Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

So I'm blogging. Not entirely sure how when your wife creates a blog it becomes "our" blog and you're expected to contribute. I can't remember her ever buying strings for "our" guitar or games for "our" nintendo. But I guess that's married life. Marry a girl and next thing you know she's acting like she's your wife. So I'm blogging. It's New Year's Eve and we have no plans. I think that Genevieve seems somewhat distressed about it, like we should be doing something. To me it doesn't really seem like that big a deal. Growing up in McAdam I didn't really do anything for New Year's Eve for about 12 years so I'm not in the habit of it being a big deal. It might be nice to get out but it's probably not going to happen. We're too comfortable I think. It's nice really. That's all I have to say for now I guess. Happy new year to everyone.


Saturday, December 30, 2006

"Bien Dans Rien, C'est Ca l'Amour"

That quote has been in my head alot lately, ever since I saw it on 2Peas (scrapbooking website...I know, I'm a square). Anyway, there's no real way to properly translate it, but it basically means "Happy Together with Nothing, That is what Love is." I dunno, I suppose that you could say that it describes Dan and I, not so much in we have nothing (I mean, we do have nothing, but we're still very fortunate compared to alot of people), but that we're happy together despite DOING nothing.

I mean it, we don't do anything! Sometimes I think that it's ok, and I am generally happy that way, but then sometimes I think that we're heading for a very boring rut (and marriage) if we keep it up. I know that he is content doing nothing all the time, it's just his personality, but I tend to get a bit stir crazy (hence the travelling and the random moving decsions), so I suppose we'll have to work on that. Throw in a bit of excitement, because right now we have none. Like last night, we went to bed at 9:00pm! And most nights I come home from work, we sit on the couch and we watch TV, or worse, I watch TV and he plays on the computer, so we're not even doing anything together...I know it's fine, we're fine, I just think of that quote and how it describes us, happy together doing nothing, this is our Love.

Hmm, let's see, other than that not much to say. I was talking to someone I went to high school with today, she is living out West with her husband and she was telling me about how she is moving back home. They have a 10 minth old son and they want him to be close to their families so they are selling their house and moving back here to buy another one. I'm very happy for them, but it kinda makes me envious. Here they are, same age as Dan and I, and they seem to have everything put together ....they both have careers, (he's a welder, she was an accountant before having her son), they have a house, a car, a child, a dog, they are all set. I just think of their situation and I realize how far Dan and I still have to go...I know we've only been married 3 months, but we've been together 3 1/2 years, and we have nothing figured out yet...neither one of us has a career, who knows when we'll have that, and without that you can't really move on to the others (I suppose you can, but you know what I mean) Part of it is because they didn't go to University, and that just reminds me of how much of a waste of time Uinversity was (I'll have to go on a rant about that sometime, I am dead ser against University, I friggin hate it....anyway) I dunno, I get envious of people easily, it's a bad habit. I know one day we'll be there, I just wish it were sooner, I feel like we've been 'in transition' for long enough now, it's always 'well once we are done this or that', or 'wait until next year', but nothing is happening...I'm being whiny though, I should stop and just be happy with what I have (an overpriced apartment in a stinky building, a temporary job that has nothing to do with my degree, and a car that keeps breaking down, haha)

I told Dan to blog, hopefully he listens to me. I suppose that's all for now, until the next bout of boredom, ciao todos.

PS-I got an email from my friend Jelena in Italy, she said that she is getting promoted (she works for an Italian shoe company and gets to travel to 'shoe fairs' all over Europe, another envious lifestyle!), so she can't take a vacation in February and meet me in London, like we were tentatively planning. It's ok, I probably couldn't of afforded it anyway, but still, my travelling itch is getting bigger, I need to go somewhere soon!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Another Christmas has come and gone....

I haven't had a chance to post in awhile, just laziness I suppose, but I'm now at work and I've decided to take a quick break from all the inventory counting (more on that later...) Our internet isn't working at home anymore either (we used to bum off someone's wireless but they are now gone it seems), so I don't have the chance to be online at home much...anyway, blah blah.

So our Christmas was fairly good, if a bit rushed, despite having 4-5 days off. I'm discovering that it's hard to balance all your time when you have 2-3 families to visit, plus friends and extended family as well. It always seems like someone is being left out, not getting enough time, but we tried to make it as even as possible. We went to Sussex Friday afternoon (I had a half day at work so we got to leave at around 1, which was nice, no driving in the dark), then stayed at my parents place until Sunday afternoon. We didn't have a turkey or anything there, on Saturday night my parents, Dan and I and my sister Daphne and her boyfriend Steve went to Moncton to eat at Boomerangs, so that was different but nice. Christmas isn't a huge deal at my house, not since we got older (plus my grand papa died on Dec 23rd, so after that year Christmas kinda lost its wonder). But anyway, it was still nice to spend time with them, we opened our gifts once we got back from the restaurant at around 12, we got a toaster oven so that was cool, we were just talking about one (now if only we had a bigger kitchen....) So that was Christmas at my house. Nothing too exciting, but it was home.

Then Sunday afternoon we drove up to Freddy to stay with Dan's dad and have the seafood casserole that has become so famous amongst the Flynns. Trev and Sarah were there and Sean of course, so that was nice, he's quite the cute little guy, but still a bit too small and baby-ish for my own comfort, so I avoided holding him, haha. Anyway, Andrew was there too, so almost the whole gang was there, so that was nice. Anyway, went to Mass at 7 with John and Dan (Dan couldn't have been more bored or uncomfortable, but I wanted to go), then came back to Dan's dad's, watched some movies and went to bed, just a normal Christmas Eve.

Then Christmas Day early in the morning we went to Dan's mom's place. We (well, Dan), had thought that his mom was making us turkey for lunch (around 2), so we said that we would go to Micheal and Rhoda's for supper, not knowing that Bonnie was not making the turkey until 5. So that was kinda a mix up, I was a bit peeved a Dan for not having things more planned out, made for a not so great situation of going to Micheal and Rhoda's for 30 mins then saying we had to leave when they had places set out for us...friggin Dan, haha. Anyway, it worked out though, we had a yummy turkey dinner at Bonnie's with Nan, then spent the evening there with her (I got to watch some of "The Sound of Music", haha)

And Boxing Day, well this day turned into an extra day vacation because we didn't end up leaving until Wednesday morning. We left Bonnie's at around noon and went to visit Greg and Flo at their place in Oromocto for the afternoon, thinking that we would leave that afternoon for home. But by the time 4 oclock rolled around the freezing rain had really piled up and we did not want to drive in conditions like that with our bald as ever tires, so we ended up crashing at Greg and Flo's, which wasn't bad, it was good to spend some time with them. Liam is really cute too, I got my baby fix with him, he's 10 months old which is a really fun age, they actually play and move around and have personalities, I'm going to look forward to that age. Greg kept asking when we were going to "get one", so I think that he wants Dan to have one too, and I could tell that Dan wasn't completely opposed to it, he was smiling at Liam just as much as me. Pressure's on...haha

So that's about it, we left early in the morning on Wednesday so that I could get to work for 12, so I only ended up missing 3 1/2 hours of work, which isnt' too bad, Dan had to miss a whole day. But yep, Christmas is over, I packed away the tree (it was getting way too dry) and put away the lights last night, so Christmas is over for me, haha. Back to work and to life (which is busy enough)

All for now, may post later this afternoon (It's just me and the boss here, everyone else is on vacation so I can be a little slack if I want, haha) She just left for a meeting actually, so I'm all alone now....haha

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Late Night Ramblings....

Well I'm bored and Dan just left for work, so I thought I'd ramble for a bit...well, not much new to report here in Halifax, I started my new job at the Dept of Health on Friday, seems like it's going to be good and challenging, I was talking to the other Admin there and she said that she was originally hired on as a temp for one month (like me), but the position kept getting extented and she ended up working there 8 months before they hired her on officially. So that's good, I don't necessarily need to get hired on officially, but if I can get my time there extended that would be nice, less worrying about the next job at the end of January.

I still don't know if I should try and get something long term and full time (aka a 'career') since we are moving next year to the Valley, and even that is unclear right now. I'm not sure of when we (well, me) are's either going to be at the beginning of the summer (not too far away, like 5 months), or at the end, depends on if my friend comes to live with me while Dan is gone to the camps, so who knows...seems to be the motto this year 'who knows', haha. Lots to decide still. Especially next year!

So I went and did all my tests on Tuesday at the IWK with my dad and sister to see if we have Marfan Syndrome or not (for those who don't know, I have some sort of rare eye disease-thing, my left eye is pretty much useless, and my sister and dad both have the same exact thing but only worse, my dad has had 2 or 3 operations already, so they think that we have a genetic disorder called Marfan...just Google it, haha) Anyway, the tests were fine, they didn't do anything too serious, they just measured us and checked our flexibility and things like that...from what I understand there are 'indicators' for Marfan, like on a checklist, and you have to have at least 2 'major indicators' to be diagnosed...we all have one (the eyes), so they were testing us to see if we had another one, but from what they saw on Tuesday, we all just had various 'minor indicators' (flexibility, certain physical traits) but nothing else 'major', so they have to do more tests to see if they can find any other 'major indicators' (these include a swollen aeorta in the heart, skeletal problems, things like that.) So over the next 3 months or so I have to get some X-Rays, do some blood work, have an MRI and an echo-cardiogram...then they will let us know if we have it...I'm pretty certain that we don't, but it's good to know just in case. It will definitely suck if I do have it though, because it's pretty major, and I will be at a greater risk for heart attacks, my eyes could get worse, things like that. I will need to be monitored by a cardiologist every year for the rest of my life.

But the thing that sucked for me even more was that if I do end up having Marfan, I will be considered an 'at risk pregnancy' when I get pregnant and they will have to watch me closely during that time (checking my heart-if it's swollen for example-to make sure there isn't too much strain, ect) They said that lots of people with Marfan go one to have kids safely, but still, it sucks. I'm not worried about the other stuff for when I'm older, I don't care, but this pregnancy thing bugs (and kinda scares) yeah, that's the story for now, I still feel like we don't have it though, we would of known sooner (my dad's symptoms only started in 2000 at age 45) so I'm not going to worry about it too much for now, I'll worry after the tests are done and we know the results...we'll keep you all posted though!

Anyway, I guess that's all for now, time for bed!

(Oh yeah, I put up the Christmas tree today, it's nice, feels more Christmas-ey now...also, we saw 'Apocalypto' last night, it was very good, we both liked it!)

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Love this....

"I know that no one likes me, why do we need a holiday to emphasize it?" -Charlie Brown

I just quit my job today. Got a call from Kelly Services (Placement Agency) saying that they have some positions open for the Dept of Health starting right away, so I quit tonight...I always feel bad quitting without any notice, like I did tonight, but I had to get out of there, the Call Center World is a black hole that you can get sucked into if you don't get out in time, so it's good that I got out...just kinda scary being unemployed (even if it's only for a day)

That's all I suppose, we are boring! :)

PS-Congrats to Selena and Tom on their pregnancy, I'm very happy for them both, another baby to play with! haha

Monday, December 4, 2006


Random Pic of my parents' dog (my "fur-
brother") Felix wearing 'Doggles'

Some wedding pics...more later

The cliched kiss shot, haha...looks kinda funny if you look at it closely because Dan's lips is way above mine, but oh well, it was a good kiss...

My best friend Sara and I...we look so good, which is totally rare, haha

My sister Daphne...she looked really nice too, all the girls looked so different but so great!

Pop Quiz...

November 27th, 2006 (from livejournal)

What do you want to do with your life next year?

a) Go back to school and take a Medical Office Assistant course at NSCC;
b) Become a substitute French Teacher for the year, possibly start a career;
c) Try and find some sort of work, then have a baby.

Bah, it's so hard to choose!

Update on Bullet Form

Hey everyone! I decided to start a blog, I saw Selena's and Trevor's blog and liked them, so I told Dan that we would start one too...anyway, gonna copy and paste a few entries from my livejournal to get started, so here goes, enjoy...

November 3rd

I haven't actually written anything in a long time, so I figured I could update while I'm bored at work. Although no one reads this, it might actually help me to write what's been going on the past little while, it's hard to keep track of!

-Well, let's see, living in Halifax is going well enough. We live outside of the city in Bayers Lake so we aren't actually in the city and never seem to go in, so it doesn't quite feel like it did in the summer when I lived smack dab in the middle. I mean, my work isn't even in the city, it's like 10 mins away on the border of Bayers Lake! So yeah, we don't do too much and it doesn't feel very different, but it's still nice to be somewhere new. Dan seems to enjoy it enough as well, he doesn't need change as much as me so he would of been fine in Fredericton, butI had to get out of there and so far I don't regret the decision...I haven't lived in Fredericton since the end of April, so it's been awhile, it feels final, I went to visit there a few weeks ago and it was strange, which is a sign that you no longer live there I think, same feeling when I get when I go home to Sussex...

-My job...well, it's not bad, that's all I can say. It's still a call center but luckily it's not as monotonous or droning as some other call centers. There is alot of work that you can do off the phones, which is a nice break, and generally the people are easy to deal with. Some hard customers of course, but at least we are dealing with businesses who know what they are doing most of the time and not the general public (like in my old job) that's good. The work is decent, which helps. The pace is alot slower than where I worked before as well, you aren't drowning in calls all day long, you get nice little breaks in between. The hours and scheduling are ok, it's 9am to 9pm, which isn't awful. I get every other week end off, on average, which isn't bad either. The only thing that bugs me about scheduling is that we only get our schedules one week at a time, so you can't plan for things too far ahead of time...I never know my schedule for next week until the Friday before...hopefully that'll change soon. Also we have to work holidays, so I'm almost positive that I'm going to be working Christmas and all that, which will suck, but what can you do, I don't mind all that much, it's good money so what the heck. So yeah, that's my job as a Technical Support Agent for Cisco Systems, woo.

-My husband...well he's great :) Things are going well there, same a always really, we pretty much act like we always did except now we talk about 'our' money (which I'm still not used to) and we discuss the future and kids and things more seriously than before. But yeah, everything else is the same, he's wonderful as's weird to say 'husband' still, but I'm getting used to it...I do feel old and weird saying it to other people my age who aren't married and who maybe aren't even dating, I feel like they look at me weird like I'm some obsessed backwards kinda girl who got married too young...but 23 isn't young! Anyway...but yeah, it's all good, I'm happy, no regrets yet! And my wedding pictures are beautiful ;) haha

-My husband Part 2: Dan went through some crazy times over the past month...basically our short term plans have been completely turned around, and it's all because of him (not that I'm complaining, they are good decisions) Basically our plan when we decided to move was that Dan was going to go to St Mary's and finish his Business degree and I would work. I was going to work and then 2 years later once he finished we would head off to where he could get work...but then, 3 weeks before we got married, about a week before he moved here, he said that he wasn't so sure about school and was maybe thinking about taking a trade instead. I was soooo happy because, well, I hate university and was worried for the same reasons as him...he wouldn't get a job. So we decided that we would both work this year since it was too late to apply to NSCC and he didn't know what he wanted to do yet, and then next year he would take a one year course in Halifax. Fine by me. So after a few weeks of being here Dan decides that he would like to do plumbing, which is fine by me as well, it's a good reliable job with lots of openings and decent pay. So we decide on that...not actually checking into which campus it's offered on. So then last week we decide it's time for Dan to apply since it's pretty competitive to get in and you have to apply early, so we go to check to see if there are any openings in Halifax...nothing! The plumbing course is only offered on 3 campuses...Springhill, Sydney and Kentville! Nothing in Halifax at now it looks like we are going to be moving to Kentville next year! So our plans have completely change, Dan went from living in Halifax and taking Business for 2 years to working in Halifax one year then living in Kentville and taking plumbing for one year! Pretty crazy, but it's going to work out in the end, I know it.

-Living in Kentville: I'm actually quite excited for this! My best friend lives in New Minas, which is about 15 mins away from Kentville, and I go out and visit her in the Valley often, and I've slowly fallen in love with the's like the Sussex area of NS, but prettier in a way. It's a completely self sustained community (but feels isolated, which sucks). But yeah, everytime I go out there I come home telling Dan how I would like to live out there...and now I will! There isnt' alot of work, I must admit, it's going to be hard to find a good job, but the cost of living out there is much cheaper than Halifax, so it all evens out...we just need to work hard this year, save up some tuition money so that we won't have to get a loan, and then we should be ok. But yeah, I'd be close to my friend (the other married one) which is awesome, we could do things together (she has a very active life out there), she's going to buy a house soon, I can just seeing it being alot of fun. Who knows how long we'll be out there, after taking the one year course Dan has to be an apprentice for 4 years so we may be out there a very long time...10 months to go!

Anyway, I've ended up droning on and on for way too long, so I'm done now. I'm still contemplating whether I want to go to a party tonight or's a friend from work, which is fine, but it's going to be all Spanish people, which isn't that bad it's just kind of intimidating because they will all be speaking spanish all the time....I'll probably go for a little while though, just to see...Anyway, I'm out!