Monday, June 27, 2011

Currently... of two cute little boys; determined not to fall behind
eating...crab salad sandwiches on whole wheat toast new hair cut and colour (but still getting used to it)
thinking...about the house
dreaming...about decorating the house
wishing...that someone could style my hair, paint my nails and do my make-up everyday
listening to...a random 'indie mix' I made on Grooveshark (Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, Death Cab, etc)
drinking...water, and can't get enough
remembering...what it's like to have pulled groin muscles while pregnant (I forgot all about it!)
wanting...some fun alone time/date night with Dan leggings and a shirt/dress type thing (running out of wardrobe options)
thankful parents, our real estate agent and our mortgage broker, who are all making this home-owning thing become a reality for us
struggling with...choosing a name for this baby
marveling at...Victor and his ever growing abilities and comprehension
frustrated with...Victor and his ever growing tantrums/picky eating
knowing...I should paint the nails on my other hand
giddy fancy new 27" computer monitor (it's like a little TV!)
debating...whether to skip work this afternoon and head out into the sun
deciding...yes, I think I will

Happy Monday!


Stephie C said...

love the brave new hair choice and the new maternity pics! I so need to do one of these as an update as I have been awful with blogging! Oopsies!

Stephie C said...

P.S. LOVING Mumford and Sons myself lately!