Monday, September 3, 2012


To say I'm behind in posting these is an understatement...I think I'll be posting well into 2013 to catch up with them all! This is actually the last week I photographed, so hopefully this week sometime I will get around to photographing the last 10 weeks or so (wow, summer just flew by!)

This particular week in June I decided to try something new, I journaled a card for every day of the week, so there are no small photos (except for the weather card). I like the look and how it's very text heavy, a nice contrast to sparser weeks. I also included our certificate for Musical Moments since it was the last week before summer break, an Instagram collage and a little photo on the Title Card since I didn't have any small spaces available. Pretty nice week :)

Here we go!

I think I'll try to blog my ode to Fall this week, and Violet is turning one so I need to start writing a one-year update post, which is going to end up being quite long since I haven't done any monthly updates for the little miss!


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