Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I'm a bass widow...

Well I'd figured I'd post a little something, not necessarily because I have alot of important things to say, but more just to pass the time, since Dan is gone jamming. He goes about twice a week, so that's good for him I suppose, he doesn't get to play nearly enough. Leaves me alone though!

So nothing is too new with us, just working away I suppose. Dan got hired on officially at his job so that's good, we'll get some benefits soon, which is awesome, we both need to go to the dentist so bad! My job is going ok too, I'm not sure if I want to stay there much longer than my assigned time, I mean it's good to have a steady job, but I'm not sure if the people like me, so if I have to go, it'll be ok...I like the job, it's pretty busy and sometimes challenging, mostly inventory and filing, which is fine, but like I said, I'm not sure if the people like me, or if they think I'm doing a good job, or if they are just putting up with me until my time is done...who knows, I'm paranoid. I don't know if I'll ever find a job I really love...I enjoy working with people ok, but I can't say I'm very comfortable with them, I'm the kind of person who just likes to go to work, do her job, and then go home, and not get too involved. I think that that comes off as mean to some people, or that I'm a loner, but it's just the way I am, I'm not super sociable...anyway, I'm rambling on, it's just work, there are more important things...

So last week end I went to visit my friend Sara in the Valley. We had a pretty good time, we went running, it was the first time I ran in 3 months, and man it was rough! We ran about 40 mins, and I had to stop for about a minute to walk because I just couldn't handle it...40 mins is about 5km though, so it's encouraging to know that I can at least struggle through half of my goal of 10km...if I seriously train I should be able to get up to that 10km by the summer...there's a 10km marathon in the Valley on Canada Day, so I should aim for that...the only problem right now is that it gets dark by the time I get home from work so I can't go running at night (not in Halifax alone anyway), so I'll find to find a place to run indoors, or wait until it stays light outside...by the looks of it though it won't take long, I notice already that it's lighter out later, usually when I get home it's dark but now it's just getting dusk when I get home...can't wait for the spring! Not that I should complain though, it friggin' feels like spring right now!

So my friend is thinking about having a baby this year...she's been married 2 years and she loves kids and they are in a decent position to have one, so I think that she is going to get pregnant this year if all goes well...I'm very excited for her, but it just seems like everyone is either getting married or having babies these days! I guess I'm just at the age where that is happening...last year alone three of our friends (or family) had babies, and this year I'm going to 2 (possibly 3) weddings, and there's one baby so far that I know of on the way, it's just nuts! It's fun though, I enjoy it, I enjoy seeing all the babies and weddings...I've done the wedding and it was great, but I'm not quite sure if we're ready for the baby part yet, we'll have to see, I pretty much change my mind daily...Sara and I have always had this goofy plan since high school that we would do all these things at the same time, get married, have babies, live next door to each other...so far we're both married and this fall coming we're going to be living in the same town, only the babies left, haha. Bah, probably not...maybe...maybe not, haha

Ok that's enough rambling, I'm barely making sense as it is, this is what boredom and watching too much TV brings you...until next time...off to scrapbook.

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