Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September, where have you gone?

"Hmm, that's odd, the blood usually gets off on the 2nd floor."
-Mr. Burns, Treehouse of Horror V

I'm offically into Halloween mode now. I've been watching some Treehouses of Horror (annual tradition), and the quotes just make me laugh so much, there are some really good ones.

This month has gone by so quickly I can't believe it. It makes me sad knowing that half of Fall is gone essentially, but I'm also excited for October, which is probably my favourite month of the year. So much to look forward to, so much to do! Heather and I made a "Heather and Geneviève's October Spooktacular" calendar with all our activities laid out for the month. We have pumpkin carving, a "spooky" dinner party, 3 craft nights, a Halloween inspired photoshoot, and every week we are going to watch a scary movie. It's going to be so fun!!

Anyway, just wanted to share some pics of the beginning of my living room wall collage. I've seen plenty of decor magazines with collages like these and I love them so much, so I've decided to start one with what I have, and I'll built onto it when I find more treasures. I got the cross stitch and the oval frames from Value Village, and I inserted a picture from a Toast catalogue in the other frame, I'll switch it out when I get tired of it. I also have my little deer plaque I've had since I was a baby and my Flea market frame. Soon I hope to fill the entire space above the couch, but half the fun will be hunting for what I want to add.

I finished my Fall book last night, I'm scanning it tonight, I'll probably post tomorrow.

Until then, welcome Spook Month!


Kara said...

LOOOOOOVE that wall collage. It's delish.

Debee Campos said...

i heart your wall
the colors
the frames
putting something like this together requires so much attention to detail
i LOVE this
you worked magic :)