Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 More Cali Highlights...

As I had mentioned earlier, we went to see Radiohead in concert on Friday night in San Francisco as part of the Outside Lands was awesome, and even though we only saw a part of Beck's set and Radiohead, it was still worth it. Beck played some songs that I knew, and I was really psyched when he played the song from "Eternal Sunshine" [not sure what it's called, it's at he beginning of the movie, what Jim Carrey is listening to in the car when he's crying]. Then Radiohead started. What an amazing group. Thom's voice was amazing, and they sounded just as good live, which is even more amazing considering the complexity of their music. They played most of their new album, "In Rainbows", and also some other songs as well, including my personal favs "Paranoid Android" [see video], "Everything in Its Right Place" and "There There".

Here's a little vid I caught of the first minute of Paranoid Android [I tried to turn the camera around to show how many people there were, since there were about 80 000 people there and we were right in the middle, but it was too dark.]

Also, here are some goofy shots of us that I love. Me "pretending" to be injured by a cactus [I say "pretend" in quotations because I actually did hurt myself, it looked soft but man, it wasn't! That's a Canadian for ya...worse part is, Dan touched it after he saw me do it and hurt himself too!]

I think this was Dan's favourite part of the trip...all the fast food. He especially loved the super unhealthy Carl Jr's 6-dollar burgers. Gross, but funny.

Well that's all again. I just realized that I haven't posted all my Flea Market finds, so I'll be sure to do that soon. My parents are coming tomorrow for the long weekend, we are going to hit the Eastern Shore tomorrow and have a picnic, it should be nice. Hopefully the weather will be fall-ish and I'll see some leaves start to turn.

Night all!

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