Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh *Heart*

I know I said I wouldn't be back, but I'm at work and I saw these gorgeous pictures I just had to share...I got them from here of course, and she got them from a German magazine called Wohne Idee (Living Ideas I think.) Anyway, here they are, I can't wait to get to my new place and see if I can make them look 0.00005% as good as these, if I do I'll be quite the happy girl! We're all set to move in as early as Friday, we just have to check with the landlord to see if we can pick up our keys! Woohoo!


-LOST tomorrow night....finale....3 hours....going to be an EVENT!
-My house is a disaster zone
-Love this song right now...must be the French in it??
-This chick just keep rockin' my world, and this one I can't get enough of either!

That's all, ciao!!


Monday, May 26, 2008

Summertime and the livin's easy...

Is that the saying? Anyway, I'm knee deep in packing right now, I just packed up all my scrapbook stuff, (sniff sniff), so I guess I won't be getting any work done this week, unless I get really primitive with my art Journal, (which might not be so bad...) but in the meantime, here are some pics I took this weekend at my parent's was soo nice out on Sunday, the first truly nice day out so far (for me anyway), so I soaked it up as much as I could!

Fun stuff.

I must say, I can't wait to get into my new space, been checking out Decor8 lately for ideas, and we have a bit of apartment spending money put aside as well, so I'm really excited to go shopping/fleaing for things for our new house!! 6 days, woohoo! :)

I'm most excited though about creating a nice, bright, creative space for myself with lots of room to spread out and do my thing, I'm going to make it a priority. I MISS CREATING. I've been so busy lately and things have been a mess around here, and I'm missing some key equipment that will help me create, like a printer, [I know I make excuses], but once things settle down, I'm going to attempt to create something EVERYDAY from now on. Journaling, a mini page, a layout, something for my wire, whatever I can get out of my mind and heart, I will do. I WILL NOT hoard, buy things I won't use, make excuses or ignore this passion of mine. I will return with full force. I still have lots to say.

Hope everyone is having a great week, I'll check in later, probably from my new place!

(Oh, yeah, and we're now 0-7, not lookin' so good...)


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Busy busy bee...

that is me. The last couple of weeks have been nuts, so much has been going on with work and with life, with moving and all that, I haven't had a chance to get back into my regular routine (including blogging)...hope to get back into it all in June, after everything is settled again....c'est la vie I guess.

Well, first off, my trip to Toronto last week was AMAZING, I think I'm going to save the deets on that for another post, but for now, just wanted to show some photos of some lovelies that I got while in the big city...

LOVE this bag I got some H&M. So bright, so big, so fun, so perfect for summer :)

This paper is just gorgeous, I love the vintage feel of it so much. I framed it for now (pretty big, about 30" by 40"), but I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet, I might have to cut into it a teeny bit, but it's definitely going up in my soon-to-be scrapspace. We were lucky enough to go to some awesome paper stores on Queen St West, I was in heaven, for reals. So much pretty paper and stationary and journals and cards and cute postcards, like this one...

I'm going to frame it and put it somewhere near my laundry room :)

I also got some clothes from H&M (love that place!), found some awesome skinny jeans at Value Village for 10$, a cool folder for work that I forgot to take a pic of, and I got Dan some cute undies :) That's it for my shopping adventure, but it was definitely more than my usual!

Other than that, things are going really well. Like I said, work is nutso, like seriously crazy sometimes, I wonder if I can keep up, been putting in some extra hours to keep afloat, but it's all good, I enjoy it, so it's ok :)

Heading home this weekend for my dad's lobster boil, which should be fun, and delicious...Dan's dad is joining us this year, which should be fun, ours dads can really tell some stories when they are together...happy to be with the fam though, and out at the camp and in nature.

We are moving in 10 days, we signed the lease tonight, so that's exciting for sure, but it's also daunting to think of getting all our stuff packed up. You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to move it, that is for sure. I'm super psyched though to have our own place again, I can't wait to decorate and set up our new home for what will be at least 3 years (we hope anyway.)

So yeah, work, move, Dan, LOST, Flickr, life!

(Oh yeah, now that Dan is getting paid at work and the $$s aren't so tight, I think I want to subscribe to a kit club for 3 months, but I'm wondering which one would be best...I'm thinking The Dozens, Sweet Spuds or Red Velvet Kit Club ...any recommendations? There's also Scarlett Lime, Cocoa Daisy, so many great hunch is The Dozens, but we'll see.)

Finally, here's a quick Art Journal page I made tonight, I felt like I needed to create SOMETHING, it's been a really long time since I've done anything (life got in the way of art, unfortunately), so it felt really good to get my hands dirty (literally in paint!) again. Took Kate's idea to stamp directly over wet paint, it came out pretty cool, I'll definitely be pulling out my paints more often I think. Love Kara's idea to paint over old book pages and scrap on those, with the text peeking through, gotta try that sometime too. Hoping to scrap some more next week, going to attempt the OLW (for real this time!), and get some more work done on my minis.

And, as always, here's some 365s (missed a day while in TO, but so far only 2 days missing out of 50!)

Favourite picture from the trip by far...

Me the day I got home, realizing how much packing and work I have to do...

Bag <3

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Much love,

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We got our place!!

Greetings from Canada's largest city (Toronto, in case anyone didn't know...) I am having a great time on vacation, today is my last day and we are going to go have some sushi for lunch (I loooooove sushi now!), then off to the Science Centre (it's raining today so it seemed like a good choice), and then out to supper for some Thai or something like that, then chillin', packing and getting to bed early tonight...I have lots of pics to share, stories to tell, but for now, I wanted to say that WE GOT OUR APARTMENT! I'm so happy, I was stressing out about it for awhile, but Dan emailed me to say that we have to go sign the lease on Wednesday, so that's awesome!

If you want a sneak peek of the place, you can see it here (Not our furniture, but you can still see the space.)

It's a 2 bedroom, top floor of a house-type building (flat), lots of space, washer/dryer, hardwood floors, bg storage room, windows on all 4 sides (lots of light), it's really perfect for us right now, just what I wanted...I'm so happy!

So the next 2 weeks are gonna be nuts, packing and catching up at work and purging and getting ready to go, but it's going to awesome! I'm so happy right now :)

Anyhoo, I'm back home tomorrow, if I have time I'll post some pics and tell some tales, until then have a great Sunday!


Love the grafitti in this city, so beautiful! (I didn't have my settings set right, that's why it's all blown out, but I kinda like it...)

Me and my girl, rockin' the shades, chillin' on Queen.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Matante de nouveau...

I just found out that this lovely couple, otherwise known as my brother and sister in law, Tom and Selena, are expecting their 2nd child, due in December! Such a wonderful thing, I know that they really want more kids so this is just great news, and Selena is such a wonderful mum, I know she'll enjoy having 2 little ones (and will probably want more!) The kids are going to be 18 months apart, which is how far apart my sister, Daphne, and I are, so that's cool, I'll be able to let them know how it is to be so close in age...I'm thinking it's going to be another boy, but who knows, the Universe may surprise us all and there might finally be a Flynn girl (the record so far is 4 sons, and now 3 grandsons for the Flynns, so it's not looking good for the girls, haha)

So now Sean
and Hayden

will have a little cousin,
And Noah

will have a little brother (or sister).

Congrats you guys!!
Guess I got some catching up to do....
umm, yeah, we'll leave it at that.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday night lovelies...

Doesn't everyone just love a good Friday? I do, and this has been a good in celebration, I thought I'd share some lovely things I've seen lately...

Just a few pics of some rooms I found through this blog, always swoon-worthy...that bed looks beyond comfortable and inviting!! The black and white gothicky stuff? Right up my alley! And the teal/blue/green office? Oh my word!

I also got my Toast catalogues today, there are some amazing pics in there, I'll definitely be diving into that for some art journaling/mini booking...thanks for the idea Kara! Just waiting to get my Anthropologie catalogue and I'll be allll set.

Have to post this pic because it makes me happy :)

This weekend we are in home-finding mode...we need to find a place to live for June, and basically this is our last weekend to do it, because next weekend I am in Toronto (wee!), the weekend after that we are heading home for my dad's bi-annual lobster boil (mmm), and then after that it's moving weekend! So I am emailing/calling anything that looks interesting, and hopefully something will turn up...

I'm hoping this weekend to get some stuff done on my bits of life mini, and add some pages to my Happiness is...album as well. Maybe even scrap another page too, who knows!

Finally, some Etsy loves...this kit looks sooo fun, it would be perfect for my Toronto trip...these necklaces rock my world...these are too funny, I'd love to have some to make some bitchy pages, haha...oh, and this is just all around awesome.

Some pics from today...

Well that's all, hope everyone has lovelies of their own that they care enjoying, and that everyone has a great weekend!

My 365:

later and out!



Thursday, May 8, 2008

More mini love...

Isn't that what it's all about?

Well, like I mentioned in my last post, I've been working on creating a mini based on Ali's idea to use whatever leftover pieces of materials you have lying around, so last night, I finished what will be the base for my mini. I used 2 long craft (?) envelopes as my covers that my mom gave me, that she actually got from Debbi T at 2Peas (if you don't know her, check out her work, she is amazing!), and filled the inside with random bits of things, like tags, papers, envelopes, whatever I had around. I'm going to fill it with stuff from my everyday, like emails, lists, receipts, lyrics that pop into my head, random crushes, journaling and pics, just whatever makes up my daily life. It's a different kind of project for me, it's not very 'scrapbookey' looking, if that makes sense, but I like that. I think that I'm also going to try and bust out the paints for this project too, see what comes out of that. Anyhoo, here are a few pics of the thing:

And a few pics of the individual pages:

That's all I guess, still creating, still growing, still loving it :)
LOST is on tonight, and it's going to be soooo good! All about Locke and Ben and oh my.
I skipped French class today, I'm une mauvaise fille, but oh well, I have work to do (right after I finish this post, ha)
6 days until my Toronto trip, can't wait! (Oooh, I should make a mini for that...k, next project
has been decided!)
Hope you're having a splendid end of the week, enjoy the sunshine!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mission Accomplished

So I did it, I created a 12X12 layout without too much trouble...and for me, lately, that's a big deal. With my latest mini obsession, I strayed away from doing layouts for some reason, maybe because they seemed too big, too much work, whatever, but this weekend I did it, and I love the result :)

I also decided to try a new way of scrapbooking. Basically, I take my pics, choose one base piece of paper (this one was a KI Pop Culture piece from my kit, love it!), and then I go through my entire Stash and pick out any scraps, embellishements, anything at all that could possibly work on the layout. I lay it all out (like above), and then let it sit for a night (I do that alot; I always have to go back after a waiting period to see if I really like my decisions...obsessive, I know.) Then after I have everything laid out, I choose what stays, what goes, and the end result comes out something like this:

(Sorry for the crappy pic, I don't have my Photo Stitch program anymore so I have to take a picture, and I have no decent light in my apartment, which has become my most hated of all annoyances.)

So there you go. I chose a Dave Matthews song, 'cause, well, he has lots of great lyrics and this one seemed to fit. I have tons more pics to scrap, and I'm excited to dive into all the new stuff I've been accumulating over the last little bit and use it up! I also have a mini book on the go inspired by Ali's idea to just use up whatever envelopes and leftovers you have lying around, so that's what I'm doing, and it's going to be my "bits of life" mini... it's different for me, but it's fun and I hope to have it done by the end of the week.

I also took some pics of my friend Heather again last night, here are some cute ones (again, we did this at like 10:30 at night with terrible lighting from my stupid apartment, so excuse the shadows and blurs terribleness, I'm hoping once I get a photoshop program some of these things will be able to be fixed)

She's up for pretty much anything, which is fun, so I think we're going to attempt some Elsie inspired shots, just lots of sillyness and fun :)

I found out yesterday that there is going to be a huge photography festival in Toronto the week that I'm there, so I'm really hoping to go see some exhibits, it would rock my world I'm sure. I'm struggling with photography, for sure, but I'm detemined to keep at it and keep learning and trying new things, because I love it, plain and simple.

C'est tout pour asteure. Here's my 365 from last night, on the coffee table, wishing I could be outside in a field (and in natural light!) Have a great week everyone!