Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Summer, where art thou? I love thee...(Pic heavy)

Trying to catch the last bit of sunshine...

Maybe if I act all romantic to Summer it will come and visit me, because right now nothing seems to be working...it's cold and raining, and it's supposed to be that way all week :( Dear Maritimes, sometimes you don't make me happy. Please be nice to me this weekend and bring me some sunshine and warmth (and no wind), so that I can go outside and possibly find a field to lie in.

(PS-My all time favourite dream thing to do lately would be to find a big, beautiful field with no one around and go out and lie in it, in the sunshine, and watch clouds go by (with my camera of course). Oh, and I'd be wearing an awesome polka dot summer dress, and my hubs would be with me. Anyway...)

So, yeah, another week, last one in April, where did the time go? My weekend was pretty fun, went home to see my folks and sister, had a pretty good time there, went to a market, went for some walks with my mom, didn't do much scrapping but I got some new (well, new to me) goodies from my mom's Stash, so that's always fun, got some really cool stuff I hope to be using soon.

We also went for a walk up to a place called "The Bluff". It's a walking trail that goes all along a rock face and gives you the most spectacular views of Sussex Corner and beyond...being up there really reminded me of what a beautiful place I live in, sometimes you forget or take advantage of it, but it's important to be reminded every once in awhile just how lucky you really are...nature will do that to you (well, to me anyway) everytime. Here are a few of my fav shots from the weekend:

Also, tonight I finished my K&Co "pre-made" mini I bought last week, and I'm pretty happy with the results...bright, colourful and fun. Quick too! Here are some (cruddy) shots of it:

This week I hope to finish my anniversary album (just journaling left, pretty easy), and scrap a 12X12 page...yep, a 12X12. The One Little Word this week is GROW, so I might be able to do something with that...I have tons of photos, lots of cool supplies, now I just need to let my brain spill out onto the paper!

Non-fun stuff:

-Must find an apartment soon!
-Need to get car fixed (again-hate those things!)
-Must start packing
-Must get my projects done at work..might have to-eek-bring some work home!

Fun stuff:

-I'm heading to Toronto for my vacation in 2 weeks from today! So excited for that, going to go visit this awesome chick, I miss her so much!
-One good part about moving is purging my stuff, it feels so good!

Well that's all for now, hopefully I'll have something to post later this week! Hope everyone is having an awesome Wednesday!

My 30th 365 Shot, I made it a whole month with only one missed day, I'm pretty impressed with that, even though most of the shots have been lame so far, haha...hoping that Month 2 will be better, with more outdoor shots...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Flickr Favs-April

Flickr Favs-April, originally uploaded by Genevieve_vev.
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Some photog favs from this past month (well, what I could fit in anyway, there are way more!)

Seeing these shots is getting me psyched for home this weekend, I *hope* the weather will coorperate! (It's snowing-yep-snowing today, so it's not looking good...)

Ciao all!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Even the last of the blue-eyed babies know...

"Who's Missing?"

1st off: Iron and Wine-Innocent Bones. Awesome song. Love it.

Ok, so this flu has kept me pretty much on the downlow all week, which has been sucky, but I'm starting to come out of it (just the irritating hack left), so I should be on the mend soon. Woo!

Other woo? LOST is on in an hour!! Woo!!

Another woo? I got some projects started, and got an awesome new treat tonight at Micheals (sigh, I can't go there without buying something it seems...) Anyway, here are a few pics of my pretties:

This is the idea I had mentioned a little bit ago, I saw it on Etsy and thought it was neat, since I wasn't really sure what to do with this tin I got in my Paper Posies kit...anyway, used my ole contact paper and Dymo (like always), some letter stickers from my kit, Hello Kitty sticker from Wal Mart and there you have it. Used a piece of folded kraft paper for the inside, gonna print some mini pics of me and have some fun, might try and use some paints/stamps, clippings, whatever...that's what I love about these little minis and alterables, you can do whatever you want!

Here's the cover of the "clean and classic" mini I'm doing, it's kind of a 5 year anniversary thing for me and hubs, since June 1st is our 5 year anniversary of being together, so it's all about him. I hope to finish it this weekend, I'm about half finished the pages now, so not much left to do. It's hard being so restrained, I'm not sure if I'm doing it well, but it's important to try new things, and non cluttered is definitnely hard for me!

Now, on to the treat...has anyone seen the new Urban Rhapsody collection from K&Co? Sooo cool, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it (I'm an old K&Co fan, I can't help it!). Anyway, all the coordinates are super cool and cute too, but then I saw this mini book pack and just had to have it! It's really cute, the mini is kind of like a journal, there are lined sheets and clear pages, and it's just big enough to fit a little wallet print in there, but I'm not sure what I want to do yet...since it's a "Favourites" book, I might do quotes or lyrics or something like that. Can't wait! (And I know it's all pre-fab and not super inventive to use a pre-made mini, but whatev, sometimes you just gotta do what you love!)**

**ASIDE: Is there any "old school" scrapbook stuff that you still use? Sometimes I feel like we have to be so outside of the box all the time, that using Chatterbox, or K&Co, or anything older than a year or non vintage is considered too "Scrapbook Sally" or something...I don't know, I have a scrapbook identity crisis going on I think, ignore me and my rants.

Well gotta go to the Island (I'm such a dork, but I love Jack!) Heading to my parents' place tomorrow, hoping to take lots of pics and be outside a lot, so I hope everyone has a great weekend!

One final thing: I want this dresser. Bad. Saw it on Kijiji, and I can just see it being all kinds of cool in my new place :)

Night! xox

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Productivity...ruined by germs.

**Cough Cough**

Ok, so this weekend didn't turn into the super productive time I thought it was going to be...like I had mentioned before, my poor hubby came home sick on Thursday night, had a fever and a terrible cough/aches/chills, the works...well, da jerk passed it all on to me, so I've been fighting off the flu all weekend...yesterday was pretty bad, achy and really dry cough, but thankfully today it seems a bit better, even though I'm still hot/cold all the time and my nose won't stop running, and I have a hack...anyway, point is, I didn't do nearly as much stuff as I had originally wanted to (I hate when that happens!)

Few highlights though:

1) My appointment with the bank about my student loans went really well, it's not bad at all, which is awesome, I'm actually kind of excited to start paying it off, oddly enough, I just want to get it over with! (It's pretty sad when 15 years to pay off your education seems reasonable, isn't it?)

2) Heather and I went out last night and had supper at the Shoe Shop (great restaurant in town), and then to the Neptune Theatre to see "The Producers"...I didn't know what to expect, but it was very funny and very good. I really enjoy theatre, I should try and go more...

3) This morning Dan and I went and looked at an apartment, and although it had some downsides, I really liked it...tons of room, lots of windows and light (big plus for the budding photographer in me), eat-in kitchen, hardwood floors...in the end though, I think that the high price of utilities (300$ a month on top of 765$ rent), plus no laundry facilities (hook-ups only), will mean that we'll have to let this one slide by...apartment hunting sucks the big one!

Things I didn't get to do this weekend that I wish I had:

1) Finishing my mini album (this week maybe...)
2) Photography (I planned on going to the park/outside to take some nice shots)
3) Taking a drive down the coast somewhere.

Hoping to do all that during the week, in the evenings maybe...this weekend coming up we are going home to Sussex to visit my fam, so that should be fun, always have a good time seeing them...their weather has actually been better than ours too, so I'm hoping to spend lots of time outside, taking pics with my sis, and scrapping with my mum! :)

Ok, since I didn't get to finish my album, here are some pretty rooms I've been collecting as inspiration for my eventual move (many of these have been taken from this chick's awesome blog, I don't know where she finds all them!)

How was your weekend, were you as productive as you had planned??

Hope everyone has a great (and productive) week!

Friday, April 18, 2008

G is for Geneviève who died of ennui...

X # of negatives:

-haven't posted in 4 days, (but i noticed-with regret-every day that i didn't post, so that means it's now a habit, which is good.)

-it's raining today, which is not good. summer, are you coming?

-hubby is sick with some sort of flu, also not good. couldn't stop coughing all night, and had a fever of 101 this morning. hoping he gets better soon.

-parents were supposed to visit this weekend but canceled because of taxes and gas prices. 1.28$ a litre gas people? give me an eff'en break.

-meeting with the bank tomorrow to go over my student loans. they are going to suck me dry, I can feel it. not so cool.

X # of positives:

-going to see a show tomorrow night with heather, the producers, so that should be fun, haven't seen a play yet in this city. i must get out more.

-hoping to finish my dan mini this weekend. it's simple and uncluttered, which is unusual for me, but i want to try it at least once. focus on the words and not the pretty paper.

-got a bunch pretty PP (ha) at the store the other night, for 32 cents each. got to love that.

-signed up to get the Anthropologie catalogues in the mail (i'm always so behind on these things! Talk about swoon though, wow...)

-i could look at this blog all day. sometimes i do.

what's everyone up to this weekend? going to enjoy some sunshine and warmth? well, that's all, back to work, hope everyone has an awesome weekend, and i hope to post my album by sunday, so come take a peek!

365 action:

Monday, April 14, 2008

There's love, deep down, it's just hard to see through all the hate.


Things I'm lovin'/into right now:

-My bangs. Stupid, I know, but I do love 'em, even if they are perma-center-parted and kinda thin...makes me look different, I feel cooler (yeah, right! lol)

-Boy with a Coin by Iron and Wine. Wow what an awesome song.

-Black/White/Shots of Lime Green colour combos. Mmmm, delish.

-Babies. Yeah, babies. Kissing their toes.

-The word "Rad".

-Love Elsie. All of it (I'm behind the times, I know, but we don't get the latest and greatest out here until a bit later.)

-Minis. Said it before, saying it again. LOVE my minis! Got 2 on the go, going to start another...

-This idea...going to do one about me I think real soon with the tin I got in my kit! So cute!

-Foreign movies. I decided I'm going to get into them more, try more out, 'cause most of my experiences with them (C.R.A.Z.Y, Pan's Labyrinth, Como Agua por Chocolate, The Tin Drum) have all been excellent. I saw one at the video store the other day that looked interesting... "The Education of Fairies", anyone see it?


Things I'm hatin'/not into right now...

-The light in my apartment. One wall with windows? Bullshit. I need some sun, baby. My next place is going to have light like there's no tomorrow. Seriously, my camera needs to soak it up.

-Ovaries. Yeah, ovaries. Busted ones.

-The lack of white space on my layouts...really, I'm afraid of it I think, I feel like I need to fill every little bit of room with something, it's so annoying. I was checking out Kate's work, it's so clean and simple and timeless....I feel like mine are going to end up looking like a friggin' 80s kitchen in 10 years, you know? I hate that.

-Confrontation. There's gonna be some tomorrow at work and I don't enjoy it. My personality type can't handle it, we're too "Feeling". Darn you INFJ!

-My clothes. All of them. I need some Spring digs, for reals. Value Village is definitely in my future this week.


Here's a layout I did tonight, using some Love Elsie, Thickers, my Dymo, some woodgrain contact paper, a cute little tag I got from here, and some stamps...Under the top and bottom pics is some journaling about a few things I want right now (big 'ole belly, house) and how I can't have 'em yet. Not yet.

Well that's all for now. Here's my melodramatic 365 for today, my eyes look crazy...but my bangs rock, haha


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some favs from the day...

So today I went to see my friend Sara and her babe Judah, who's 6 weeks old, and it was alot of fun to observe what it's like to have a baby...it's a lot of work, of course, but they are handling it like old pros already, I'm so proud of them. Anyhoo, I, of course, couldn't resist taking some pictures of the little guy, and it was so fun! I can see why people like photographing children, so cute and wonderful :) Anyway, here are some of the cutest of the cute...

Babies are awesome :)