Thursday, August 14, 2008

Feelin' kinda...nada.

Haven't been tempted to blog lately.
Or scrap.
Or take pictures.
Or decorate.
Or do anything creative.

It's a rut. It's a loss of Mojo. It's a blank stare.

It's annoying.

Been here way too much and it has left a bad feeling in my stomach. Such malice, such unecessary evil towards others...why can't all us ladies just get along and play with our scissors and paper? Why do we force things like this to happen? Such a sweetheart, and now she's gone.

Brings on doubt, brings on irritation, brings out the worst in us all. Even me (the doubt, not the evil). So I'll stop going there and hope that I can forget everything I read. I'd prefer to think that everything is ok and that everyone isn't backstabbing everyone. Live happy, live free.

Oh, and who the fuck cares if something's trendy? That's the fun of it, why ruin it by bitching about it being a trend and therefore stupid? Everything's a trend, get over it. Enjoy it.

Two pages on the go right now. Some 365 shots from my first 90 days. Wish I could say I'm doing as well at the 365s as I was before, but I haven't taken a shot of myself all week. It's fading. May try to get the pages done tonight, they are pretty simple. Not playing in any Challenges though, tired of all the cliques....getting tired of the "scrapbooking world" actually.


On to happier things...

I am heading home tomorrow for the Flea Market!! It's an Annual thing in Sussex, been going since as long as I can remember, but this year I am especially psyched because of my big, empty flat. Going to score big I hope, I want old picture frames mostly, stuff for the house, jewelry, vintage clothes, general pretties. I'm budgeting 100$, I should be able to score something decent for that. Can't wait!!

Also, I am going to see this gorgeous lady!! Haven't seen her since May, I can't wait! We're going to Flea, party at her sister's wedding, and since her bf has never been to Sussex (he's a city boy through and through) it should be pretty awesome in general! Love you dear :)

I am leaving for California in 6 days. 6 days. Seems so crazy, I have to get ready!!

I can't wait for fall. Cool air, golden leaves, apple crisps, warm sweaters, bright pumpkins, afternoon walks, brown boots, comfort food, corn mazes, halloween spooks, earth tones, sunshine, fall decor, cinnamon candles, decorative gourds, and 2 years of marriage :)

Well I suppose that's all. Hope to have more to post next week before I go on vacation, until then, hopefully everyone has a nice weekend!



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