Sunday, August 8, 2010

The difference a year can make...

A year ago today I flew off to Italy and Croatia to reunite with my friend Jelena and return to Europe after 4 years away, to see St. Peter's and Vatican city (and nearly cry from the beauty of it), to swim in the Adriatic Sea (and the bluest, clearest, warmest water I've ever swam in), to eat delicious pasta and drink delicious cappucinos, to visit ruins and landscapes that were centuries old (beyond my North American comprehension), to nearly suffer heat stroke from the +35C weather nearly every day, to take a train through the Italian countryside, to drive through Slovenia, to see the canals of Venice, to go to what must have been a Roman paradise in Brijuni, to see 3 of the 7 coloseums in the world...I left a year ago for a trip of a lifetime.  

And today I'm doing this.

But you know, I wouldn't trade it for anything


(well, maybe one more swim in those waters, lol)

Happy Sunday to you!


Stephie C said...

LOL! I am envious of your travels I am longing to swim in some warm tropic waters these days...of course that would require me to wear a swimsuit! I am actually scrapping today (not my WITL though tossed that darn thing aside for now LMAO)

Anonymous said...

This post says it all!