Monday, September 15, 2008

I... feeling better after being sick for nearly a week debating whether to get nerd glasses instead of contacts tomorrow at my appointment loving Value Village (of course)
...ate too much Treatza Pizza this weekend
...need a haircut, bad ungrateful for what I have most of the time, but am trying to change
...will be married 2 years tomorrow mad that I haven't scrapped in forever even madder that I haven't picked up my camera in forever eagerly anticipating the changing leaves
...want to go apple picking and Sara visiting happy I went to church yesterday for the first time in forever Catholics
...need to lose some weight
...want to pull out my scarves and hats
...become Martha Stewart obsessed at this time of year into my 11th month of inertility starting my Modified Work Week next week (every 3rd Monday off, woo!)
...don't really like the new Facebook
...have nothing to watch on TV (suggestions?)
...heart Ewan McGregor
...have my Halloween Movie List ready getting sick of seeing "artsy" girls and their cool little homes/projects...we fucking get it
...need to eat healthier
...bought golden mums yesterday
...still don't quite get the appeal of the Coen Brothers
...need to start running/Pilates again
...really need/want a dining room table
...want to go home, but am trying to hold off looking forward to nice weather this week
...will buy peaches tonight at the supermarket starting to like my kitchen walls
...want to do something random holding off on decorating for Halloween so far...but it's hard
...can't believe it's mid-September already generally pleased with life.

[...need some pics to post!]

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