Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This was the week that 'summer' started for us...the weather got REALLY nice, it was the long weekend in May, the kids used the kiddie pool for the first time, the flowers started coming out...I had my first photoshoot of the year (well, besides a winter session), and we had some visitors (if course no pictures of that, I am the WORST at photographing 'events' like visits, trips, etc.) 

I like how some layouts end up being a certain colour or theme...this spread has a lot of yellow in it, which works out well with the start of summer theme. 2 Instagram collages this week, our Weekly Review spread out on 2 small cards, a journaling spot with Dan's handwriting on it (!), and lots of journaling spots/labels, as usual. My think my favourite part of this week might be the 2 photos of the kids in the pool on the 2nd page, I put the "&" Thicker between them on top of the page protector and added "lamb" and "lioness"with little letter stickers. Pretty much sums up their personalities ;)

Seems so long ago already, so happy to have these memories written down!


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