Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a little about living and a lot about love...

well hello! how is everyone doing? having a good week? hopefully it's sunny where you are and not a rainy chilly mess like it is much as i love living on the east coast, sometimes the weather just depresses me. it's hard to believe that there's only 3 days until summer officially starts! you'd never know it here looking outside, but oh well.

i thought i'd come on and do a quick little post to let you all know what was going on with me (not too much, but still something!) been pretty busy lately, as always, work is nuts, home is nuts, there's lots on my plate but that's how i like it i suppose. been scrapping like mad, had a creative rush the last couple of evenings after work, i'm going to post the result tonight (let's just say it's a kara inspired mini that i did for Scrapjack and The Art is Found), but for now i thought i'd post a little eye candy for everyone, mostly decorating pics, since i'm still smack dab in the middle of getting my new home just the way i like it, so i've been checking out the blogs quite a bit, getting inspo, and trying to incorporate some into my own little space.

lately i've been loving the white on white decor. white floors especially, but hello, how impractical would that be in real life? especially with a plumber husband? yeah, don't think so. still, it looks gorgeous, and when there's good light (like my flat now has), it just makes it all the more relaxing and airy and bright. it's funny, in all my other apartments i loathed the white walls, but now that i have a space where the walls would work white, i dislike the beige colour they are and may consider painting them...odd. (pic from decor8)

this bathroom is gorgeous, plain and simple. i'd never leave if i had a tub like that. (pic from a new swedish blog found here)

aren't these pillows amazing? they are from a website called bonjour mon coussin and are just so much fun. a bit too pricey for me, but still, something to dream about.

well that's all for now, hope to post my mini tonight and talk a bit more about my love...scrapbooking :)

have a great week!

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Kara said...

Okay, okay. I just painted my walls white. They were a nasty creamy color before. I love white. It's SO refreshing.

Those pillows are fuh-reaking amazing!

Can't wait to see what you made. :0