Thursday, June 26, 2008

projects, layouts and goodies, oh my...

Cool kid's curtains for 99 cents at Value Village,
going to use it on some
childhood memory pages...
First of all, what do you call someone who blogs too much? Bloggaholic? I think I'm turning into one, I'm updating almost everyday, that's not normal is it?! I need blog-rehab. I need to be away from a computer. I need a log cabin in the woods. I need a vacation. But, I don't have any of those things right now, so I'll share some fun stuff I've been doing this week instead! Here's a layout I made tonight about my friend Heather and our daily at-work emails to each other:
It's a 12X12, which for me is a rarity these days, but I didn't want cut up the pretty background paper! Used some new MM letter stickers I got for 40% off from Michael's (love), plus some older stuff from my Stash, which is always fun. I am going to choose some particular emails and tuck them underneath the ruled paper (hence the "pull out" label) So yeah, pretty happy that I scrapped it relatively quickly, I need to get back into the habit of creating at least one layout a week. I didn't participate in any Challenges, didn't focus on any specific technique, I just created. And I liked it.
Last night Heather and I had a Craft Night Extravaganza, and we went shopping for some supplies and thrifty goodies (Heather got an awesome table-lamp for 8$!), then came back and did some projects. Mine was to spraypaint an old mirror I had since forever.
Here's the before:
As you can see, quite old and dusty and ugo. And the after, I used a really bright blue, since I thought, why not use a really bright blue??

I put it in our bedroom, on the wall you see right when you walk in. My room is actually almost done, just a few little things to add here and there, but here are a few pics of it, it's quite relaxing and light and not too cluttered, which is hard for me sometimes but I really want to keep it peaceful. (Also, you can see the new pillow cases I got, I love them so much, so vintage country, and they were 99 cents for 2!! Can't beat that. I also got the little cream frame last night for 99 cents, and the curtains (from Ikea) I got last week for 5.99, I've been scoring bigtime at VV lately!)

I may eventually paint the walls a white colour, but for now I'm pretty happy with it, I will probably keep working on it all summer, then enjoy it when the chill sets in this fall...I love decorating :) Next challenge: Kitchen.

Anyway, Heather was quite crafty as well, working on a painting she made of a cool tree (might do this one myself some day...)

Also cool: I got Picassa for my computer, since my Photoshop trial was over. I'm discovering that for me, right now, Picassa is probably enough, it does what I need it to do, and when I'm ready to get into actions and everything else, I'll move up to Photoshop. I should concentrate on taking good pictures first, then on the editing, I've decided. Oh yeah.

Well I guess that's all for tonight. Tomorrow night Dan and I are going out for sushi (yumm), then on Saturday I am going to a barbecue at my coworker's house, and on Sunday I hope to get my scrap on, since it's going to rain (boo). Hope everyone has an awesome weekend, until next time!


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Kara said...

Your room looks so amazing! It's so dreamy and soft. Love it.

Great layout!