Thursday, August 16, 2007

Can you hear me Major Tom?...And I'm floating in a tin can...

Well I've been meaning to write a little something for days now, since there have been some developments since the last time I wrote, but I always seem to get distracted by something else, my generation's attention span is quite short, and the older I get the shorter I find it, I really need to work on my concentration and focus...anyway, enough about that, moving on to something else :)

So let's see, I guess I will start with work, since that is what my life seems to be about now, I guess I'm offically a grown up. Anyway, the news at work is that I've been extended until at least October 19th, which is awesome news, I'm glad that I can stay here (and make my awesome salary) a little while longer. I still enjoy it and hope to stay as long as possible, and maybe even get some sort of Permanent position eventually.

The other big development is that one of the other Admins here, the one who was hired on in March to do my position 'officially', has been sick and is now out until September 4th at the earliest, so that means that I have been put in charge of all her work...and there is ALOT! Basically, I'm now in charge of making sure that all of our Health Education resources get printed, proofed, designed, translated, sent out to the Districts, and whatever else needs to be done. This is quite a task, since there are probably 40-45 projects on the go at the moment, all in different stages of development, and I have to keep track of all of's tough, but I've been able to handle it so far...I was kind of annoyed at first since the Admin who had this job decided to not include me in most of the processes, so I came into this only knowing bits and pieces, and I haven't received any offical training in the computer program (again, they left me out of it), so I've had to learn quite a bit pretty quickly, but I think I'm doing quite well, maybe even better than her! (She was quite disorganized, at least compared to how I work.) Anyway, so that's that, my own projects (Filing, Website, Archives) have been put on hold for now, but I think that because of this, they shouldn't have a hard time extending me past October, to make up for the time that I've been missing (it's going to be 6-8 weeks at least before I can complately concentrate on my own stuff.) So that's my government life, not super exciting, but I'm happy :) Ooooh, I also got paid today for the first time with my new pay, and it's soooo awesome! I hate getting paid every 2 weeks, but that's ok, I guess it's better for taxes and money, for a little while at least, it'll be gone before I know it :S

So, because of all this stuff with work, it means that I am now no longer going with Dan to Springhill, which sucks big time as far and us goes, but in the long run it's much better for us financially, and it'll take a lot of stress off, since we will be living on one salary basically all year, so it's good that it's a big salary at least...Dan has been off work for about 3 weeks now, maybe 4, and he's been getting quite a bit of stuff done for school. He has been applying for EI and for the Skills and Training Program, he had an appointment today, I hope it all works out, it would help us out big time if the government could pay for part of the school wouldn't have to be much, we've already paid the 1st half of his tuition, and we are getting another 1000$ from Irving, but still, if they could help pay for his rent, we could maybe even start saving a bit this year while he is in school, which would be awesome, since, you know, we haven't saved anything in our lives yet :S

Dan is also going to Sprinhill today to look for an apartment, he is just going to rent out a room for the year, hopefully furnished, something that is cheap, which is good, I guess we will save some money that way now. He will have the car during the year, since I can get anywhere I want by bus, and plus my roomate has her own car, so I don't need it as much as he will, and he will come back on weekends to visit, so it'll be like it was this summer, which isn't idea, but at least we'll be on the same schedule this time, he wont' be so exhausted all the time since he'll be on an 8:30-4:30 schedule too...and we talked about it, this is the first time that Dan has had a 9-5 schedule since he worked at the Access Centre in McAdam I like 7 years! That's nuts, poor guy, he's been working shifts and crap hours forever, I hope he likes being normal, haha. So we have about 3 weeks left before he moves, I better enjoy it now, it's nice to have him around, he's a very good house husband, he does the dishes everyday, makes the bed, has supper ready when I get home...I'm getting used to this!

Hmm well I guess that's best friend Sara told me about 3 weeks ago that she is pregnant, which is awesome, she had had a miscarriage earlier this year so I'm happy that she is doing so well this tiem (she's nearly 12 weeks now, so she should be ok.) It's so scary to think that she is going to have a baby, she's the first of my good friends to have one, and she was the one I was supposed to have one with at the same time, but it really doesn't look like that's going to happen now, haha, considering I don't like babies or children, so I guess I'll just have to practise with hers :) She deserves it though, she loves babies, always yeah, another baby on the way, seems like everyone is having kids! I have 2 weddings to go to this year (I've already gone to 3) and there are 2 babies that I know of that are due next year...sheesh, and then there's Dan and I, standing still, haha.

Ok, that's it for real, I'll babble more later probably, hope everyone is well!!
Me at Crystal Crescent Beach, in the Atlantic...lovin' it!

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Selena said...

That's awesome about the job. I hope you get a full time position soon.

The distance will be a little rough while Danny is at school but the two of you can do it. And once Danny is done school than you never have to be apart again.