Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Week in the Life [Completed Album]

[Oh my friggin' word, it took me foreeeever to get these pics in order! I had to delete my post twice and start over because the pictures kept getting all mixed up...anyway, I digress...]

So here it is, after nearly 2 months, my completed A Week in the Life album!  Let me tell you, when Ali said that this project was A LOT of work, she wasn't kidding!  Not only was the documenting a huge feat, putting it together was just as big (if not bigger) of a feat as well!  Even though there was very little 'scrapping' to do, it still took a long time, there was a lot of trimming, and gluing, and repetition...but it's done now and I'm pretty happy with how it all came out! 

A few things:

-The cover was inspired by Christina Clouse's cover in a way, I basically took scraps of all the patterned paper used in the album and had my mom patchwork-stitch them together, I love the way it turned out.
-I kept the cover pages and collage pages pretty simple and the same throughout, with just a slight variation in paper width and photo placement, but it's all pretty much the same.
-Looking back now, I wish I had chosen a better cardstock colour for the journaling cards, the green looks pretty dull to me now, I think a yellow or something would have been better, but the green was neutral enough to go with all the picture colours and patterned papers.
-I LOVE the long journaling cards in the 11X6 page protectors, I will definitely do this again in another project.  I love that I wrote so much, it's very rare for me, but I know I'll appreciate it when I look back on this project.
-I HATE my handwriting and will probably do all my journaling cards on the computer next time.  I'll also try to mix up the topics next time and not do the same everyday (like what we watched, it's the same thing all week! haha)
-I didn't use any embellishments at all in the album, and it's a little 'plain' compared to how I usually do minis, but with the amount of work that it was I'm glad I kept it simple, the focus really is on the words and the photos.
-There were some empty spaces in the divided page protectors (I didn't have enough pics for some of the days), so I simply inserted some patterned paper to fill the gaps.  I thought about writing some quotes on them, but I think I'll leave it as is.
-Nothing is straight in the album.  Nothing.

Ok, onto the pics (these are the 2-page spreads, to see each individual page check the A Week in the Life 2010 set in my Flickr account).

As I said before, overall I really enjoyed this project and will definitely do it again; my plan is to do a week in each season, but I think that the earliest I would do another would be next April (for Spring), I don't have it in me to do one this Fall and I need to focus on finishing my December Daily mini this Winter, so...I'm not sure if I would use this same format, there are some elements I would want to keep (long journaling cards, divided page protectors), but I'll have to see, if I keep all the weeks in this AC album then I'll probably use the same format to keep it consistent and just change up the patterned paper.  We'll see though.

If you have any questions about the album or my process, just let me know, it's pretty close to Ali's as far as the format and ideas go, but I think I added my own little spin to it :)

Cross this off the list of projects to finish, yay!!

Now, the question is: what should I complete next?

Until next time,

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Stephie C said...

It was worth the wait! I absolutely LOVE it! I think the green works great and love the papers you used. That cover is STUNNING. I also love those long journaling cards (so jealous I cannot sew!) I need to do more journaling next time around as I didn't really do any :( I plan to order my collages this week and have the thing completed NEXT weekend so only 2 weeks later than what I said hahahaha....
Great job!