Monday, September 1, 2008

Goodbye Summer, you fickle jerk, and hello my Love [aka Fall]

Well, September is finally here, and to me this means the beginning of my favourite time of year, a time when I smile more, admire more, love more, enjoy more, relax's the beginning of Fall. I absolutely love September-December for so many reasons. It's a feeling I get when I sense the chill in the air on my way home from work, when I see the leaves start to blush red and orange and gold, when the smell of cinnamon, pumpkin and spices fill my home, when the colours deepen and saturate, when sweaters and warm blankets become part of life, when holidays [including my all-time personal fav-Halloween] are around every corner, and when being home with the ones you love, or out in nature, are the best possible things in the world. Fall is perfect in my eyes. I'm at peace in the Fall. Let the season begin.

Well, now that I have that little declaration out of the way [I will be expressing my love for Fall several times over the next few months, so be warned], I can move on to some goodies I forgot to show off before I left for California. Two weekends ago I went to the Flea Market in my hometown, and I didn't find quite as much as I had hoped, but I did manage to spend my 100$ and get some nice things.

Got these cute little salt and pepper shakers for 2.50$, they are so adorable, and the colours go well with the colours I'm now thinking for for my kitchen (more on that later.)

This is the largest thing I bought, for 40$, and I absolutely love it. It's a handmade blanket holder/shelf. I love the rustic, country look of it, but I also love how it's black and kind of gothicky looking, like something you would have found in a house in Salem in the 1600s (see, I love Halloween and Fall...) The tree detail is creepy and lovely. Love it.

This is probably my favourite find. It's an old painting of the Virgin Mary, and I think she's beautiful. The colours are rich and go well with my yellow walls, and the old frame just adds to the vintage feel of it. I bet she used to live in an old Catholic church basement somewhere, watching over everyone as they went by, and now she gets to watch over me. The best 18$ I've spent :)

This was a cheapy find. The frame only ended up being 5$ since the mirror that used to be in it broke on the way to the Flea Market. I decided to staple in some material I got to make some throw pillows for my couch, I think it turned out ok. It might end up going in bedroom, I'm not decided yet, but I will definitely find a place for it.

I also got some more beads (blue), some delicious Oreo fudge and other misc stuff. Good time, can't wait for next year :)

This weekend my parents came up for the weekend, and although the weather wasn't great, we had a good time. On Saturday we headed down Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore to a place called Clam Harbour Beach, a beautiful white sand beach right on the coast. It was a bit chilly and windy (I had my fall jacket on), but we had a little picnic and enjoyed the beach (Félix especially enjoyed himself.) Here are a few pics from the day.

There are more on my Flickr, as always.

Well this is getting long so I'll go, I have some more stuff to post later, including a little layout I'm working on now, hopefully I'll get to post later. I must say, my scrapping has dropped dramatically, I'm hoping that the new season will inspire me (my craftiness usually goes up in the Fall, we'll see if that translates into scrapping.) Before I go, here are some funny shots of Dan, poor guy always has the camera in his face, but he's so cute, what can a girl do?

Here he is playing with his new toy, the mandolin he got while down in California (and early Christmas present.) He's already learned about 4-5 songs and he's only had it a week, he's so talented! I love him so.

Well that's all, hope everyone is enjoying the holiday and the beginning of the new season!


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