Sunday, April 20, 2008

Productivity...ruined by germs.

**Cough Cough**

Ok, so this weekend didn't turn into the super productive time I thought it was going to I had mentioned before, my poor hubby came home sick on Thursday night, had a fever and a terrible cough/aches/chills, the works...well, da jerk passed it all on to me, so I've been fighting off the flu all weekend...yesterday was pretty bad, achy and really dry cough, but thankfully today it seems a bit better, even though I'm still hot/cold all the time and my nose won't stop running, and I have a hack...anyway, point is, I didn't do nearly as much stuff as I had originally wanted to (I hate when that happens!)

Few highlights though:

1) My appointment with the bank about my student loans went really well, it's not bad at all, which is awesome, I'm actually kind of excited to start paying it off, oddly enough, I just want to get it over with! (It's pretty sad when 15 years to pay off your education seems reasonable, isn't it?)

2) Heather and I went out last night and had supper at the Shoe Shop (great restaurant in town), and then to the Neptune Theatre to see "The Producers"...I didn't know what to expect, but it was very funny and very good. I really enjoy theatre, I should try and go more...

3) This morning Dan and I went and looked at an apartment, and although it had some downsides, I really liked it...tons of room, lots of windows and light (big plus for the budding photographer in me), eat-in kitchen, hardwood the end though, I think that the high price of utilities (300$ a month on top of 765$ rent), plus no laundry facilities (hook-ups only), will mean that we'll have to let this one slide by...apartment hunting sucks the big one!

Things I didn't get to do this weekend that I wish I had:

1) Finishing my mini album (this week maybe...)
2) Photography (I planned on going to the park/outside to take some nice shots)
3) Taking a drive down the coast somewhere.

Hoping to do all that during the week, in the evenings maybe...this weekend coming up we are going home to Sussex to visit my fam, so that should be fun, always have a good time seeing them...their weather has actually been better than ours too, so I'm hoping to spend lots of time outside, taking pics with my sis, and scrapping with my mum! :)

Ok, since I didn't get to finish my album, here are some pretty rooms I've been collecting as inspiration for my eventual move (many of these have been taken from this chick's awesome blog, I don't know where she finds all them!)

How was your weekend, were you as productive as you had planned??

Hope everyone has a great (and productive) week!

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Kara said...

My weekend was so UNproductive weekend. No homework in the first in forever, bummed. The way I like it.