Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 years ago [yesterday...]

...I was walking down an aisle made of dirt under gorgeous grapeleaves at a beautiful nursery, surrounded by friends and family, to "Canon in D". My dress had pollen and dirt on it, my curls were starting to fall out from the heat, and my husband-to-be was wearing the wrong (and very shiny) shoes. My grand-papa's Rosary was looped around my 15$ bouquet I had made the night before, and I don't remember a thing that we said as our vows. We ate pork and orzo, sweated to death in the cozy dining room, and took pictures in the garden. We cut the pie, and Dan fed himself, and people laughed. We relaxed, kissed and left for our honeymoon by 8pm [afternoon perfection.] I loved every second of that day, and remember it with more joy every year.

Since it was our 2 Year Anniversay, Dan and I talked about [over our romantic Chicken Burger dinner], the past year, the good and bad. Here are some reflections I've had about my 2 year marriage to my best friend and Balance in Life, Dan:

1. The two best things that happened to us this year:

-Dan graduated school and we both started working, meaning less strain on us financially

-We moved to our own place, what I would really call our first "home"

2. The two worst things that happened to us this year:

-Dan had to live in Springhill for 8 months of the year for school, so we were apart [again]

-Because Dan was in school, money was tight, making the year boring and stressful

3. The two funnest things we did this year:

-Travelling together on a real trip for the first time and also seeing a concert together

-Our teepee trip for our Anniversary last of the best mini-trips we've taken for sure

4. Two things I've learned about our relationship this year:

-We genuinely enjoy spending time together and miss each other when we're not together

-We are good at negotiating, compromising and coming up with [and reaching] goals together

5. Two things that will never change:

-Dan will never close the shower curtain after he takes a shower

-I will never stop nagging him to close the shower curtain after he takes a shower

6. Two dreams for the upcoming year:

-We start really saving for a house

-We have a child

7. Two things I think that make our marriage strong:

-Time apart

-Complete trust

8. Two things I hope we never stop doing:

-Calling each other "Babe"

-Hugging every single day

9. Two things that have surprised me this past year:

-How hardworking and dedicated Dan is at everything he does

-Money helps (really, sad to say, but it's true, we are much happier now that we have 2 good incomes)

10. Two things I wish for our future:

-That we not only love each other forever, but also really LIKE each other forever

-That we never forget the past, good times and bad.

Anyway, that's all, I just wanted to say that I'm super lucky to have such an amazing husband, after hearing stories from other people from time to time, I come home and realize just how lucky I am to have a husband who is loyal, hardworking, compassionate, giving, and who really wants to make me happy. I can't ask for anything more.

It's just going to get better and better babe! I love you.

Our "official" wedding shot...we look strange, but it's good for us!

My favourite shot from the day, my dad took it, it's natural and serene, I love it...

The funniest shot of the day, Dan's dad caught me, well, being me. Notice the black toenail and 10$ flip flops from Wal Mart...

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