Thursday, September 27, 2012


So I haven't blogged in FOREVER, but I saw that Elise Blaha and Ali Edwards were doing "Currently" type posts on their blogs today and decided to join in. Miracles can happen!

So here we go:


eating the last cupcake from my sister's baby shower.

listening to How Stuff Works podcasts; I love them and have them on while I work. I've gone through all the "Stuff Mom Never Told You" and "Pop Stuff" episodes, currently enjoying the "Stuff You Should Know" episodes (and getting used to listening to guys talk).

watching a lot of Community and Sex and the City reruns.

glancing down at my arms and double taking at my new tattoos; still not used to seeing them there.

editing all.the.time. 75% of my working time is spent editing these days.

breathing the cool crisp air, and trying to breathe it deep.

loving that Fall is really here, but still kind of surprised how quickly it snuck up on me again

trying to be patient with getting Dan and I's photos back from Shannon May Photography (teaser shot above).

starting to think about the kids' Halloween costumes and Halloween in general.

getting excited about my trip to Quebec to shoot a wedding next week.

dreading trying to decide what to pack and getting on an airplane.

reminding myself that I need to care for my body better because I feel like crap if I neglect it too much.

falling asleep at 9:00pm on the couch every night; I'm not used to it getting dark so early.

amazing at the fact that Violet is one. How can that be?

enjoying Victor's growing vocabulary. He's been a little parrot lately.

knowing that I need to think about potty training soon but not wanting to start.

looking forward to the 'slow' season of January-May.

feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do.

thanking God that I am able to work from home at what I love.

cooking Pepper Steak for supper tonight (welcome back the urge to cook comfort food!)

admitting that I am not Martha Stewart and will never be a perfectionist with food/crafts.

freaking out over how behind in Project Life I am.

thinking that I need to call about getting oil and more wood; winter will be here in no time.

wearing sweaters and sandals, or T-shirts and boots (my favourite kind of outfits).

putting the kids' summer clothes away and pulling out the bigger sizes for Violet.

wishing we had a bit more money, we've been cutting it really close lately.

relishing (or attempting to anyway) in this very full and busy life we are living right now.

Victor: 2 years, 7 months

Violet: 1 year!!

Have a great day friends,

Monday, September 3, 2012


To say I'm behind in posting these is an understatement...I think I'll be posting well into 2013 to catch up with them all! This is actually the last week I photographed, so hopefully this week sometime I will get around to photographing the last 10 weeks or so (wow, summer just flew by!)

This particular week in June I decided to try something new, I journaled a card for every day of the week, so there are no small photos (except for the weather card). I like the look and how it's very text heavy, a nice contrast to sparser weeks. I also included our certificate for Musical Moments since it was the last week before summer break, an Instagram collage and a little photo on the Title Card since I didn't have any small spaces available. Pretty nice week :)

Here we go!

I think I'll try to blog my ode to Fall this week, and Violet is turning one so I need to start writing a one-year update post, which is going to end up being quite long since I haven't done any monthly updates for the little miss!