Monday, April 14, 2008

There's love, deep down, it's just hard to see through all the hate.


Things I'm lovin'/into right now:

-My bangs. Stupid, I know, but I do love 'em, even if they are perma-center-parted and kinda thin...makes me look different, I feel cooler (yeah, right! lol)

-Boy with a Coin by Iron and Wine. Wow what an awesome song.

-Black/White/Shots of Lime Green colour combos. Mmmm, delish.

-Babies. Yeah, babies. Kissing their toes.

-The word "Rad".

-Love Elsie. All of it (I'm behind the times, I know, but we don't get the latest and greatest out here until a bit later.)

-Minis. Said it before, saying it again. LOVE my minis! Got 2 on the go, going to start another...

-This idea...going to do one about me I think real soon with the tin I got in my kit! So cute!

-Foreign movies. I decided I'm going to get into them more, try more out, 'cause most of my experiences with them (C.R.A.Z.Y, Pan's Labyrinth, Como Agua por Chocolate, The Tin Drum) have all been excellent. I saw one at the video store the other day that looked interesting... "The Education of Fairies", anyone see it?


Things I'm hatin'/not into right now...

-The light in my apartment. One wall with windows? Bullshit. I need some sun, baby. My next place is going to have light like there's no tomorrow. Seriously, my camera needs to soak it up.

-Ovaries. Yeah, ovaries. Busted ones.

-The lack of white space on my layouts...really, I'm afraid of it I think, I feel like I need to fill every little bit of room with something, it's so annoying. I was checking out Kate's work, it's so clean and simple and timeless....I feel like mine are going to end up looking like a friggin' 80s kitchen in 10 years, you know? I hate that.

-Confrontation. There's gonna be some tomorrow at work and I don't enjoy it. My personality type can't handle it, we're too "Feeling". Darn you INFJ!

-My clothes. All of them. I need some Spring digs, for reals. Value Village is definitely in my future this week.


Here's a layout I did tonight, using some Love Elsie, Thickers, my Dymo, some woodgrain contact paper, a cute little tag I got from here, and some stamps...Under the top and bottom pics is some journaling about a few things I want right now (big 'ole belly, house) and how I can't have 'em yet. Not yet.

Well that's all for now. Here's my melodramatic 365 for today, my eyes look crazy...but my bangs rock, haha


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Kate O'Brien said...

LOVE your layout. love your lists and adore the photos! your blog is eye candy!! :)