Sunday, May 11, 2008

Matante de nouveau...

I just found out that this lovely couple, otherwise known as my brother and sister in law, Tom and Selena, are expecting their 2nd child, due in December! Such a wonderful thing, I know that they really want more kids so this is just great news, and Selena is such a wonderful mum, I know she'll enjoy having 2 little ones (and will probably want more!) The kids are going to be 18 months apart, which is how far apart my sister, Daphne, and I are, so that's cool, I'll be able to let them know how it is to be so close in age...I'm thinking it's going to be another boy, but who knows, the Universe may surprise us all and there might finally be a Flynn girl (the record so far is 4 sons, and now 3 grandsons for the Flynns, so it's not looking good for the girls, haha)

So now Sean
and Hayden

will have a little cousin,
And Noah

will have a little brother (or sister).

Congrats you guys!!
Guess I got some catching up to do....
umm, yeah, we'll leave it at that.

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