Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dreams, dreams, flitting away...

(Not my family, but I'm hoping to get some shots like this this summer when Dan's awesome cousin Faye comes to take our pictures!)

Still working on those updates, waiting until things are a bit more final before announcing anything, and trying not to get my hopes up (again). In the meantime, I'm leaving you with more of my favourite pins as of late.

I want to make one of these for Victor, he loves the play kitchen at Sara's place, but I think that the handmade ones are so much more cute :)

I REALLY need to get back to work on Victor's blanket. Aim for before this baby's born?

I know Summer just started, but man, I can't wait for Fall again, haha. This would be so cute in any colour though!

I realize that the whole 'dandelion turning into birds' thing is being done to death right now, but it's so so so pretty. If only I could find a way to incorporate the kid's names into it, I think I'd be set.  I'd want it bigger though!

My friend Jelena (from Croatia) got married this past Saturday in Italy (where her husband is from and where she lives). Not sure where's she going on her honeymoon, but I think she should go here, in her own country. Spectacularly gorgeous.

Summertime treat? I think so.

It's creepy, it's gothic, it's mannish, it's not very practical, but I WANT IT.

I miss scrapbooking quite a bit, and have been thinking about doing another 'week in the life' project, but I just don't think it would be practical right now (besides, I did a summer one last year, the next one I'd like to do would be either in the Fall or Spring...)  I need to think of another scrap project to do (besides layouts, I just can't get into those anymore...)

Trying not to pin too many decor/house things, since we're not in a house yet (and it's looking less and less likely like we'll be getting into one anytime soon), so for now these pretty images will just have to stay in the realm of dreams and not possible realities (this kitchen layout it really close to the kitchen in the house we were looking at, so I was particularly inspired by it). I love the colours, floors, and cabinets...sigh.

And this, because it's SO true :)

Ok, sorry for the fluff guys, will be back with more meaty posts later on.

(Who am I kidding, it doesn't matter does it? haha)

Until then,

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Stephie C said...

Haha love it and at least your post had pretty pics to look at! I was too lazy to even put pics in my lame update I just posted ;) I am just working hard at trying to stay calm and organized this month! I keep letting things creep into my mind like how behind I am on my Project Life album that I swore up and down I was not going to get behind on this is life!