Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

[Dan with Victor at 4-5 days old, and Dan with Victor at 15 months]

I'm sure if Victor could talk, he would say "Thank you Daddy..."

...for feeding me bottles of Mama's milk late at night when I was very small;
...for staying home and building a bond with me in my early days;
...for holding me and letting me sleep on your chest more times than I can remember;
...for letting Mama take a million pictures of us together because she loves them so much;
...for playing "Rocket Baby" with me;
...for staying up late with me on nights when I wouldn't go to sleep;
...for waking up early with me even though you love to sleep in;
...for reading me my favourite books over and over again;
...for letting me touch your guitars even when you are trying to play;
...for greeting me with a big smile every day when you come home from work;
...for carrying me on your shoulders when I'm too tired to walk;
...for holding my hand and helping me down the stairs and on the street;
...for playing peek a boo and chase games and being 'the energetic one';
...for giving my friends Bill and Duckie and Lovey silly voices;
...for playing with me at the park;
...for spending time alone with me so Mama can work;
...for taking me to the store when I'm feeling restless and bored;
...for giving me my baths and playing with me;
...for listening to my 'baby' music even though you don't like it;
...for being PATIENT (oh so patient) with me;
...for being my "Didi" (and for being the best one ever).

[Click to see larger; photos from March 2010 to June 2011]

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Love, Victor

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Stephie C said...

absolutely amazing collage of pics! Love it!