lisa said...

why are you burning your wedding pictures???

oh and i told you on twitter, but happy birthday girl!

danilouwho said...

ooooohhhh but watercolors = creative freedom!!

seriously - they are the best and you will love it. just play and play and play some more before you attempt a project. I promise, it will be awesome.

and gorgeous pics of you!