Monday, August 9, 2010

An obsession is starting...

I mentioned on Twitter today that I've recently begun an obsession with the colour gray (it all started with a cute little sweater/shirt I thrifted on Saturday...I'm thinking half of my wardrobe will be gray this Fall!)  Anyway, I've also been in the mood to get back into decorating this apartment, Victor's room is really the only one I would consider 'done', so I'm thinking that either our bedroom, the bathroom or the living room will be my next project.  For our bedroom I'm envisioning a gray + yellow colour scheme (the walls being gray with yellow accents).  I'm still unsure of how dark of a gray I'd want to go, I'd worry it would be too dark in the many, many, many winter months we face (ha!), so I'm thinking a lighter/heather gray is probably a better option.  I'd also like to be bold enough to paint some of our furniture yellow, but that's a pretty big commitment, so I'm thinking of adding yellow through the bedding/wall art, etc.

Here are a few pics I've found online as inspo (sorry, no credits, I just googled!)

I like the idea of painting a big canvas like this, or covering it with fabric, a nice cheap solution to filling up big walls (which we have)

Love the dark gray and soft yellow, but like I said, not sure how lovely it would be in February...(it's always all about the weather with me! haha)

LOVE yellow furniture...perhaps I will try to thrift an old dresser to paint?

We have a blue bedspread currently, I like the look if I decided to add a third colour...I'd like to also make my own curtains, something like these would be perfect.

And just to show how much I love gray, this image caught my eye while searching, I may need to try this soon:

What colours are you into right now?



Stephie C said...

LOVE that dresser! My parents had gray walls in their living room and it just made me feel dreary but I think it looks good with those pops of color!

I love teal (always), orange, red, black, greens, yellow, I pretty much like em all ;)

Selena said...

well I just prime most of the boys room with a gray haha... And will probably be painting our room a blueish gray(if that makes since) or a greenish grey, but a light tone since our furniture is dark, and our bed covers are dark red) don't want to go too dark down here either. one bath will be a blue of some sort, another a green (don't have the names picked out yet), accent wall in the kitchen might be red. Third bedroom don't know yet, family room is stay beige for now along with the living room. Of course this is long term goals as I have only 6-8wks to get most of this done. So the trim work which I have to finish and the boys room will most likely be it for a while.

Have fun painting/decorating. I am looking forward to finally getting things in place.

Tina said...

gray has been a long time fave color of mine. i have a bad habit of buying only gray shirts.
on the lenses I rent....I really like the 35mm 1.4 for portraits. It's a great wide angle lens so I get great background coverage but I can also get up close to my subject as well. for weddings it's usually 24-70 and the 80-200. I'm going to try renting the 50 1.2 next time. i've heard really good things about that one.

Kara said...

Kip and I were JUST talking about how we love gray-yellow combined together! It'll be fun to see your projects coming along! :)

Anonymous said...

I have a grey wall in my bedroom.. all the other walls are white (with just a little touch of pink/purple-ish... barely visible - the grey is rather dark "warm" grey - some purple in it too I guess...)

Fourniture is white too (side tables, lamps) and I like the bed with white sheets in summer and grey/white or orange/red in winter.