Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday night lovelies...

Doesn't everyone just love a good Friday? I do, and this has been a good in celebration, I thought I'd share some lovely things I've seen lately...

Just a few pics of some rooms I found through this blog, always swoon-worthy...that bed looks beyond comfortable and inviting!! The black and white gothicky stuff? Right up my alley! And the teal/blue/green office? Oh my word!

I also got my Toast catalogues today, there are some amazing pics in there, I'll definitely be diving into that for some art journaling/mini booking...thanks for the idea Kara! Just waiting to get my Anthropologie catalogue and I'll be allll set.

Have to post this pic because it makes me happy :)

This weekend we are in home-finding mode...we need to find a place to live for June, and basically this is our last weekend to do it, because next weekend I am in Toronto (wee!), the weekend after that we are heading home for my dad's bi-annual lobster boil (mmm), and then after that it's moving weekend! So I am emailing/calling anything that looks interesting, and hopefully something will turn up...

I'm hoping this weekend to get some stuff done on my bits of life mini, and add some pages to my Happiness is...album as well. Maybe even scrap another page too, who knows!

Finally, some Etsy loves...this kit looks sooo fun, it would be perfect for my Toronto trip...these necklaces rock my world...these are too funny, I'd love to have some to make some bitchy pages, haha...oh, and this is just all around awesome.

Some pics from today...

Well that's all, hope everyone has lovelies of their own that they care enjoying, and that everyone has a great weekend!

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later and out!



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candy said...

what a sweet cat....i love kitties!