Tuesday, April 1, 2008

[Kind of] Non-Scrappin' Ramble...

1) I made this yesterday as part of the 365 Creative Challenge (make something everyday), and I must say it was the quickest, most thoughtless thing I've ever made, in total it was maybe 5 mins...had this cute post-it stuck on a 6X6 sheet to scan in, then I thought, hey, make a page NOW! So I slapped some flowers on there, some staples, my Dymo, and it's now the first page for my Happiness album that I made a few days ago...love it when that happens :)

2) Not sure why I felt I needed to write down what I wrote though, because I realized tonight that I am actually quite happy (for the moment, which is rare for me.) I mean, I have a great job (I'm actually getting a letter this week regarding my status, hopefully it'll be permanent soon, or at least another term wit benefits and vacation days!), I have an amazing husband who's really supportive of everything I do and who still loves me after almost 5 years of craziness, my family is great, I have an awesome roommate and friend, and most of all, I'm starting to feel like my creativity is coming into its own...I still struggling with it, but I'm also starting to express myself in a way I enjoy, it feels more like "me"...might be vain, trendy, trying-to-be-cool, yeah, but I'm learning to forget all that and just do what I want.

3) I started my 365 Self Portrait Flickr group, in case anyone wants to check it out (only 2 days so far, haha...) [It's located in my sidebar here -->] Heather said that she would do it with me too, so that's fun, I'll get to do a self portrait, and also a portrait of someone else everyday, which is great...I think that tomorrow we are going to try and head outside, it's supposed to be sunny and +4 (last week didn't work out, stupid Maritime weather, it changes more than I change my socks!) Photography is definitely my new obsession.

4) I'm getting into Dragon Warrior again, it's awesome...for those who don't know, it's an old school Nintendo (original Nintendo!) game, you walk around fighting slimes and magicians and skeletons and beat a dragon, it's the best...every now and then I get the itch to play a Nintendo game, and it's usually a toss up between this game, Zelda, Zelda on Super Nintendo or Mario on Super Nintendo...as you can see I stick to the originals.

5) Been super inspired by this girl and by this one too, such talents, I can't believe it. Their art just makes me swoon.

Well that's all for nowzies, check y'all later!

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