Sunday, June 29, 2008

The future is here...I got a cellphone.

Miss Poe (aka Polinka), Heather's new kitty.

I helped name her, I'm so proud...since she was half black and half orange, I thought of "Poe", as in Edgar Allan Poe, since she seemed 'Halloween-ish' to me...and Heather went with it!

Well the weekend is over already, although not for everyone...since Canada Day is on Tuesday, a lot of people are taking tomorrow off, but Dan and I have to work, so for us the weekend was just regular length, but we'll have Tuesday off, so that's nice. Wish the weather was nicer though, it was only 15C here today...15!!! That's like October weather, not freakin' July!! Rain, cold...that's why I always say that June is NOT part of summer around here...Summer is July, August and half of September, Fall is half of September and October, Winter is November to May, and Spring is Mayto July...yep, that's Canada.


Wanted to share a few quick things; first off, I got bored last night and made a ribbon board for my kitchen in like 15 mins with an old bulletin board I had, an old scarf I got from VV and some ribbon from my Stash:

and after. Quick, bright and cute for my kitchen.

Here's Heather's latest project that we worked on today, painting that cool table she got from VV for 8$ on our last excursion:

She's going to paint it white, then glue some cool fabric to a lampshade. Should be rockin' by the end. I also have a painting project coming up (several actually), but I'll share those later :) As you can see, DIY-ing is still going strong here!
Related to that, I spent quite some time yesterday looking at pictures on Domino, mostly at kitchens, since it is the next room I'm going to tackle. I know for sure that I need to paint my ugly burgundy and grey cabinets (yep, you read correctly), and so I started looking around for inspiration. Here are a few of my dream kitchens (obviously I won't get mine to look that way since I'm only adding a bit of make-up to it, not giving it a facelift, but I hope to pull some ideas from them...)

As you can see I'm into the white with blue/aqua colour combination, with some other colours thrown in (I'm thinking yellows, greens...) All vert light and natual looking. So yeah, we'll see if we can pull it off, I want this to be a summer/fall project, so within the next couple of weekends! So excited :)

While I'm at showing the lovelies, here are some other spaces I'm loving right now:

Oh my. I could look at pretty rooms all day. I really really could.

Ok, that's it, just a fluffy post, not much new going on in life besides nesting, scrapping and being indoors because of the rain. Before I go here's my 365 for yesterday, it's actually one of my favs so far for some reason (I think it's because of all the reflections everywhere, it's a picture of me taking a picture, and you can see both cameras...)

That's all, I'm off to learn more about my new first cellphone in my entire life, and I'm 25 years old! It's scary.

Night, and have a good rest of the weekend!



Christina C. said...

those are some great inspiration photos and projects!

congrats on the cell phone. I got my first one last year, when I was 25 too. :D

Lindsay said...

Those rooms are so lovely...I just adore eye candy like that and then wonder why we all can't live in rooms exactly like, who wouldn't want to? Good luck with your own kitchen...can't wait to see how it turns out!