Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back at it...

Well, here are a few pages I made over the last few days, my first "real" pages (not art journal/mini/random whatever things.) I'm pretty pleased with them, they are heading in the direction I want to go, art-wise, not quite there yet, but on their way :)

So, I'm totally late with everything that's cool...this song from "Juno" (FAV movie!) is quite old now and everyone has already done pages with the lyrics, but I'm just getting around to doing mine now, so we'll all just have to deal, ok? Rad. I must admit that this layout is 'plainer' than my usual junked up stuff, but I wanted to try something more Kate-esque, so here's my attempt (I still had to ink up the edges though-the scanner cut most of it off, darn thing-but I couldn't help myself!)

This is a page for my Random Childhood Memory album (page #2 to be exact, haha.) Pic of me in the 80s (woo!) at my Nanny's cottage. Ahh, summertime, collecting sea glass in the Baie de Chaleur, hanging out in my skirted-blue-with-pink-piping bathing suit...good times. I've had this layout lying out on my table for about 6-8 weeks (no kidding!), but I just finallllly got around to it now...geez! Glad I finished it. Good on me.

So that's all for nowsies. Hoping to play in the OLW, Mojo, and Art is Found Challenges this week (better combine some I'd say!) I have some pictures I need to print off, and then I'll be ready to go!

Oooh, also, I think I might either get the Poppy Ink June kit or the Scrapperie June Kit, they are both so yummy...or maybe The Dozens, but I'm not sure, it looks a bit challenging for me...oh, and the Dig Deeper mini kit looks amazing too! Oh swoon.

That's all for now,
Bonne nuit!


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Kate O'Brien said...

those layout are amazing! i love them!

and i bookmarked 'ya! :)