Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Once in awhile...

...I can get a layout finished. I really just need to concentrate and follow through on my ideas, and not let something sit around too long and get stale. Be in the scrapping moment. Corny, yeah.

Anyway, here's a layout I made last night about my excitement over the end of Summer [sounds like an oximoron I know] and my joy that Fall is finally here. I'm not sure what size it is, probably 7X10 or something like that, the paper is a page from the Summer 08 Toast catalogue, I just really liked the little poem on the side so I decided to go with it. I'm going to paste this into my Art Journal, since that seems to be where all my odd shaped layouts go. I used scraps [yea!] and K&CO rub ons and die cuts. Love K&Co, always have, always will. I also used my awesome little black letter stickers as well as the stickers I got in my Sweet Twee Lab kit. Finish it off with a Prima, Daisy D heart and bracket, and Hambly overlay and you have yourself a little layout.

[Yeah, I didn't overexplain this layout or anything like that] :S

Anyway, since I'm a huge dork who's mostly just self involved [and bored] I thought I'd document my current scrapping moods/styles, just so that I can look back and see what drove me to do all these crazy [and probably soon dated] layouts.

1. Favourite type of Layouts to create: Ones about myself and/or "nothing" [oh boy, here we go...]
2. Least favourite type of Layouts to create: "Events" (aka birthdays, trips, etc...too hard and formal!)
3. Favourite part of the Scrapping process: Picking out the papers and embellishements, putting it all together
4. Least favourite part of the Scrapping process: Journaling, creating titles, glueing it all down!
5. Supplies I use over and over again: Letter stickers, flowers, Dymo, Patterned Paper, Stickers, Staples, Sharpies, found paper and objects
6. Supplies I wish I used more: Paint, Ink, Stamps, Glitter, Tools, My Computer
7. Favourite Manufacturers: K&Co, Hambly, Making Memories, "No Name" stuff
8. Favourite Kit Clubs: The Dozens, Sweet Spuds, Bad Girls, Cocoa Daisy, Scarlet Lime
9. Favourite Challenges: Scrapjack, Scrapmojo, One Little Word
10. Favourite Scrappers of the moment: Kara, Amber, Silje, Lindsay, Mandi, Christina
11. Pages that aren't my style but that I admire: Kate's (for her honest journaling)
12. What I think I can do well: Pick out papers/colours that go well together
13. What I need to improve on: Trying new things, journaling and title work, anything "techy"
14. What I hope my layouts will do: Brings others into my weird little word and allow others to see a piece of the real me, vanity and all
15. My style is: Messy, not straight, eclectic, bright, funky, full, young, shallow, light
16. Sometimes I wish my style were more: Grown-up, Technical, Elaborate, Deep
17. My biggest inspiration comes from: Other scrappers, Blogs, Home Decor, Flickr

That's all for now I guess, might do some more later. I changed my blog around a bit, made it a bit more "fall-ish" [oh yeah, I'm running with this Autumn thing], and I need to go through my Bloglist and update it. Anyone know of some good scrappy blogs to read? Kind of getting tired of the same old chicks (sorry!), I need something new.

In some non-scrappy news, I think that I'm finally decided on the colour for my kitchen...think pears, think cotton...this weekend when I paint it I'll be sure to show some before and after shots, it's going to be quite the difference! So excited :)

Well, bonne nuit all, until the next episode of "Geneviève's Scrapping Rambles"


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oxenanny said...

I love your change to a "fall" layout Genevieve. (Although I am not surprised.. at all). I've been thinking pretty much 24/7 about apartment layout and design. I really want this place to be nice. It is a challenge though; with space, and with budget :S. Don't worry, I will post pics and consult you for feedback! mwah!