Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Umm, it's Wednesday.

Ever have one of those days when all you feel like you can do is complain? And you hate yourself for it? Yeah, well, I'm having one of those spells. I just get that way sometimes, not sure why, but all I know is that last night I had to avoid speaking to Dan because I knew that anything I was going to say was just going to be negative or depressing or lame, because that's all there was in my head. So I didn't talk, didn't do anything. And I went to bed at 10 just to get the day over with. Lame is right.

I think it's partially the weather. It's been gray and cloudy and rainy here for 4 or 5 days straight, no real sunshine or nice days to speak of, so that gets to you eventually.

Pluie = ennui.

But I'm going to try and cheer up today, the sun is now out, so I'm not going to let negative/jealous thoughts come into my head regarding babies, not going to let the weather wear me out again, not going to let boredom overcome me.

Today I will try.

On that note, I'll move on to happier things, like the Happy Mail I got this week from a few sweet ladies!! First, the lovely Dani sent me this cute little package of goodies and it was such a surprise! I had won the book on her blog a little while ago, but I certainly wasn't expecting to get scrap goodies too! I love the little glitter letter stickers and brads, and the feathers card she made is gorgeous, it's so cool to see something in real life that you see online, it's not always what you expect! And she also gave me a bottle of Stickles, which is awesome, it's always been something I've wanted to use but never had the courage to, so therefore never bought. But now I can try it out, can't wait! Thanks chicky! :)

Also, one of my besties, Anna, sent me this amazing scarf for my birthday! I had had it in my Etsy Favs for months, she sneakily went in and picked it out for me! I love her to death. Kiss kiss!

Earlier this week I created this rather happy looking layout, using some new K&Co papers I got at Michael's last week...I bought a box (that's right, a box!) of 150 papers from K&Co, and the thing is, I love them all!! I bought them for my 365 mini book I'm creating at the moment, but I still have a ton of paper left over, so you'll be seeing lots of papers like these in the next few months.

Sometimes you have a vision of how a layout should look in your head, and from time to time it actually turns out how you imagined it. This is one of those layouts (which for me are few and far between.) I love how it's simple but bright and clustered and cool. Yea me.

Tonight I'm going to continue working on my 365 album, which basically consists of 100 sheets of 5.5X7.5 paper, 200 mini pics, some bookrings, calendar tags, cardboard for the covers, Dymo labels, and a pen. I'm making it really simple, putting 2 pics per page, in order of the 365 sequence, dated and numbered with the label, and journaled on the back about anything significant (or not significant) about the picture. I'm going to get some calendar tags from Etsy (something like these) most likely and make tabs for each month. I basically just wanted to keep all my 365 shots together without simply putting them in a photo album ('cause I mean, scrappers never do that, right?!) So yeah, I'm quite excited about it, even though it's taking quite a long time (it'll be weeks before I'm done), but it's something to work on in between layouts.

I'm also working on another mongoid project, this time revolving around creating some sort of book with 2 years worth of emails (we're taking between 500-1000 emails) between me and Heather all compilated together, but that's a whole other story, the prep work alone for that book will take months probably! But again, I'm excited at my aspirations :)

This weekend we are heading home for Easter, I'm quite excited because:

a) I get to see my Grand Mama

b) We get to go to my parent's camp for the first time this year, which means lots of outdoor time and walks and photos

c) I get to start sewing my blanket!

d) It's a 4 day weekend

So yes, lots of things to be happy about, no need to be a Gloomy Guss, right? Right.

Before I go, here's another picture of that darned kitten of ours, Shimi, who overwhelms us with her cuteness sometimes (I mean seriously, she sleeps in a basket and plays fetch with her "p'tite balle bleue", how can you not love her?!)

So, if I'm not back on before the long weekend, happy Easter everyone, I hope the weather is nice, family is near, the relaxing is much and the chocolate is in abundane!


Aimee said...

lovely photo! I adore that scarf, you are a lucky girl. I'm having a bout of the negatives too... hopefully soon the weather will turn nice here and take my mood for a new upward swing!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a happy, sunny Easter Genevieve!!! Sun is shining in Holland and moving towards you... (I hope & wish!)

Anonymous said...

Tuesday 14th... YOU WON OVER AT THE CREATIVE TYPE!!!! Congratulations girl! (and I love that lo!)

danilouwho said...

I'm so so so glad you like your goodies - I hope you love stickles, I find them really addictive. I love painting with them.

aren't those brads pretty? when I saw them, I wanted to keep them for myself, so I knew they'd be perfect to give.

I hope you can find a place for that card, lol, it's always so hard to believe that people like what I make, which is why I have such trouble making RAKs for anyone!