Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Summer, where art thou? I love thee...(Pic heavy)

Trying to catch the last bit of sunshine...

Maybe if I act all romantic to Summer it will come and visit me, because right now nothing seems to be working...it's cold and raining, and it's supposed to be that way all week :( Dear Maritimes, sometimes you don't make me happy. Please be nice to me this weekend and bring me some sunshine and warmth (and no wind), so that I can go outside and possibly find a field to lie in.

(PS-My all time favourite dream thing to do lately would be to find a big, beautiful field with no one around and go out and lie in it, in the sunshine, and watch clouds go by (with my camera of course). Oh, and I'd be wearing an awesome polka dot summer dress, and my hubs would be with me. Anyway...)

So, yeah, another week, last one in April, where did the time go? My weekend was pretty fun, went home to see my folks and sister, had a pretty good time there, went to a market, went for some walks with my mom, didn't do much scrapping but I got some new (well, new to me) goodies from my mom's Stash, so that's always fun, got some really cool stuff I hope to be using soon.

We also went for a walk up to a place called "The Bluff". It's a walking trail that goes all along a rock face and gives you the most spectacular views of Sussex Corner and beyond...being up there really reminded me of what a beautiful place I live in, sometimes you forget or take advantage of it, but it's important to be reminded every once in awhile just how lucky you really are...nature will do that to you (well, to me anyway) everytime. Here are a few of my fav shots from the weekend:

Also, tonight I finished my K&Co "pre-made" mini I bought last week, and I'm pretty happy with the results...bright, colourful and fun. Quick too! Here are some (cruddy) shots of it:

This week I hope to finish my anniversary album (just journaling left, pretty easy), and scrap a 12X12 page...yep, a 12X12. The One Little Word this week is GROW, so I might be able to do something with that...I have tons of photos, lots of cool supplies, now I just need to let my brain spill out onto the paper!

Non-fun stuff:

-Must find an apartment soon!
-Need to get car fixed (again-hate those things!)
-Must start packing
-Must get my projects done at work..might have to-eek-bring some work home!

Fun stuff:

-I'm heading to Toronto for my vacation in 2 weeks from today! So excited for that, going to go visit this awesome chick, I miss her so much!
-One good part about moving is purging my stuff, it feels so good!

Well that's all for now, hopefully I'll have something to post later this week! Hope everyone is having an awesome Wednesday!

My 30th 365 Shot, I made it a whole month with only one missed day, I'm pretty impressed with that, even though most of the shots have been lame so far, haha...hoping that Month 2 will be better, with more outdoor shots...


oxenanny said...

Love your mini girlie. I like how you used all pics (or most) from that one "photoshoot". Coolness

Two things though:

1- Ginger Ale and Pineapple Juice is gross. You are sick :P

2- The back page is my fav. "Sup?" hahaha.. Urban cranky princess.


Kara said...

I so love your mini, crazy inspiring. Congrats with the 365, that is a huge accomplishment. Have a good day!