Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mission Accomplished

So I did it, I created a 12X12 layout without too much trouble...and for me, lately, that's a big deal. With my latest mini obsession, I strayed away from doing layouts for some reason, maybe because they seemed too big, too much work, whatever, but this weekend I did it, and I love the result :)

I also decided to try a new way of scrapbooking. Basically, I take my pics, choose one base piece of paper (this one was a KI Pop Culture piece from my kit, love it!), and then I go through my entire Stash and pick out any scraps, embellishements, anything at all that could possibly work on the layout. I lay it all out (like above), and then let it sit for a night (I do that alot; I always have to go back after a waiting period to see if I really like my decisions...obsessive, I know.) Then after I have everything laid out, I choose what stays, what goes, and the end result comes out something like this:

(Sorry for the crappy pic, I don't have my Photo Stitch program anymore so I have to take a picture, and I have no decent light in my apartment, which has become my most hated of all annoyances.)

So there you go. I chose a Dave Matthews song, 'cause, well, he has lots of great lyrics and this one seemed to fit. I have tons more pics to scrap, and I'm excited to dive into all the new stuff I've been accumulating over the last little bit and use it up! I also have a mini book on the go inspired by Ali's idea to just use up whatever envelopes and leftovers you have lying around, so that's what I'm doing, and it's going to be my "bits of life" mini... it's different for me, but it's fun and I hope to have it done by the end of the week.

I also took some pics of my friend Heather again last night, here are some cute ones (again, we did this at like 10:30 at night with terrible lighting from my stupid apartment, so excuse the shadows and blurs terribleness, I'm hoping once I get a photoshop program some of these things will be able to be fixed)

She's up for pretty much anything, which is fun, so I think we're going to attempt some Elsie inspired shots, just lots of sillyness and fun :)

I found out yesterday that there is going to be a huge photography festival in Toronto the week that I'm there, so I'm really hoping to go see some exhibits, it would rock my world I'm sure. I'm struggling with photography, for sure, but I'm detemined to keep at it and keep learning and trying new things, because I love it, plain and simple.

C'est tout pour asteure. Here's my 365 from last night, on the coffee table, wishing I could be outside in a field (and in natural light!) Have a great week everyone!

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Kate O'Brien said...

love every last one of those photographs. cool cool cool!

and love the layout. your work is fabulous!

have a great week girlie! :)