Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maternity Series |22 Weeks|

Here we are, another 2 weeks later...this pregnancy is speeding up it seems and I don't really like it! I haven't been giving a ton of thought as to what this baby's arrival will mean for us, besides in the general 'wow' terms, so having the weeks tick along on the calendar isn't helping me prepare. Ah well, the baby will get here when it does (in the blink of an eye I bet), and soon I'll forget what it was like not to have two little ones.

Photos taken in my sister's garden on another cloudy/dreary day (you see a pattern emerging here? Gah I hate June...) My companions are Quincy and Nemo, who apparently aren't very camera shy (Quincy stood staring at the camera for about 2 mins, it was kind of weird actually!)

Be back when I'm's that for honesty (ha!)

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