Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quick Hello (pic heavy)

**reason i'm not scrapping**

this is going to be short since i'm at work and have some work to do, but....hi! just wanted to pop in and say that i'm still here, but we don't have access to internet or phone yet (thursday!), so we are off the grid in the evenings for the next few days. we did move to our new place on saturday though, everything went fairly well and quick, now the unpacking begins. it's fun but it's also hard. very hard. and decorating. oh my. i love it though. really, i'm so excited right now because we are going furniture shopping tonight!!

anyway, here are some pics of the place, just so you can get a feel for it (kinda, imagine it all pretty and not filled with boxes and junk) once it's a bit more settled i'll give you all the grand tour and give you sense of the space, 'cause it's kinda big with lots of different areas (which is one thing i looooove!)

good stuff. or it will be anyway :)

being able to do this is making me sooo happy!!

this is my dream bedroom...so light and airy and relaxing. i'm working towards it. oh yes.

i also want to say that i really love this man right here, right now. he is being so great with all this moving/decorating stuff, he really wants me to be happy, and how can you not love a guy like that? perfect hubby :)

and, as always, some of my more decent 365s (not sure how much longer i hope to keep this up, we'll see...)

hope everyone is having an awesome week!! until then, i'll be unpacking! :S hope to share more soon!!

Sun, love and peace,



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Mandi said...

I love the self portrait on this!