Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh *Heart*

I know I said I wouldn't be back, but I'm at work and I saw these gorgeous pictures I just had to share...I got them from here of course, and she got them from a German magazine called Wohne Idee (Living Ideas I think.) Anyway, here they are, I can't wait to get to my new place and see if I can make them look 0.00005% as good as these, if I do I'll be quite the happy girl! We're all set to move in as early as Friday, we just have to check with the landlord to see if we can pick up our keys! Woohoo!


-LOST tomorrow night....finale....3 hours....going to be an EVENT!
-My house is a disaster zone
-Love this song right now...must be the French in it??
-This chick just keep rockin' my world, and this one I can't get enough of either!

That's all, ciao!!



oxenanny said...

Love the pics you've picked girlie. Looks like you are gonna go for a very "light" look at the new place? As oppose to your (and mine) other favorite deco colours, purples, browns, red, black.. I don't don't know. I thought we always seemed to lean to darker things but maybe it was just ME who did :)
OMG Don't tell me LOST is 3 hours! WTF. That is an EVENTTTTTTTttt!

Kara said...

You are such a sweetheart, Gen! I love all those pics, love the light and summery feel they have! Wasn't LOST awesome?