Friday, August 20, 2010

Yes, I still scrapbook. Sometimes. Very slowly.


Here's a quick layout for you on this Friday sat on my desk forever (I say that for every layout, don't I?), but I finally finished it a few days ago. I'm glad that I could finally use that BG radish paper, it seemed to go so well with this barn backdrop! Also glad I could use red and pink on the same layout, it's the kind of 'clash' that I seem to be going for these days. It's based on Sketch 173 from Pencil Line. Sketches are my new scrap crutch, I can't seem to function without one!

I think that my next scrappy endeavour (a mini/hand bound book of some sort) is going to involve some ripped up pages from the new Toast catalogue (on its way to my doorstep), ink and paint, my printer, and lots of words. The subject? Not sure yet, but I can see something forming in my head, so that's a sign it'll be worthwhile.

On another subject, my friend Heather is getting married in a week from today! Also, I'm leaving for BC in 4 days, eek! Hopefully I'll be back a couple of times before then, if not, see you all in September!

Until then,
Ps-This could be the reason I get no scrapping done...

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, love that layout! The picture with those colours on that paper.. gorgeous!!! I wish you a lot of fun and good times the next days!