Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 More Cali Highlights...

As I had mentioned earlier, we went to see Radiohead in concert on Friday night in San Francisco as part of the Outside Lands was awesome, and even though we only saw a part of Beck's set and Radiohead, it was still worth it. Beck played some songs that I knew, and I was really psyched when he played the song from "Eternal Sunshine" [not sure what it's called, it's at he beginning of the movie, what Jim Carrey is listening to in the car when he's crying]. Then Radiohead started. What an amazing group. Thom's voice was amazing, and they sounded just as good live, which is even more amazing considering the complexity of their music. They played most of their new album, "In Rainbows", and also some other songs as well, including my personal favs "Paranoid Android" [see video], "Everything in Its Right Place" and "There There".

Here's a little vid I caught of the first minute of Paranoid Android [I tried to turn the camera around to show how many people there were, since there were about 80 000 people there and we were right in the middle, but it was too dark.]

Also, here are some goofy shots of us that I love. Me "pretending" to be injured by a cactus [I say "pretend" in quotations because I actually did hurt myself, it looked soft but man, it wasn't! That's a Canadian for ya...worse part is, Dan touched it after he saw me do it and hurt himself too!]

I think this was Dan's favourite part of the trip...all the fast food. He especially loved the super unhealthy Carl Jr's 6-dollar burgers. Gross, but funny.

Well that's all again. I just realized that I haven't posted all my Flea Market finds, so I'll be sure to do that soon. My parents are coming tomorrow for the long weekend, we are going to hit the Eastern Shore tomorrow and have a picnic, it should be nice. Hopefully the weather will be fall-ish and I'll see some leaves start to turn.

Night all!

California Dreaming

Hello! Back from California, and I must say, I'm still a little tired. Still on California time, which is 4 hours behind our time here, which means that at midnight tonight, my body will say 'hey, wait, it's only 8pm, time to clean or watch tv!', but at 7am tomorrow morning it will say 'no, don't wake up, it's 3am you nut!'...oh well, in a few more days I should be fine. It was worth it.
Well, my trip was awesome. Busy and too short, but still awesome.

-Seeing Tom, Selena and adorable little Noah
-The beautiful California weather (85 most days inland, cooler on the Coast, sunny all the time)
-Going to San Francisco, riding the cable car, walking in Chinatown and seeing the GG bridge
-Playing 1860s-1920s type "arcade" games for 25 cents
-Trying lots of different American fast food chains (In-N-Out, Jack in the Box, Carl's Jr's)
-Playing TONS of Skeeball (the best game ever, really!)
-Radiohead!!! Paranoid Android.
-Eating the BEST 2-pound burrito I've ever had
-Going to a Coney Island type Amusement Park/Boardwalk/Beach
-Riding 2 rollercoasters and screaming the whole time
-Placing my toes in the Pacific (for 2 seconds only, it was too cold!)
-Mini golf under the palm trees
-Sunday morning market and Dim Sum for brunch
-Swimming in a *heated* pool all afternoon
-Strolling in way-too-fancy-for-me malls
-Buying an AMAZING pair of jean trousers from H&M and killer Fall boots from DSW
-Sitting in the hottub with hubby, looking at the stars on our last night

I could go on, but those are the things I remember the most...

-Not enough time...that is all.

Also, it was fun to travel with Dan, since we have never really taken a "real" trip together in the 5 years we have been together. We are quite different when it comes to travel and traveling, but I think that we made a good balance of things that he wanted to do and thing that I wanted to do. Also, he got a mandoline!!

So, although California wasn't a place I had thought of going to visit ever, I was really glad to have experienced it, and even though it's not for me as far as living there goes (I would miss the Fall too much), it was a really neat place. Hopefully we'll get to go again before Tom and Selena [maybe] move back home, when Noah is a bit older and we can do more. Thanks guys, the trip was super fun!

Here are a few of my fav pics from the trip (I actually didn't take that many, I was surprised, maybe a bit intimidated, I don't know.) There are lots more here

Well, I guess I'll leave it at that before the post gets too long, I'll probably post more later tonight about non-Cali stuff, there's some randomness that needs to get out of my head...

Until then, keep dreamin'.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Flickr Favs-August

Flickr Favs-August, originally uploaded by Genevieve_vev.
Click on image for credits

Puppies, Pretty Things, Landscapes and lots of Dramatic Chicks, these are a few of my favourite things [in August...]

Friday, August 15, 2008

1 of about 3...

pages I'm doing with pics from my 365 Challenge...I chose my favs from the 1st 90 days and am doing pages with those...I'll probably do the same when I hit Day 180 (which is coming up soon, I'm on 140 or so now I think...) It was hard to do the multi-photo layout, even with little pics like this, but I like the way it turned out, I wanted the page to be pretty simple so that the focus was on the pics...these are mostly my fav outdoor shots. I think that my main goal will be at the end of the year to print off 4X6s of all my 365 shots, and put them in an album and add some journaling if possible about each photo. (Ideally I would journal on the day itself, but that would require immediate printing, which is tough to do...) Anyway, future creative dreams.

Like I said before, I didn't play in any Challenges for this layout, I'm going to try and scrap for awhile without focusing on the Challenges, because right now I'm into the habit of thinking that if I'm not srapping to play in a Challenge, then my layout is "worthless", and that's something I have to get out of, I have to see the value in scrapping just to get some thoughts and feelings out, to express myself creatively, or hell, to just pass the time.

'nough rambling, here it is:

Pardon the shadows on my layout, my scanner can't handle anything that's not 2D.

I'm off for home in a few hours, going to bring my camera to show the Flea-wonderfulness. Be back on Monday I hope to show what I got!

Happy Friday,

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Feelin' kinda...nada.

Haven't been tempted to blog lately.
Or scrap.
Or take pictures.
Or decorate.
Or do anything creative.

It's a rut. It's a loss of Mojo. It's a blank stare.

It's annoying.

Been here way too much and it has left a bad feeling in my stomach. Such malice, such unecessary evil towards others...why can't all us ladies just get along and play with our scissors and paper? Why do we force things like this to happen? Such a sweetheart, and now she's gone.

Brings on doubt, brings on irritation, brings out the worst in us all. Even me (the doubt, not the evil). So I'll stop going there and hope that I can forget everything I read. I'd prefer to think that everything is ok and that everyone isn't backstabbing everyone. Live happy, live free.

Oh, and who the fuck cares if something's trendy? That's the fun of it, why ruin it by bitching about it being a trend and therefore stupid? Everything's a trend, get over it. Enjoy it.

Two pages on the go right now. Some 365 shots from my first 90 days. Wish I could say I'm doing as well at the 365s as I was before, but I haven't taken a shot of myself all week. It's fading. May try to get the pages done tonight, they are pretty simple. Not playing in any Challenges though, tired of all the cliques....getting tired of the "scrapbooking world" actually.


On to happier things...

I am heading home tomorrow for the Flea Market!! It's an Annual thing in Sussex, been going since as long as I can remember, but this year I am especially psyched because of my big, empty flat. Going to score big I hope, I want old picture frames mostly, stuff for the house, jewelry, vintage clothes, general pretties. I'm budgeting 100$, I should be able to score something decent for that. Can't wait!!

Also, I am going to see this gorgeous lady!! Haven't seen her since May, I can't wait! We're going to Flea, party at her sister's wedding, and since her bf has never been to Sussex (he's a city boy through and through) it should be pretty awesome in general! Love you dear :)

I am leaving for California in 6 days. 6 days. Seems so crazy, I have to get ready!!

I can't wait for fall. Cool air, golden leaves, apple crisps, warm sweaters, bright pumpkins, afternoon walks, brown boots, comfort food, corn mazes, halloween spooks, earth tones, sunshine, fall decor, cinnamon candles, decorative gourds, and 2 years of marriage :)

Well I suppose that's all. Hope to have more to post next week before I go on vacation, until then, hopefully everyone has a nice weekend!



Sunday, August 10, 2008

Scrappies for my friend

Hello weekend! Not much to update, I'm about to head out the door to visit my friend Sara and her little guy Judah, but I thought I'd post a layout I made last night for Judah's eventual album (I'm so terrible at making gift albums, I can never get them done on time, this baby is already 5 months old and this is the first layout I've made!) Anyway, it's not my "style" per say, I tried to make something that I thought Sara would enjoy, and it was fun using some older supplies (the green polka dot paper is at least 5-6 years old I'd say, and those K&Co tags are too!) I hope to be making a few more pages to add to the album soon (we are doing another photoshoot today, so I'll have lots of baby cuteness to work with) :)

Well, better go get ready, have a great Sunday!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

No words, just pics...

A few pictures from my sister's wedding, which was last weekend. It turned out really well, we were lucky it didn't rain because they were calling for an 80% chance all day! Anyway, I'm happy for her and she looked great (and so did everyone else.) There are tons more pics here.

I'm off to day to see a coworker who had her baby last night! Little Liam, so cute...also, this weekend I'm going to see my good friend Sara and her little guy Judah, who's about 5 months old, and in a few weeks I'll be seeing my nephew Noah, who's just over one...lots of babies for me this month!

Happy Friday :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Here's my layout for the One Little Word Challenge, this time the word was BE, a really fun and easy word that could be interpreted many different ways.

(sorry for the blur by the bird, he is up on a pop
dot, the scanner didn't like it)

Again, a lot of the elements on this page are from my Sweet Twee Labs kit, including the book page, the letter stickers (La Di Da), the bracket (Office Lingo), and the little velvet rosette thing. I also used some of my K&Co Die Cut shapes, I love these things to death, I got a box at M's for like 5$, there are so many cool ephemera shapes to use, I can't wait to dig in! I also got to use some old Stash, like my MM foam letter stamps and these little vellum clouds that I got for Christmas and had no idea how to use...well, I used them, and I like it!

On a side note, my husband did the sweetest thing today, he brought me home a bunch of roses for nothing! Walked out into the kitchen to see him there holding them. Just said he always wanted to do it but never had the chance until now...he then proceeded to make supper, as he always does. I am the luckiest girl in the world! Love you babe :)

More scrappies later this week I hope! Scrapjack and ScrapMojo and TAIF, oh my!

Night all!


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Backstreet's Back, alright!!

"Everybody, yeah
Rock your body, yeah
Rock your body right,
'Cause Backstreet's back, ALRIGHT!"

A few video snippets from the Backstreet Boys concert I went to Saturday night...was SO SO good, brought me right back to 1997-2000 or so (I was about 13-14 when they came out, so I was their target audience and I LOVED them!) They played all the songs I wanted them to play, and some I had forgotten about too. They can sing really well live and were quite entertaining, I would go again in a heartbeat. Swoon Brian and AJ, swoon!

Oh yeah, my mom loved it too :) So glad we went together.

Of course, my little sister Daphne also got married this weekend, more about that in a separate post, right now I'm too busy humming "I Want it That Way"...oh heart.


PS-I'm also now discovering that although black nail polish rocks (wore it for my sis's wedding and now I'll never take it off), there is no way that they can stay perfect, so I'll just have to accept the chips and imperfections...that's cool, right?