Thursday, December 28, 2006

Another Christmas has come and gone....

I haven't had a chance to post in awhile, just laziness I suppose, but I'm now at work and I've decided to take a quick break from all the inventory counting (more on that later...) Our internet isn't working at home anymore either (we used to bum off someone's wireless but they are now gone it seems), so I don't have the chance to be online at home much...anyway, blah blah.

So our Christmas was fairly good, if a bit rushed, despite having 4-5 days off. I'm discovering that it's hard to balance all your time when you have 2-3 families to visit, plus friends and extended family as well. It always seems like someone is being left out, not getting enough time, but we tried to make it as even as possible. We went to Sussex Friday afternoon (I had a half day at work so we got to leave at around 1, which was nice, no driving in the dark), then stayed at my parents place until Sunday afternoon. We didn't have a turkey or anything there, on Saturday night my parents, Dan and I and my sister Daphne and her boyfriend Steve went to Moncton to eat at Boomerangs, so that was different but nice. Christmas isn't a huge deal at my house, not since we got older (plus my grand papa died on Dec 23rd, so after that year Christmas kinda lost its wonder). But anyway, it was still nice to spend time with them, we opened our gifts once we got back from the restaurant at around 12, we got a toaster oven so that was cool, we were just talking about one (now if only we had a bigger kitchen....) So that was Christmas at my house. Nothing too exciting, but it was home.

Then Sunday afternoon we drove up to Freddy to stay with Dan's dad and have the seafood casserole that has become so famous amongst the Flynns. Trev and Sarah were there and Sean of course, so that was nice, he's quite the cute little guy, but still a bit too small and baby-ish for my own comfort, so I avoided holding him, haha. Anyway, Andrew was there too, so almost the whole gang was there, so that was nice. Anyway, went to Mass at 7 with John and Dan (Dan couldn't have been more bored or uncomfortable, but I wanted to go), then came back to Dan's dad's, watched some movies and went to bed, just a normal Christmas Eve.

Then Christmas Day early in the morning we went to Dan's mom's place. We (well, Dan), had thought that his mom was making us turkey for lunch (around 2), so we said that we would go to Micheal and Rhoda's for supper, not knowing that Bonnie was not making the turkey until 5. So that was kinda a mix up, I was a bit peeved a Dan for not having things more planned out, made for a not so great situation of going to Micheal and Rhoda's for 30 mins then saying we had to leave when they had places set out for us...friggin Dan, haha. Anyway, it worked out though, we had a yummy turkey dinner at Bonnie's with Nan, then spent the evening there with her (I got to watch some of "The Sound of Music", haha)

And Boxing Day, well this day turned into an extra day vacation because we didn't end up leaving until Wednesday morning. We left Bonnie's at around noon and went to visit Greg and Flo at their place in Oromocto for the afternoon, thinking that we would leave that afternoon for home. But by the time 4 oclock rolled around the freezing rain had really piled up and we did not want to drive in conditions like that with our bald as ever tires, so we ended up crashing at Greg and Flo's, which wasn't bad, it was good to spend some time with them. Liam is really cute too, I got my baby fix with him, he's 10 months old which is a really fun age, they actually play and move around and have personalities, I'm going to look forward to that age. Greg kept asking when we were going to "get one", so I think that he wants Dan to have one too, and I could tell that Dan wasn't completely opposed to it, he was smiling at Liam just as much as me. Pressure's on...haha

So that's about it, we left early in the morning on Wednesday so that I could get to work for 12, so I only ended up missing 3 1/2 hours of work, which isnt' too bad, Dan had to miss a whole day. But yep, Christmas is over, I packed away the tree (it was getting way too dry) and put away the lights last night, so Christmas is over for me, haha. Back to work and to life (which is busy enough)

All for now, may post later this afternoon (It's just me and the boss here, everyone else is on vacation so I can be a little slack if I want, haha) She just left for a meeting actually, so I'm all alone now....haha

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