Friday, August 15, 2008

1 of about 3...

pages I'm doing with pics from my 365 Challenge...I chose my favs from the 1st 90 days and am doing pages with those...I'll probably do the same when I hit Day 180 (which is coming up soon, I'm on 140 or so now I think...) It was hard to do the multi-photo layout, even with little pics like this, but I like the way it turned out, I wanted the page to be pretty simple so that the focus was on the pics...these are mostly my fav outdoor shots. I think that my main goal will be at the end of the year to print off 4X6s of all my 365 shots, and put them in an album and add some journaling if possible about each photo. (Ideally I would journal on the day itself, but that would require immediate printing, which is tough to do...) Anyway, future creative dreams.

Like I said before, I didn't play in any Challenges for this layout, I'm going to try and scrap for awhile without focusing on the Challenges, because right now I'm into the habit of thinking that if I'm not srapping to play in a Challenge, then my layout is "worthless", and that's something I have to get out of, I have to see the value in scrapping just to get some thoughts and feelings out, to express myself creatively, or hell, to just pass the time.

'nough rambling, here it is:

Pardon the shadows on my layout, my scanner can't handle anything that's not 2D.

I'm off for home in a few hours, going to bring my camera to show the Flea-wonderfulness. Be back on Monday I hope to show what I got!

Happy Friday,

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Jacynthe said...

Tes photos sont très belles. J'aime particulièrement celle avec la jupe dansante...vraiment jolie. J'aime la mise en page avec toutes les photos groupées ensemble. Le zig-zag du bloc de journaling est vraiment "cute" aussi. Beau travail!