Monday, January 1, 2007

Resolutions for 2007...well maybe

Ok, just wanted to quickly jot down some things that I would like to do this year, not necessarily resolutions but things that I would like to aim for...for my own reference so I don't forget.

-Eat Healthier: this may be hard with Dan, I'm just going to have to start cooking on my own and making better choices for myself instead of just letting Dan decide what we eat.

-Exercise/Run a 10km Marathon: I almost pulled this off last summer, I was up to 7.5kms and then for some stupid reason I just stopped, so I want to get back into it again this spring/summer, maybe even earlier if the weather friend ran a 10km last summer so maybe I could aim to do one with her this year...

-Be more Environmentally Conscious/Friendly: I'm already doing some things that I didn't do before, but I'd like to do more if possible...maybe start composting, recycling more than I am now, buying environmentally friendly products, things like that...(and I know I'm spelling environmentally wrong, haha)

-Improve my Language Skills: Make a point to practise my languages more, especially French and Spanish...maybe start a journal in these languages, take a class, anything to improve. Also progress in my Italian to the point of being able to write an email to my friend Jelena...also if I have time, maybe get back into my German (that may be pushing it though, haha)

-Go to Church more...this may be hard while living in Halifax, but once we move out to the Valley it should be easier since I will have people there to encourage me to go and already have a great church that they go to...also try and read the Bible more (or at least start again, haha)

-Read more...instead of watching TV all the time, use my library card and read more, non-fiction, fiction, textbooks, anything!

-Watch less TV and use the computer less...this may be the hardest one!

-Take a trip: Anywhere! Whether taking more day trips with Dan on the weekends, or taking a large trip (California, out West, New York, anywhere!) sometime this year....this one MUST happen!

-Visit my Grand Maman in Bathurst

-Scrapbook more and take more pictures (once we get a digital camera I should be able to do this more)

-Be a Better Friend and Family Member

-Worry less!

-Decide on what I'd like to do with my life...ha! yeah right!! (Well maybe decide on some things for sure, like kids and a career...if possible)

Well those are some for now, there may be more later, but it's quite the list, I'm not sure if I'll be able to do everything, we'll see I suppose...ok, off to bed, gotta get back to work tomorrow!

Bonne nuit tout le monde.

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